Perry County Brides

F - G

FAIRLEY, Ada BROWN, Lawrence 1908-Oct-14
FAIRLEY, Amanda SAMUEL, John 1882-Nov-18
FAIRLEY, Anabell BRELAND, Emanuel 1891-Apr-26
FAIRLEY, Angeline HARTFIELD, Dawson 1912-Jul-29
FAIRLEY, Anisbelle DANTZLER, Mack 1905-May-17
FAIRLEY, Ann RICHARDS, R B 1878-Dec-23
FAIRLEY, Belle HOLLINSWORTH, John 1904-Mar-09
FAIRLEY, Callie TURK, Frank 1910-May-07
FAIRLEY, Cara WILSON, Jim 1912-Jan-10
FAIRLEY, Catharine COOLEY, Wm W 1882-Oct-05
FAIRLEY, Charity JACKSON, James 1908-Aug-06
FAIRLEY, Clara E GREEN, C W 1878-Dec-08
FAIRLEY, Danna IVORY, George 1909-Dec-26
FAIRLEY, Eliza MIXON, Mose 1899-Dec-19
FAIRLEY, Elizabeth LEWIS, Vincent 1892-Dec-31
FAIRLEY, Ella BOULTON, Absolem 1898-Feb-24
FAIRLEY, Emma MURRAY, Will 1899-Nov-26
FAIRLEY, Eran MATHESON, Gavin K 1881-Jun-23
FAIRLEY, Evon MOORE, D C 1892-Sep-01
FAIRLEY, F A ONEAL, Alexander 1884-Jan-10
FAIRLEY, Fannie Jane WADE, Ben 1900-Aug-06
FAIRLEY, Flora MARTIN, W G 1904-Dec-20
FAIRLEY, Harriet A HOLLIMAN, James 1891-May-14
FAIRLEY, Idella WINN, Sam 1910-May-28
FAIRLEY, Isabell FAIRLEY, J W 1896-Jun-24
FAIRLEY, Isabelle BRELAND, Loami 1883-Jun-23
FAIRLEY, Jane COOLEY, J K 1883-Dec-13
FAIRLEY, Jane FAIRLEY, A H 1897-Dec-25
FAIRLEY, La Bella CARTER, Isacs 1894-Apr-05
FAIRLEY, Leoner FAIRLEY, Edgar 1908-Oct-03
FAIRLEY, Liza OBRYAN, Jim 1912-Nov-15
FAIRLEY, Lizzie FAIRCHILD, R E 1909-Dec-23
FAIRLEY, Lona BOND, T A 1907-Dec-26
FAIRLEY, Lula BOULTON, Richard 1912-Apr-17
FAIRLEY, Maranda RILEY, A M 1894-Oct-18
FAIRLEY, Martha JOHNSON, Paul 1908-Apr-19
FAIRLEY, Martha MILES, Hezekiah 1905-Oct-26
FAIRLEY, Martha SAMUELS, John 1893-Oct-18
FAIRLEY, Mary THOMAS, Charlie 1907-Apr-01
FAIRLEY, Pinkie OLIVER, Will 1904-Oct-07
FAIRLEY, Precilla DANTZLER, June 1904-Sep-29
FAIRLEY, Rosetta MCDANIEL, Rufus 1907-Jul-12
FAIRLEY, Sabra BROWN, Bud 1883-Jul-17
FAIRLEY, Sabra KEMP, Tom 1904-Dec-12
FAIRLEY, Sarah BENJAMIN, Claiborne 1897-Oct-25
FAIRLEY, Sarah RAYBURN, Ab 1886-Oct-21
FAIRLEY, Silverine GOFF, R H 1888-Apr-25
FAIRLEY, Susie HARTFIELD, Alex 1910-Jul-30
FAIRLEY, Tilda GUY, John 1899-Mar-01
FAIRLIE, Pallie WILLIAMS, Willie 1904-May-14
FAIRLY, Clara HOGAN, J L 1891-Oct-11
FAIRLY, Emma FAIRLEY, Sol 1897-Nov-12
FAIRLY, Lizzie DURHAM, Henry 1902-Dec-19
FAIRLY, Victoria PATTEN, Jeff 1893-Dec-17
FALKNER, Sarah FLOWERS, John 1904-Oct-16
FALLER, Ella BROWN, George 1909-Jan-30
FARMER, Fannie LOWE, William 1898-Apr-10
FARMER, George Ann SMITH, J B 1903-Dec-30
FARMER, Ida HARTLEY, Daniel 1903-Jun-12
FARRELL, Luella HELTON, Andrew 1912-Mar-17
FAULKNER, Eliza HENDRIX, Charlie 1903-Oct-29
FERGUSON, Beddie MCADORY, J L 1907-Jun-30
FIELDS, Willie BLACKWELL, George 1911-Aug-12
FINLEY, Ada EDWARDS, James 1908-Sep-10
FORD, Estella DORSETT, L W 1908-Nov-09
FORD, Ethel ROBSON, Henry 1910-Jun-18
FORD, Jemima Jane BRELAND, Spence 1880-Mar-14
FORD, Madaline WALTER, D W 1899-Jun-15
FORD, Mary WILSON, Ben 1908-Jun-09
FORKNER, Pheby CARTER, Joe 1890-Nov-13
FORTENBERY, Janetta COURTNEY, E T 1910-Oct-16
FOSTER, Alice LANDRUM, T E 1909-Feb-28
FOSTER, Dashia A GARRAWAY, Jim 1908-Dec-26
FOSTER, Lula B FAIL, J W 1912-Jul-03
FOWLER, Mary GAINES, Quincey 1905-Apr-25
FOXWORTH, Willie May COULTER, Ran 1907-Nov-02
FRANKLIN, Frankie MARSHALL, Will 1910-Jan-26
FREE, Mattie Pearl MILTON, Abner H 1910-Oct-13
FREEMAN, Bell JUDGE, J F 1902-Jan-28
FREEMAN, E A ROGERS, A J 1901-Dec-25
FREEMAN, Elinder BAGBY, W A 1891-Apr-21
FREEMAN, Elsie DUNNAM, W I 1908-Jan-20
FREEMAN, Matilda HOGAN, Hugh 1910-Nov-30
FREEMAN, Viola RAMSEY, E P 1912-Mar-03
FRY, Minnie BARNETT, Hampton 1912-Aug-09
FULLILOVE, Isabella COWAN, E Lucian 1906-Apr-05
FULLINGHAM, Josephine NELSON, William 1890-Aug-13
FURLOW, Martha J RUNNELS, J P 1890-May-27
FURTICK, Annie GOODWIN, L A 1908-May-21
GALE, Nancy WADE, Thompson 1890-Jul-31
GAMMELL, Mary M PEARCE, Levi 1891-Nov-05
GANIS, Julia SOLOMAN, Andrew 1910-Sep-27
GARAWAY, Estella JONES, J M 1908-Dec-05
GARDEN, Jessie CROSBY, Beatrice 1910-Nov-24
GARDNER, Lula READY, J F 1909-Dec-26
GARETT, Lillian LADNIER, Milton 1910-Apr-13
GARNER, Charity COATS, Abram 1898-Oct-10
GARRETTE, Lizzie WHITE, Henry 1911-Jul-09
GARRIS, Nancy JOHNSON, Willis 1899-Mar-19
GARROWAY, Elizabeth A MOBLEY, W D Dr 1907-Nov-06
GARROWAY, Lorena MCSWAIN, H C 1892-Jan-20
GATTIS, Fannie B PEARCE, J E 1905-Feb-23
GELLARDER, Maggie CEPHAS, Stephen 1894-Feb-01
GEORGE, Rachel STEWARD, Auther 1908-Jun-10
GILBERT, Allice LOUIS, S Y 1909-Aug-24
GILBERT, Dona STEVENS, Zack T 1891-May-19
GILLANDER, Pheby R RUNNELS, James P 1887-Dec-25
GILLENDER, Harriet CARTER, Alexander 1882-Aug-24
GILLENDER, Jane JAMES, Isaac 1881-Apr-23
GILLENDER, Marie MCLEAN, Frank 1879-Feb-19
GILLEY, Georgian LOGAN, J H 1886-May-31
GILLIA, Mattie V SHANNON, S E 1909-Jan-08
GILLIAN, Ellen NEY, Jeff 1884-Jun-20
GILLINER, Clemmie MCMILLAN, Fred 1910-Jan-23
GILLIS, Flourdine PERKINS, H M 1912-Aug-03
GILLIS, Mary E DUNHAM, Josh R 1889-Mar-06
GILLIS, Ora M MYERS, Harvey 1905-May-09
GIPSON, Julia COCHRAN, R F 1897-Nov-28
GORDAN, Malinda MCCARTY, Willis 1885-Mar-08
GORDON, Della JEFFCOAT, B F 1907-Jun-23
GRAHAM, Abbie S HUDNAL, W C 1889-Oct-04
GRAHAM, Ada MCLEOD, Andrew 1890-Oct-02
GRAHAM, Aggie E HEMETES, Geo S 1892-Apr-03
GRAHAM, Jean LEWIS, Laura 1889-Oct-09
GRAHAM, Nora ROBBINS, C A 1912-Aug-29
GRANBERRY, Laura CALLAHAN, W J 1890-Nov-27
GRANT, Ary KELLY, Richmond 1884-May-15
GRANTHAM, Charity Ofee ly    HODGE, J D 1886-Apr-08
GRANTHAM, Corine BRELAND, Jim 1906-Dec-26
GRANTHAM, Elizabeth JENKINS, W H 1883-Nov-05
GRANTHAM, Mary E HILL, Davis 1883-Jan-25
GRAVE, Mary THOMAS, Henry 1912-May-23
GRAY, Genie KILPATRICK, Parlee 1912-Jun-09
GRAY, Isabel Mrs FROST, J L 1889-Sep-11
GRAY, Lanie KNIGHT, Henry 1912-Oct-27
GRAY, Lessie WILLIAMS, Charles 1888-Jul-20
GREEN, Augusta WEBSTER, Henry 1905-Aug-13
GREEN, Jane KEYS, Aaron 1886-Feb-26
GREEN, Mary E LOTT, R C 1889-Jan-14
GRIFFIN, Edwina CHAMBLISS, Charlie 1905-Mar-13
GRIFFIN, Emma TATUM, Austin 1910-Feb-28
GRIFFIN, Emma WILEY, Swep 1910-May-06
GRIFFIN, Francis SMITH, Jim 1911-Oct-26
GRIFFIN, Malissa BOULTON, Henry 1900-Feb-07
GRIFFIN, Meranda HARTFIELD, Cyrus 1889-Mar-29
GRIFFIN, Miranda MOORE, Wiley 1880-Oct-21
GRIFFIN, Pearlie SCOTT, R L 1911-Oct-17
GRIFFIN, Rocksey HENRY, Luke 1912-Nov-09
GRIMES, Hettie ALBERT, Percy 1906-Oct-06
GRIPPIN, Mary MCLEOD, Thomas 1896-Nov-08
GUY, Savanah WASHINGTON, Frank 1910-Mar-03
GUYSE, Minnie Ola GREEN, James F 1911-Apr-25



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