Pearl River County Grooms

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NEAL, Gabe SMITH, Magnolia 1909-Dec-22
NEAL, J M RESTER, Maude 1915-Mar-20
NELSON, E D MCCANTS, Margaret 1915-Oct-16
NEWBURN, I S BASS, Lillie 1918-Aug-06
NEWBURN, I S CARROLL, Edna Irene 1916-Apr-01
NEWELL, Geo W ASHE, Eva 1917-May-10
NEWMAN, H P AMACKER, Susie 1917-Dec-01
NEWSOM, L D WYRES, Elnora 1915-Jan-10
NICHOLS, J Barry WOLTERS, Viola 1912-Nov-22
NICHOLS, T W HILL, Eliza 1914-Aug-07
NICHOLSON, A B PADGET, Alzariah 1917-Jun-02
NORRIS, Porter Ernest REES, Mable Mary 1914-Dec-29
NOWLIN, Davis Jeff MOORE, Euna 1909-Dec-22
NUTT, J W LOVELL, Virgie Mae 1914-Nov-22
ODOM, J J DAVIS, Mary C 1915-May-16
ODOM, Joseph HALL, Eva 1913-Jan-12
ODOM, T R HODGE, Ella 1915-Aug-04
ODOM, Walter W MARK, Bell 1914-May-09
OLSON, Osmund LADNER, Mollie 1910-Jul-04
ORR, Vernon JARRELL, Mary 1918-Jan-13
OWENS, Oscar JONES, Daisy 1915-Feb-07
PAGE, Addison SEAL, Josephine 1918-Sep-28
PAGE, C A L PHELPS, Susie 1918-Sep-09
PAGE, Henry H FALKNER, Geneva 1914-Mar-18
PARKER, Dallis ENTRIKIN, C E 1917-May-14
PARKER, J C LEWIS, Gathie 1909-Nov-13
PARKER, Julius C MOODY, Eva Lois 1918-Apr-24
PARKER, Ralph BENTON, Hattie Mae 1918-Feb-07
PARKER, Will Oliver MURPHY, Julia 1914-Aug-23
PARNELL, J H FENDLESON, Elizabeth 1916-Dec-24
PARRIS, James T MOODY, Eva 1912-Oct-15
PATCH, John DAVIS, Ettie 1918-Mar-02
PATTERSON, J W WHEAT, Martha J 1917-Feb-06
PEARSON, D L ALEXANDER, Beatrice 1916-Sep-10
PEARSON, Geo B STOCKSTILL, Margania 1913-Oct-05
PEARSON, Henry Ellis MAGEE, Irene 1918-May-19
PEARSON, T R THORNHILL, Opal 1917-Dec-26
PEARSON, William R SPIERS, Bertha Jane 1911-Mar-19
PEDGETTA, Joe HEMBREE, Francis Mrs 1913-Feb-06
PENTON, Boyd COOPER, Ronea 1915-May-23
PENTON, Dennis LEE, Velzora 1915-Dec-16
PENTON, James S MILLER, Viola 1917-Dec-17
PENTON, Leonard PENTON, Maude 1910-Jul-30
PENTON, Nealie SLADE, Ira 1911-Jun-21
PENTON, Norman SPEARS, Ella 1914-Aug-20
PENTON, Randle SMITH, Addie 1910-Jan-26
PENTON, Randolph D ASH, Effie 1911-Feb-24
PENTON, Robert BURDETTE, Edith Mae 1917-Sep-08
PENTON, Truly P FRIERSON, Lillie 1917-Apr-19
PENTON, Van LUMPKIN, Viana 1911-May-08
PERKINS, J R DECHAMP, Rose 1913-Dec-18
PERKINS, Rayford MADISON, Mamie 1917-May-30
PERSON, Joseph Anthony SMITH, Mattie Ida 1912-Dec-18
PETERMANN, Fritz LOTT, Amelia 1915-Nov-11
PHILIPS, Walter HARDY, Julia 1913-Dec-30
PICKARD, Dock D MITCHELL, Lilie I 1909-Dec-19
PIGOTT, Dan BURGE, Margarett 1915-Jan-07
PINKARD, James MARTIN, Masouria Mrs 1910-Jul-28
PITTMAN, David TATE, Viola 1918-Jan-06
PITTMAN, John THIGPEN, Ollie 1914-Dec-20
PODR, John PENTON, Rita 1910-Aug-06
POUNDS, Eugene PENTON, Dona 1910-Jun-04
POWELL, George RICHBURG, Lena 1911-Mar-18
PRANAFRA, Peter MOZZARUSE, Mary 1917-Oct-29
PRICE, Eugene FRIERSON, Lorena 1918-Dec-18
PRICHETT, Thomas PULLEN, Doralee 1912-Oct-14
PRIDGEN, I A PERKINS, Edna 1918-Jan-02
PRITCHETT, W W WRIGHT, Frances 1913-Aug-06
QUAVES, Chester BRADY, Madie 1916-Oct-01
QUINN, P A ENTRIKIN, Penelope R 1918-Jun-18



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