Pearl River County Grooms

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TATE, Jas R STOCKSTILL, Roena 1916-Oct-10
TATE, Monroe E LANDRUM, Carrie 1914-Aug-11
TATE, W E LOFTON, Nina Bell 1917-Sep-17
TATE, Warren B MITCHELL, Minnie 1910-Jun-05
TAYLOR, Cleveland T BEADY, Vernie 1916-Apr-19
TAYLOR, T O THIGPEN, Virda Nell 1913-Mar-23
THIGPEN, Artemis HILL, Jesse 1915-Apr-03
THIGPEN, George W AMACKER, Lizzie 1909-Jun-07
THIGPEN, James D FLEMING, Mary E 1911-Jun-25
THIGPEN, S G MOODY, Ora 1917-Aug-22
THIGPEN, S G TATE, Lorena 1917-Apr-27
THOMAS, Biser WYERS, Winnie Roberta 1912-Aug-17
THOMPSON, W B FENDLESON, Jessie 1914-Sep-19
THOMPSON, W D PENTON, Dora 1917-Apr-19
THORNHILL, F E BURGE, Missouri 1917-Jul-26
TISDALE, G W WHEAT, Josie 1918-May-26
TYNER, J J HICKS, Ida 1918-Feb-13
TYNER, Leon SEAL, Smith 1918-Nov-15
TYNER, Nemi HOWARD, Florence 1913-Jun-22
TYNES, J L BYRD, Lizzie 1915-May-01
VARNADO, C A SMITH, Emma E 1914-Dec-24
VARNADO, George HOWARD, Loretta 1916-Nov-30
VARNADO, L G JONES, Lizzie 1914-Dec-23
VARNADO, Lewis BROCK, May 1912-Aug-04
VARNADO, Roy PARRIS, Winnie 1917-Jul-21
VARNADO, William HENNIS, Pearl 1912-Oct-27
VERGER, C A HUNTER, Carrie 1914-Aug-01
VICKERY, Grover C PEARSON, Maggie A 1910-Jan-16
VREELAND, Augustus C DESMARE, Helen 1909-Jun-18
WAGGANER, Chas G VANCE, Helen Irene 1913-Jun-18
WALKER, Charley SEAL, Janie 1912-Apr-28
WALKER, Edward GREEN, Margaret 1913-Jun-08
WALKER, W E CLARK, Bessie E 1915-Feb-25
WALKER, Wm R PENTON, Velma 1917-Dec-29
WALLACE, R K ALEXANDER, Lela 1917-Jun-14
WALLACE, R Ulman HERMES, Mary 1911-Aug-23
WALTERS, Alvin SEAL, Evelyn 1918-Apr-16
WALTERS, R A SEAL, Amandy 1914-Jul-26
WARD, O E CLARK, Katherine 1917-Dec-02
WARDEN, S J BOURN, Mary 1915-Nov-09
WARDEN, W Oscar ALLEN, Minnie 1912-Jun-25
WARDEN, William MILLER, Lizzie 1916-Sep-15
WARREN, Grover C BURGE, Easter 1914-Nov-01
WASCOM, John DICKSON, Harriet C 1909-Apr-27
WASCOM, Oscar HAIRE, Lilie 1909-May-01
WATKINS, Robert S MORRISON, Maude E 1910-Dec-21
WATSON, Hubert SPIERS, Emeline 1911-Jan-18
WATTS, F W JOHNSON, Cephie 1914-Aug-29
WATTS, John MITCHELL, Florence 1913-Nov-02
WATTS, W W DUCKWORTH, Ana 1913-Mar-05
WAULORD, Otho JACKSON, Ethel 1917-Jan-15
WEAVER, Marvin A ROBERTSON, Lorna 1917-Oct-27
WELCH, Willie LUMPKIN, Sebbie 1915-Mar-20
WELLS, Ellis LOTT, Corine 1914-Dec-28
WELLS, Ellis W COOPER, Lola 1912-Jul-31
WELLS, Isaac HERRINGTON, Sadie 1916-May-06
WELLS, Jesse J SMITH, Bertha 1917-Oct-03
WELLS, Jno Wiley CAMERON, Dora Mae 1918-Oct-29
WELLS, Joe CARROLL, Laura 1914-Mar-07
WELLS, Lawrence SMITH, Leta 1918-Apr-14
WESTERFIELD, Wesley C REED, Callie 1909-Aug-14
WHEAT, Albert MITCHELL, Ether 1914-May-09
WHEAT, B Melton SMITH, Nida 1911-Dec-21
WHEAT, H K PATCH, Mary 1914-May-23
WHEAT, J Ira LOTT, Zebbie 1916-Apr-09
WHEAT, J Matt STEWART, Letitia 1913-Jul-02
WHEAT, Jesse MITCHELL, Maude 1909-Dec-28
WHEAT, Joseph E BYRD, Louise 1911-Dec-31
WHEAT, Joseph H STOCKSTILL, Lillie E 1911-Apr-30
WHEAT, Monroe BURKS, Maggie 1913-Nov-04
WHEAT, Morris SMITH, Della 1918-Sep-28
WHEAT, Thomas RITCHIE, Susan Ethel 1910-Apr-02
WHEAT, W Thomas SMITH, Emma 1913-Feb-20
WHITE, George A HORNE, Augusta H 1911-May-12
WHITE, J M LIVINGS, Maggie Catharina 1913-May-25
WHITE, N Oscar MEGEHEE, Clara 1912-Dec-01
WHITFIELD, Barney DAVIS, Eva 1911-Dec-23
WHITFIELD, Fred W WILLIAMS, Ruby 1918-Jun-30
WHITFIELD, Morgan SEAL, Inez 1917-May-20
WHITFIELD, Warren STEWART, Mary 1910-Feb-27
WHITTEN, J J ALLEN, Nancy E 1911-Apr-30
WILLIAMS, Curtis MALLEY, Izetta 1916-Apr-07
WILLIAMS, Daniel B BETZ, Ethel 1916-May-02
WILLIAMS, E K C BOSARGE, Estelle 1911-Apr-06
WILLIAMS, Jesse L SEAL, Louella 1910-Oct-12
WILLIAMS, Jhn R LOVLESS, Florence 1911-Dec-17
WILLIAMS, John LOTT, Mattie 1910-Nov-16
WILLIAMS, M A LOVELL, Johnie 1916-Jun-08
WILLIAMS, R J LUMPKIN, Bertha A 1918-Dec-16
WILLIAMS, Robert N SMITH, Bedie E 1916-Apr-16
WILLIAMSON, G R MILEY, Viola 1916-Apr-17
WILLIS, William RICHBURG, Bessie 1911-Nov-15
WILSON, Burkitt BOWMAN, Josephine 1915-Oct-05
WISE, Dumas WOODWARD, Ira 1917-May-29
WOODWARD, Ira WISE, Dumas 1917-May-29
WYRES, Willie WALTERS, R I 1913-Sep-08
YAWN, Allen BURNETT, Ada 1917-Jan-27
YOUNG, J C RENES, Laura 1917-Jun-03
YOUNG, P M HOWARD, Nanie L 1910-Jun-14
YOUNG, Simeon ALEXANDER, Lizzie Mrs 1911-Sep-14


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