Perry County Brides

I - J

IRVING, Rosalee MIZELLE, Oliver 1910-Jan-11
IVY, Annie WATSON, J E 1909-Nov-20
IVY, Sallie IVY, Jim 1909-Nov-20
IVY, Sopha MCDANIEL, Claud B 1911-Dec-14
JACKSON, Alberta BRELAND, Andrew J 1912-Jun-03
JACKSON, Annie WILLIAMS, A D 1907-Mar-16
JACKSON, Daisey KING, Warren 1909-Jul-15
JACKSON, Dora WILLIAMS, Charly 1891-May-25
JACKSON, Rosa HAYNES, F J 1901-Jul-19
JACKSON, Sabra BROWN, Jona 1892-May-18
JACKSON, Sabra TATUM, Ransom 1896-Jul-09
JAKE, Jane LEWIS, Billie 1889-Jan-25
JAMES, Beatrice MORGAN, A A 1910-Jan-18
JAMES, Callie APPLEBY, Dave 1903-Nov-01
JAMES, Delzena MCDONALD, Fred 1909-Aug-14
JAMES, Eusie HINTON, H P 1912-Dec-22
JAMES, Laura BRADDOCK, H C 1885-Jun-30
JAMES, Mary BROWN, Walter 1907-Feb-02
JAMES, Missie TOMPKINS, Hubert 1911-Jan-12
JEFFCOATS, Eule LEE, W W 1903-Mar-19
JEFFERSON, Janie HARTFIELD, Henry 1909-Aug-09
JENKINS, Elizabeth S MCSWAIN, R B 1898-Dec-04
JENKINS, Louise CHATMAN, Will 1911-May-13
JENKINS, Mollie ALBRITTON, M E 1898-Jul-31
JENKINS, Sarah J MYRICK, Print 1889-Oct-24
JOHNSON, Alma DAVIS, Gilliam 1881-Dec-22
JOHNSON, Annie Bell BOULTON, Joe 1903-Oct-13
JOHNSON, Clara SHIPMAN, Will 1910-Jan-29
JOHNSON, Dona PIERCE, Scott 1906-Oct-29
JOHNSON, Easter MCINNIS, Arthur 1906-Mar-01
JOHNSON, Ellis SIMMS, M C 1893-Sep-09
JOHNSON, Elnora BOYD, Ike 1905-Nov-20
JOHNSON, Etta LAIRD, W E 1884-Sep-10
JOHNSON, Fannie TREST, Sam 1907-Dec-21
JOHNSON, Hattie BENNETT, Charley 1912-Nov-14
JOHNSON, Hattie CONWAY, Nathan 1904-Sep-05
JOHNSON, Hattie GOLDSBY, John 1907-Aug-29
JOHNSON, Ida SULLIVAN, Jacob E 1910-Jul-06
JOHNSON, Laura MOODY, Forest 1898-May-14
JOHNSON, Leona PICKETT, Frank 1905-Jul-10
JOHNSON, Mary CLINTON, William 1881-Feb-15
JOHNSON, Mary HARTFIELD, Murdock 1912-Jan-14
JOHNSON, Mary Jane ENTRICAN, Sherrod 1878-Dec-??
JOHNSON, Mattie REED, Elijah 1907-Apr-13
JOHNSON, Nettie MCCARTY, Taylor 1904-Sep-28
JOHNSON, Nicy Millian PALMER, S L 1901-Jan-27
JOHNSON, Rohany Mrs WARDEIN, James 1881-Apr-20
JOHNSON, Rosa LEVY, Luciaus 1909-Mar-28
JOHNSON, Sarah ALBERT, Charlie 1905-Sep-17
JOHNSON, Sarah DAVIS, F L 1887-Dec-15
JOHNSON, Zias JOHNSON, Luther 1906-Sep-24
JOINTER, Emma BRELAND, John 1903-Jun-18
JONES, Amanda JONES, Webster 1886-Dec-13
JONES, Annie MCCALLUM, James 1888-Oct-31
JONES, Cora DANSBY, C C 1909-Nov-29
JONES, Danie BUSBY, W S 1912-Aug-20
JONES, Delia CARPENTER, John 1896-Dec-31
JONES, Dosie B STORY, Eugene L 1912-Sep-26
JONES, Ella JONES, Guss 1912-Mar-09
JONES, Fairley JONES, Lenon 1909-Aug-31
JONES, India R BETHEA, J P 1886-Oct-03
JONES, Jane POWELL, Z H 1887-Jan-29
JONES, Josephine Mrs JONES, Robert 1910-May-05
JONES, Lillie Annie RUSSELL, James Samuel 1908-Jun-10
JONES, Lizzie MCNAIR, Joe 1905-Dec-26
JONES, Lucy FITCH, Richard 1909-May-24
JONES, Mamie MASON, S M 1908-Oct-04
JONES, Martha WALTMAN, Archa 1886-Oct-27
JONES, Mary KING, Mat 1906-Jan-18
JONES, Mele I MORGAN, G I 1894-Mar-17
JONES, Perlie FORD, J W 1909-Apr-18
JONES, Roena PITTMAN, Floyd 1906-Sep-03
JONES, Sarah BROWN, Thomas 1877-Dec-13
JONES, Talma S WARD, Louisa A 1888-Dec-05
JONES, Velma DANTZLER, Doss 1910-Feb-22
JOYNER, Theodosia WHITTLE, J W 1891-Sep-01



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