Perry County Brides

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PAGE, Katie STANBERRY, G W 1909-Dec-18
PAGE, Mary JORDAN, Edward Townser 1906-Dec-14
PALMER, Effie HINTON, John 1903-Nov-07
PALMER, Elizabeth HINTON, Preston 1903-Aug-31
PALMER, Ella BREWER, Nathaniel 1890-Sep-04
PALMER, Ellen DEAKLE, Thos M 1892-Dec-26
PALMER, Emma MCSWAIN, Albert A 1900-Oct-31
PALMER, Ida RICH, John 1892-Nov-07
PALMER, Josephine PALMER, Ed 1886-Jan-24
PALMER, Judy HENDERSON, Willis 1908-May-14
PALMER, Lizzie CLIFTON, George 1890-Feb-23
PALMER, Mandy CLARK, Loyed 1884-Oct-27
PALMER, Margaret PEARE, James 1880-Oct-28
PALMER, Mary HINTON, M V 1881-Feb-23
PALMER, Mary Ann PEARCE, Washington 1882-Jan-10
PALMER, Nancy LAWRENDINE, David 1906-Aug-21
PALMER, Nancy PITTS, William 1899-Feb-23
PALMER, Nettie G GULLY, J H 1907-Dec-25
PARDUE, Martha MANLEY, Charles H 1892-Dec-08
PARDUE, Sallie CARTER, J U 1885-May-21
PARKER, Amanda E ANDERSON, George 1888-Jan-31
PARKER, Belle BUSH, James F 1907-Sep-09
PARKER, Irene MCCOY, G S 1912-Aug-22
PARKER, Mary MCSWAIN, H D 1884-Apr-22
PARKER, Pearl MCNIGHT, Henry 1909-Mar-08
PATRICK, Lucille EDWARDS, J D 1911-Jun-04
PATRON, Nancy BRELAND, W T 1886-Apr-23
PATTEN, Lucile HANDY, Jim 1909-Dec-23
PATTON, Octavia HICKS, Homer H 1901-Oct-02
PEARCE, Ada PERKINS, W S 1892-Mar-02
PEARCE, Annie DOUGLAS, Gloomer 1904-Feb-03
PEARCE, Ida SHOTTLES, J W 1885-Sep-03
PEARCE, Mary MARTIN, James 1879-Jan-15
PEARCE, Mary C LOTT, James 1880-Dec-23
PEARCE, Sarah MCLENDON, John 1880-Oct-28
PERKINS, Ada SINGLETON, Aaron 1910-Sep-01
PERKINS, Bell BRADFORD, Mansel 1901-Jan-24
PERKINS, Carnealius IVEY, Guss 1912-Nov-24
PERKINS, Catherine CARTER, John 1892-Nov-23
PERKINS, Lola FAIRLY, Charley 1903-Dec-29
PERKINS, Minnie STEPHENS, Paschal 1901-Jun-08
PERKINS, Mollie Mrs FISHER, Henry 1910-Nov-03
PERRY, Della A ADAMS, Thmas B 1883-Nov-16
PERRYMAN, Caldonia WILLIAMS, John 1890-May-13
PETERS, Lee WALTERS, Jesse 1912-Sep-02
PHILLIPS, Lucy MCSWAIN, Solomon 1881-Jan-13
PHILLIPS, Lucy MCSWAIN, Solomon 1896-Apr-12
PICKENS, Anna CHEEKS, W M 1889-Sep-01
PIER, Lillie SAULSBURY, Jim 1910-Aug-11
PIERCE, Anna SUMRALL, Isaac 1880-Sep-21
PIPER, Maggie GENSLEE, Joe 1910-Mar-20
PIPKINS, Lizzie HERRING, N O 1909-Dec-26
PITTS, Mary Jane BROWN, George 1881-Feb-09
PITTS, Marzella ODOM, Charley 1910-Jan-05
PITTS, Rusy HINTON, Sidney 1886-Feb-03
POLK, Cora GRIGGS, Aaron 1904-Apr-24
POLK, Letha MCPHAIL, Mayor 1906-Dec-10
PORTER, Niner BUSH, Grover 1909-Feb-18
POW, Martha MCSWAIN, John 1910-Apr-16
POWE, Lillie CARTER, John 1894-Feb-08
POWE, Lucy Hathorn Mrs MOBLEY, Jessie 1907-Mar-09
POWELL, Adeline DICKENS, Andrew J 1882-Jan-13
POWELL, Ida HOLLIMAN, Nathaniel 1892-Mar-13
POWELL, Martha WATTS, J W 1882-Feb-02
POWELL, Minnie DELK, J D 1889-Mar-15
PRESTON, Minnie ODOM, Vince 1898-Nov-23
PRICE, Julia WALKER, Daniel 1892-Feb-11
PRINE, Alice BEACH, W F 1908-Aug-12
PRINE, Frances L GRAYHAM, J A 1883-Feb-20
PRINE, Josephine ANDREWS, Ephram 1905-Mar-25
PRINE, Sallie FARMER, Gees 1898-Jun-12
PRINE, Teat BEASLEY, Wesley 1900-Aug-02
PRYOR, Lillie Leola WATTS, Theodore 1910-May-07
PURTER, Susie HOLTS, Frank 1909-Nov-21



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