Pearl River County Grooms

R - S

RABORN, Virgil WHITEHEAD, Maudie 1912-Jul-06
RAINER, Thomas Carroll ODOM, Tinie 1910-Feb-24
RANKIN, William E FORD, Clara E 1911-May-28
RATLIFF, Henry Hays STRICKER, Evelyn 1912-Nov-14
RAWLS, George LADNER, Annie 1914-Dec-20
RAWLS, Ollie FLOYD, Julia 1914-Jul-01
READ, Oscar TATE, Maggie 1918-Jul-12
REDMAN, Leonard H BOND, Fannie 1909-Dec-23
RESTER, F Randol FLINT, Aletha 1915-Dec-23
RESTER, Henry H WILLIAMS, Sadie A 1915-Mar-27
RESTER, J Monroe BEALL, Cleta 1911-Jan-11
RESTER, Willie R MYRICK, Ettis Mrs 1918-Sep-11
REVERE, Leonard H SEAL, Nellie 1912-Oct-17
REYER, H L SOLEY, Beulah Elizabeth 1914-Apr-02
REYER, J Monroe WILLIAMS, Essie 1916-Sep-21
REYER, Jno H BUZBEE, Maudie 1916-Feb-10
RITCHIE, Bruce HOLDEN, Bertha 1917-Sep-23
RITCHIE, Charlie P AMACKER, Mary E 1909-Oct-24
RITCHIE, Frank WHEAT, Ethel Francis 1917-May-06
ROACH, J R LANGSTON, Polly 1910-Aug-21
ROBERTS, Rufus R BARRON, Zenobia 1910-Dec-22
ROBERTS, S A CLARK, Lula Mae 1918-May-04
ROBINSON, James R TATE, Ida May 1911-Nov-21
ROBIRDS, John STRAHAN, Doshia 1911-Oct-04
ROBISON, Ben Hill CHAMBERS, Lurline 1910-Jul-25
ROGERS, John WILSON, Etta 1909-Dec-14
ROGERS, Willis DICKSON, Louisa 1915-Feb-12
ROULERSON, Louis DICKEY, Alice 1918-Aug-01
ROUSE, W A RODDIE, Esther Mrs 1917-Aug-15
ROWALL, Earlie SPIERS, Irona 1912-Sep-06
ROWAN, Wilfred Hall STRAHAN, Virginia 1914-Jan-14
RUSH, Jessie MILSTEAD, Lee 1917-Dec-16
RYALS, J L STOCKSTILL, Gertrude 1912-Jun-12
SAUCIER, Claud SMITH, Lela 1911-Dec-28
SAUCIER, Oneal SMITH, Mattie 1913-Oct-12
SAUCIER, Piers LADNER, Florence 1910-Jun-25
SAWYER, Willie EDDINS, Mary 1917-Mar-11
SCARBOROUGH, Cecil C SLADE, Ada 1918-Nov-15
SCARBOROUGH, Guy O WAGNER, Elizabeth Helen 1914-Jan-05
SCHRADER, Julius LADNER, Lula 1911-Nov-21
SEAL, C Hamp HENLEY, Alma 1916-Jul-27
SEAL, C M REVERE, Hilda 1913-Mar-23
SEAL, Calvin SMITH, Novella 1915-Mar-14
SEAL, Eli BLACKWELL, Julia 1912-Jun-16
SEAL, Elias MITCHELL, Jeneva 1912-Nov-02
SEAL, Emanuel LEE, Alleyne 1914-Dec-15
SEAL, Geo B LEE, Lucy 1914-Jun-04
SEAL, H W JACKSON, Louisa 1916-Mar-23
SEAL, Hilton SPIERS, Laurainy 1915-Jan-03
SEAL, J Leonard PEARSON, Janie 1912-Sep-11
SEAL, Jas E MOODY, Josephine 1915-Dec-16
SEAL, Joby MITCHELL, Mary 1917-Jun-27
SEAL, Johnnie SPIERS, Emma 1918-Jul-06
SEAL, Melvin WOODWARD, Mamie 1916-Mar-19
SEAL, Smith TYNER, Leon 1918-Nov-15
SEAL, W F BROWN, Myrtis 1911-Sep-03
SEAL, Will MITCHELL, Essie Irene 1918-Aug-26
SELPH, Robert A ALEXANDER, Ruby E 1917-Jun-11
SHAW, David DEDEAUX, Julia 1914-Nov-04
SHAW, Joe QUAVES, Stella 1915-Jan-21
SHEARER, Willie MOODY, Annie 1917-Sep-09
SHIPES, Henry SMITH, Rosa Vivian 1918-Jun-12
SHRADER, T F SIMPSON, Eula 1911-Dec-13
SIMMONS, Clarence MILLER, Alice 1915-Jun-13
SIMMONS, Darden D BEALL, Ida 1910-Jan-17
SIMMONS, Robert W BREEDLOVE, Winnie 1909-Sep-15
SIMMONS, Thomas Ottis BATEMAN, Josie E 1918-Aug-17
SIMPSON, J R DAVIS, Gracie M 1918-Aug-31
SIMPSON, Lelios F STAFFORD, Olive 1916-Dec-21
SIMPSON, Robert L SMITH, Bertha 1917-Jun-12
SIMS, George W WALTERS, Janie 1915-Dec-12
SIMS, Robert WALTERS, Viola 1915-Dec-12
SINGLETON, Avery AMACKER, Louisa 1917-Mar-15
SINGLETON, Ellis SMITH, Esther 1913-Dec-21
SINGLETON, W J RITCHIE, Charita B 1914-Dec-23
SLADE, A A SCARBOROUGH, Bessie 1914-Apr-10
SLADE, Ira PENTON, Nealie 1911-Jun-21
SLAYDON, Willie BEAUCHAM, Matthew A 1917-Jan-07
SMITH, A R STOCKSTILL, Rachel 1914-Oct-31
SMITH, Albert SPIERS, George W Mrs 1918-Oct-05
SMITH, Andrew S LADNER, Dena 1910-Nov-25
SMITH, Asa B SONES, Annie M 1913-Dec-18
SMITH, Berry PENTON, Leata 1916-Aug-14
SMITH, Boyd SMITH, Denie 1914-Feb-14
SMITH, Boyd WALKER, Katie 1911-Nov-12
SMITH, Buren SMITH, Sarah 1916-Jul-20
SMITH, C A HOKES, Josephine 1915-Aug-26
SMITH, Carson LUMPKIN, Easter 1913-Aug-15
SMITH, Cleveland HENLEY, Louisa 1911-Jan-25
SMITH, Clide HOLSTON, Sidney J 1911-Apr-09
SMITH, Crawford R DEDEAUX, Josephine 1909-Jul-01
SMITH, Dewitt ROUSE, Velma 1911-Jul-04
SMITH, Duncan E DAVIS, Mary E 1910-Mar-06
SMITH, Edgar T SMITH, Cora 1916-Mar-12
SMITH, Ether SPIERS, Elberta 1913-Aug-27
SMITH, Ferris WARDEN, Ella Mae 1915-Dec-26
SMITH, Florin HARRIEL, Catherine 1912-Jan-20
SMITH, Geo W Sr SMITH, Mary Josephine 1916-Oct-05
SMITH, George A BILBO, Permelia 1914-Oct-16
SMITH, George W Jr LADNER, Lula 1910-Apr-10
SMITH, Gilbert COTHEN, Susan 1911-Apr-27
SMITH, H Albert MITCHELL, Annie E 1913-Mar-05
SMITH, H E TATE, Nancy 1917-Mar-08
SMITH, Harris P STEWART, Melia 1918-Jun-02
SMITH, Hiram Soloman BYNUM, Birdie May 1910-Feb-05
SMITH, Homer DAUGHDRILL, Gertrude 1918-Jun-29
SMITH, Hugo BURGE, Lillie 1917-Oct-28
SMITH, J F TAYLOR, Edith Pearl 1912-Dec-22
SMITH, J I SMITH, Rosella 1917-Feb-04
SMITH, Jesse D STEWART, Addie P 1909-Nov-17
SMITH, Jimmy SMITH, Maudella 1912-Mar-27
SMITH, John LADNER, Lottie 1913-Nov-01
SMITH, John MITCHELL, Sallie 1913-Jun-18
SMITH, Joseph T SMITH, Dora M 1909-Dec-23
SMITH, Joshua STEWART, Myrtis 1918-Feb-24
SMITH, Larry CARROLL, Laura 1911-Aug-06
SMITH, Lemuel BURKS, Mary Isabell 1917-Apr-15
SMITH, Leonard SAWYER, Alma 1912-Feb-01
SMITH, Marshall JOHNSON, Roxie 1916-May-27
SMITH, Melton HENLEY, Adeline 1912-Aug-09
SMITH, Melton W SMITH, Nora E 1917-Apr-19
SMITH, Murray M WHEAT, Josephine 1909-May-30
SMITH, Oscar MITCHELL, Amelia 1914-Apr-11
SMITH, Pizarro STEWART, Talitha 1910-Oct-20
SMITH, Porter KENNEDY, Marguerite 1915-Apr-24
SMITH, R D BILBO, Birdie 1911-Feb-11
SMITH, Ray BURGE, Ellen 1910-Dec-17
SMITH, Richmond C STOCKSTILL, Louella 1909-Dec-30
SMITH, Robert E HOLSTON, Lucy 1909-Jun-16
SMITH, Rufus Balford SEAL, Lillie 1918-May-26
SMITH, Russell R BRELAND, Genevia 1910-Jun-19
SMITH, Sam G STEWART, Ineze 1915-Jul-15
SMITH, Sherod HELVESTON, Minnie 1910-Jun-20
SMITH, W Andy MITCHELL, Lawramy 1917-Oct-07
SMITH, Wilbert R GILL, Rosena 1913-Mar-15
SMITH, Willie T SPIERS, Sarah 1916-May-06
SOLEY, Isaac Porter HEAD, Ticia 1917-Oct-20
SONES, Andy WELLS, Rosa 1917-Jan-25
SONES, Fine WELLS, Georgeann 1909-Sep-23
SPAULDING, Hosea WARDEEN, Ida 1914-Apr-20
SPEARS, Jake R KENMORE, Daisy 1913-May-27
SPENCE, Edward B SPEIRS, Cordelia 1909-Jun-27
SPIERS, Cairy COBB, Bertie 1912-Apr-06
SPIERS, Edgar DUNN, Edgar 1917-Nov-03
SPIERS, Elberta SMITH, Ether 1913-Aug-27
SPIERS, Ellis V WHITFIELD, Tronie 1914-Dec-24
SPIERS, James B MORRISON, Eliza 1909-Nov-11
SPIERS, Mack BARKER, Lula 1916-Jun-28
SPIERS, Ouida LUMPKIN, Marie 1917-Dec-20
SPIERS, Reubin DICKSON, Mary D 1909-Apr-27
SPIERS, Samuel JONES, Malisa Mrs 1911-Jul-16
SPIERS, Wiley DICKSON, Flora 1913-Apr-28
SPIERS, William J GILL, Christina 1909-May-09
STANFORD, W A HOWARD, Ida 1916-Oct-25
STEEN, R Edward TATE, Dora E 1916-Jun-14
STEGALL, Luther Wallac e     MITCHELL, Ouida 1918-Dec-22
STEPHENSON, Theo L THORNTON, Roxie 1909-May-01
STEVENSON, Hubert LANIER, Eva 1917-Jul-21
STEWART, Archie T GRAVES, Mazelle 1909-Dec-31
STEWART, Fred E WHEAT, Ada 1912-Apr-27
STEWART, H Ed BELL, Ella 1911-Apr-16
STEWART, Henry S SCOTT, S Evelyn 1914-Feb-22
STEWART, Hermon V BURKS, Ella 1917-Jun-17
STEWART, J Clifton STOCKSTILL, Alice 1915-Apr-25
STEWART, J M CLARK, Mamye 1916-Oct-14
STEWART, James P SCOTT, Alma 1909-May-16
STEWART, John J STOCKSTILL, Easter 1915-Oct-03
STEWART, Kelly MAYERS, Viola 1914-Mar-08
STEWART, Otis R FULLER, Carrie 1914-Jul-21
STEWART, Robert H Md GARRETT, Mattie May 1911-Jun-07
STOCKSTILL, Albert S CHANDLER, Mae 1918-Dec-25
STOCKSTILL, Elmer J BURGE, Gladys D 1914-Feb-15
STOCKSTILL, Hubert DILLARD, Mary Jane 1910-Aug-20
STOCKSTILL, John CASE, Amenda 1910-Aug-18
STOCKSTILL, L S AMACKER, Pearl M 1910-Oct-30
STOCKSTILL, Levi PARKER, Rithella 1915-Nov-21
STOCKSTILL, Loyd AMACKER, Maude 1912-Dec-01
STOCKSTILL, Otis DILLARD, Martha 1912-Jan-14
STOCKSTILL, Sherzie DAVIS, Della 1916-Feb-25
STOCKSTILL, Thomas IVEY, Fannie 1916-Jun-17
STOCKSTILL, Thomas D LOVINGHOUSE, Emma 1916-Dec-21
STRAHAN, E A WEEMS, Cora 1917-Dec-22
STRAHAN, Ed MILLER, Ida 1916-Nov-05
STRAHAN, Fred SEAL, Julia 1917-Mar-29
STRAHAN, Neal DAVIS, Pauline 1917-Jan-24
STRAHAN, R S HOWARD, Esther 1912-Jun-30
STRAHAN, Theo S DOUGLAS, Mamie 1915-Nov-18
STRAHAN, Thomas L CHRISTOLINA, Mary Ellen Spi 1911-Apr-02
STUART, Charles W MITCHELL, Ida 1917-Mar-17
STUART, Joseph R MITCHELL, Ada 1915-Dec-30
SWANN, D O WILLIAMS, Della 1916-Oct-16
SWEENEY, John W WALTON, Cenalia 1910-Jan-15
SWENSON, Julius E STOCKSTILL, Leila 1909-Oct-28
SWILLEY, C A BOURN, Sadie 1911-Jan-21
SWILLEY, Luther SMITH, Sarah 1912-Jul-10
SYLVEST, Jno M STOCKSTILL, Lula M 1917-Nov-29



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