Perry County Brides


CAIN, Maybell FUQUAY, W E 1910-Jul-24
CAMERON, Annie WILLIAMS, Walter 1889-Aug-14
CAMMEL, Lilly SMITH, Benjamin 1906-Sep-29
CAMP, Annie LEE, W R 1891-Jan-01
CAMPBELL, Fannie STEWART, Joe 1890-Jul-19
CARPENTER, Bettie VEREEN, Willie P 1907-Sep-04
CARTER, Annie MEADOWS, J C 1908-Jul-05
CARTER, Annie MYERS, Frank 1887-Jan-20
CARTER, Bessie JEFCOAT, Rufe 1909-Dec-26
CARTER, Catherine PERKINS, Mose 1885-Nov-05
CARTER, Celia CARTER, George 1879-Aug-26
CARTER, Celia DUBOSE, B 1883-Mar-15
CARTER, Della ANDREWS, Pp 1912-Mar-12
CARTER, Eran CARPENTER, H S 1884-Dec-04
CARTER, Flora HINTON, Henry 1893-Aug-12
CARTER, Florida CARTER, Jackson 1885-Dec-29
CARTER, Genia MCSWAIN, R B 1906-Oct-10
CARTER, Jane MCDONALD, Cyrus 1893-Oct-10
CARTER, Jeanie BYRD, Erastus 1895-Nov-03
CARTER, Laura E NORWOOD, B F K 1886-Dec-30
CARTER, Lielybelle GUY, John 1890-Sep-16
CARTER, Lydea BENJAMINE, Jeff 1881-Feb-05
CARTER, Margaret BATSON, J L 1882-Feb-23
CARTER, Margaret PATTON, Jeff 1882-Mar-02
CARTER, Mary Bell DAVIS, James W 1909-Apr-01
CARTER, Nellie WEST, Caesar 1886-Aug-08
CARTER, Nora FAIRLEY, E W 1909-Aug-12
CARTER, Ollie M BARNETT, J Davis 1881-Nov-17
CARTER, Paulina WEST, Sam Sr 1894-Jan-28
CARTER, Rachel DRAUGHN, Albert S 1880-Jan-07
CARTER, Rena FAIRLEY, Ceasar 1898-Dec-28
CARTER, S E Mrs CARTER, L D 1911-Feb-18
CARTER, Sabra DAVIS, D B 1888-Jan-11
CARTER, Sallie MCDONALD, Aron 1879-Oct-30
CARTER, Sarah ALEXANDER, General 1895-Aug-24
CARTER, Sarah CARTER, George W 1883-Feb-20
CARWFORD, Anna ADAMS, M D 1906-Jan-21
CARY, Mary SKINNER, M C 1909-Oct-18
CASTLE, Mandy YOUNG, C J 1910-Apr-11
CHAMBERLIN, Bessie BOULTON, Tucker 1912-Jul-18
CHAMBLESS, Rillar LEE, Willard 1910-Nov-25
CHAPPELE, Clementine NICHOLS, David E 1881-Feb-24
CHAPPELL, Jane MCINNIS, D H 1884-Feb-20
CHAPPELL, Laura A QUICK, A J 1884-Sep-04
CHATMAN, Elizabeth HOLLIMON, Leir 1898-May-08
CHATMAN, Emma MCSWAIN, G D 1886-Mar-21
CHATMAN, Laura HALSEY, Henry 1903-Nov-02
CHATMAN, Ollie CLAYTON, Eli 1904-Oct-03
CHERRY, Mary MASSINGALE, Dick 1888-Nov-29
CHERRY, Mittie THOMAS, Sam 1886-May-08
CHILDERS, Eva May DELCHAMPS, Edwin C 1907-Feb-11
CHITTOM, Cary SPARKMAN, Charley 1909-Dec-30
CLARK, Dolphine STEVESON, Ed 1909-Feb-04
CLARK, Emeline DENNIS, David F 1882-Jan-19
CLARK, Emily RICHARDSON, Henry 1886-Oct-10
CLARK, Florence PITTS, Ammon 1908-Oct-13
CLARK, Louisa MERRITT, D S 1888-Oct-26
CLARK, Narcis HINTON, Orange 1882-Dec-03
CLAYTON, Penney HOLLIMON, Henry 1912-Oct-28
CLIFTON, Connie THOMSON, Kittie 1905-Dec-27
CLIFTON, Lizer CLARK, Zallie 1911-Jan-27
CLIFTON, Maggie CLARK, Eligh 1912-May-15
CLIFTON, Nancee CLARK, Hughie 1907-Jun-10
CLIFTON, Parnell EDWARDS, George 1907-Aug-03
CLIFTON, Selly CLARK, Colon 1893-Dec-28
CLIFTON, Verda LANDRUM, E L 1911-May-14
CLINTON, Laura PRINE, T M 1889-Jul-22
COCHRAN, Cerina C BOND, Gilbert 1884-Nov-20
COCHRAN, Christina MILES, J H 1897-May-06
COCHRAN, Elizabeth RILEY, A M 1909-Mar-08
COCHRAN, Ella CARLISLE, Wm 1897-May-02
COCHRAN, Mary SMITH, W C 1910-Jun-27
COCHRAN, Nancy LOPER, Sam 1896-Mar-22
COCHRAN, Rebecca ROBERTS, L D 1882-Oct-19
COCHRAN, Susie COCHRAN, Solomon 1911-Oct-22
COCHRAN, Thanie BRELAND, Azon 1897-Nov-12
COLE, Marzella SHAW, Neal 1910-Jan-18
COLEMAN, Charity FAIRLEY, Hamer 1890-Dec-18
COLEMAN, Florence JOHNSON, Jeff 1910-Feb-08
COLEMAN, Gussie WILLIAMS, General 1908-Aug-15
COLLINS, Cloe HINTON, Pompey 1878-Jan-24
COLLINS, Lillie WILLIAMS, Gus 1911-Dec-22
COLLINS, Maria KENNEDY, Hampton 1880-Jan-07
COLLINS, Millie TATUM, John 1901-Aug-09
COLLINS, Sallie PETERSON, Willie 1901-May-16
COLTER, Caroline PACE, John 1888-Nov-09
COMBIE, Sarah TARSEN, Olaf 1909-Feb-09
COMMILL, Bessie L BEARDSLEY, Will 1909-Feb-26
CONNER, Francis SALTER, Albert 1905-Apr-01
CONNER, Julian LEE, Elijah L 1880-May-17
CONWAY, Albertine LANG, Charles 1911-Nov-23
COOLEY, Ada HASTON, Will 1907-Jan-21
COOLEY, Mary A CORKRON, J A 1903-Feb-26
COOLEY, Rachel SULLIVAN, Ben 1910-Dec-18
COUNTRYMAN, Ellen BRELAND, W C 1902-Oct-05
COURTNEY, Elizabeth FENN, William 1904-Jul-02
COURTNEY, Lena FAIRLEY, John 1900-Jul-15
COURTNEY, Madie RUNNELLS, Leroy 1907-Jul-14
COURTNEY, Maud MYRICK, J M 1908-Mar-11
COURTNEY, Ruby HINTON, J Q 1911-Mar-19
COURTNEY, Susan Ann PATTERSON, D B 1897-Sep-14
COVINGTON, Hallie MILLS, S F 1904-Feb-29
COWEN, Sarah Ann BOND, Brantley 1879-Jan-25
COX, Alice MCMURPHY, R H 1898-Aug-01
CRAFT, Bettie CRAFT, William 1891-Jan-08
CRAFT, Ella BROWN, R B 1897-Jan-03
CRAFT, Lola BRELAND, Hughie 1912-Dec-29
CRAFT, Pearl SEALY, W J 1908-Sep-13
CRAIG, Sallie TAYLOR, Frank 1905-Jun-18
CRASHY, Shelby HART, Julius 1912-Jul-29
CRAWFORD, Cludie BOYD, M W 1911-Jun-18
CREEL, Dallie DRAUGHN, J W 1908-Dec-30
CREEL, Rebecca BYRD, J P 1909-Jan-20
CRENSHAW, Florence KITCHEN, Tom 1905-Jul-03
CROCKET, Hattie LUKE, Anton 1889-Nov-09
CROFF, Alice MAY, Jeff 1884-Oct-16
CROOKS, Callie STRONG, John 1906-May-31
CROSBY, Beatrice GARDEN, Jessie 1910-Nov-24
CROSBY, Cary MCCULLOUGH, Sam 1909-Oct-28
CROUCH, Fannie BLACKWELL, Albert 1912-Jun-12
CRUMERS, Mary A BREELAND, Israel 1884-Oct-30
CURRY, Annie PEARSALL, J W 1896-Sep-04



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