Perry County Brides

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NATHANIEL, Lizzie JACKSON, Anthony 1912-Mar-25
NEELY, Minnie BUSHY, Hubert 1909-Oct-03
NELSON, Hattie JONES, Sol 1903-Sep-09
NELSON, Jane A DAVIS, Jefferson E 1881-Jan-07
NELSON, Lena HOLLIMAN, William 1908-Aug-15
NEWBURN, Martha HAYDEN, R J 1908-Mar-26
NEWELL, Candis SCARBROUGH, Silas 1908-Jun-03
NEWELL, Elizabeth KITCHENS, J R 1895-Jan-17
NEWELL, Ellen ODOM, J P 1909-May-06
NEWELL, Hannah P SIMPSON, A L 1898-Dec-22
NEWELL, Julie MALONE, Hardey 1910-Sep-25
NEWELL, Laura EDWARDS, A L 1891-Sep-12
NEWELL, Mandy WALLEY, G P 1886-Nov-28
NEWELL, Margaret M MALONE, Artes S 1901-Apr-11
NEWELL, Mary WILLIAMS, Jim 1907-Sep-09
NEWELL, Mildrit A EDWARDS, Henry M 1905-Jul-27
NEWELL, Nancy HARDY, H C 1908-Dec-03
NEWELL, Samantha WALLEY, Lawrence 1912-Aug-29
NICHOL, Minnie KEMP, T J 1906-Apr-11
NICHOLS, Jemmie HOLT, G A 1908-Oct-08
NICHOLS, Julia HINTON, Richard 1882-Mar-30
NICHOLS, Laura DAVIS, J P Jr 1889-Dec-19
NICHOLS, Maggie FAVRE, Thomas 1895-Nov-11
NICHOLS, Sue C NORRIS, W E 1909-Nov-14
ODOM, Almeda CAMPBELL, Thomas J 1901-Jul-18
ODOM, Darley MCLEMORE, J T 1887-May-19
ODOM, Dona CAMPBELL, I A 1905-Jan-22
ODOM, Emma V EDWARDS, Colon M 1906-Apr-12
ODOM, Eva CREEL, Pink 1906-Dec-02
ODOM, Jane MCCARDLE, James 1880-Mar-17
ODOM, Laura HOLLIMON, David 1884-Nov-20
ODOM, Matte A DAVIS, Sarah Ann 1884-Apr-17
ODOM, Nancy DYKES, J T 1879-Jun-12
ODOM, Sadie Belle MURPHY, H A 1907-Dec-07
ODOM, Sarah BROWN, Joe 1886-Jan-07
ODOMS, Emma SHOEMAKE, H C 1904-Dec-04
ODUIRE, Lillie ISAC, August 1912-Jun-08
OLIPHANT, Ella MCINNIS, D E 1892-Mar-02
ONEAL, Nancy E PATRON, William 1883-Mar-08
ONEAL, Sabra BRELAND, John 1882-Aug-07
ORSO, Gussie CLARK, Alex 1906-Oct-06
OSTON, Alice CLEVELAND, Joe 1909-Jun-21
OWENS, Hettie BOULTON, Levi 1890-Apr-02
OWINGS, Martha BULLOCK, N T 1885-Sep-10



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