Perry County Brides


ADAMS, Camilla NOBLE, C T 1909-Apr-11
ADAMS, Katie DAVIS, Mathew 1912-Jul-23
AGE, Mamie THOMAS, Luther 1908-Nov-24
AINSWORTH, Addie BOGUE, Clinton 1891-Apr-26
AINSWORTH, Martha J JOHNSON, Dozier 1906-Jul-16
ALBRITTON, Catherine HARTLEY, Alex 1891-May-31
ALBRITTON, J Agnes E MYRICK, Peter M 1895-May-01
ALBRITTON, Sarah J B COURTNEY, S F 1897-Jul-25
ALEXANDER, Mary Ann CARTER, Peter L 1906-Apr-18
ALEXANDER, Nancy SCOTT, J W 1890-Apr-20
ALEXANDER, Ruth JACOBS, Elmer 1911-Feb-23
ALLEN, Julia SHAFFER, H A 1896-May-10
ALPERT, Rosa WALLEY, D W Dr 1909-Dec-11
ANDERSON, Doris FISHEL, E C 1912-Jun-12
ANDERSON, Hertha Marie MCCORMICK, Samuel Ferdinand 1911-Nov-07
ANDERSON, Martha THOMAS, Nathan 1883-Nov-02
ANDERSON, Mary MOORE, Ed 1903-Dec-22
ANDERSON, Nancy BROWN, W W 1882-Aug-09
ANDERSON, Rena DANSON, Will 1912-Aug-11
ANDERSON, Sarah SMITH, George 1885-Dec-26
ANDREWS, Annett BRELAND, John H 1911-Nov-21
ANDREWS, Annie L HINTON, Lowrey R 1906-Mar-18
ANDREWS, Colie DYKES, W A 1905-Apr-30
ANDREWS, Mary Jane KNIGHT, Allen T 1890-Jan-16
ANDREWS, May John DENNIS, Loami 1907-Jun-27
ANDREWS, Susie BRIGHT, Daniel 1910-Mar-21
ANSON, Laura BERRY, Henry 1908-Jun-27
ARINGTON, Eliza WHITTLE, J P 1909-Feb-28
ARNOLD, Agnes FELLINGRIM, Austin A 1883-Feb-05
ARRINGTON, Ethel GOODCHILD, Monroe 1912-Jun-27
ARRINGTON, Sophronia FALCONER, G P 1907-May-04



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