Pearl River County Grooms


MADDOX, Robt C LUMPKIN, Geneva 1915-Nov-07
MADISON, Elmer MCLAIN, Lyda 1916-Aug-22
MALLEY, Luson HOLSTON, Irene 1918-Mar-28
MALLEY, Semo STRAHAN, Caroline 1913-Feb-07
MANN, Percy S CHUNN, Mildred May 1911-May-18
MARTIN, J M SMITH, Edwena 1913-Jul-13
MARTIN, Melvin MIDDLETON, Johnnie 1918-Aug-18
MARTIN, Robert D WHEAT, Nancy 1918-Oct-23
MCCANTS, R D NASH, Mary Francis 1915-Jul-20
MCCAY, James A SIMMONS, Pauline 1909-Apr-12
MCCLENDON, Thomas ADAMS, Katie 1915-Apr-24
MCCONNELL, Ottis M JOHNSON, Fannie E 1910-Nov-20
MCDANIELS, John VICKERY, Lilly 1911-Mar-29
MCINTOSH, A L COOK, Letha 1913-Jul-12
MCINTYRE, Francis FRIERSON, Dora 1914-Nov-07
MCKISSON, Clyde A HUDDLESTON, Pearl 1909-Jun-22
MCLENDON, J W MAYBERRY, Lillian 1915-Jun-08
MCMILLAN, Dennis A JARRELL, Nola 1911-Jan-12
MCNAIR, E A CRAWFORD, Josie E 1913-Sep-05
MCQUEEN, D O CRAFT, Revie 1913-Apr-27
MEGEHEE, Ira SEAL, Alice 1911-Jan-13
MELLEY, Otho SLADE, Annie 1917-May-20
MESSER, Arvin TETTS, Donnie 1917-Nov-14
MILEY, Lee MCCLAIN, Lucy 1916-Jun-04
MILLER, Arthur PENTON, Susie 1918-Feb-16
MILLER, J A QUAVES, Viola 1915-Mar-18
MILLER, James T SPIERS, Artie 1909-Nov-23
MILLER, Jas M WHEAT, Annie 1913-Jun-07
MILLER, W Mayson FORNEA, Tina Mrs 1915-Jun-09
MILSTEAD, Lee RUSH, Jessie 1917-Dec-16
MINER, W E BATSON, Esther 1917-Nov-12
MITCHELL, A A JARRELL, Birdie 1916-Dec-24
MITCHELL, C Jacob STOCKSTILL, Carrie 1915-Oct-12
MITCHELL, Charlie C LUMPKIN, Bertha 1911-Dec-17
MITCHELL, Dan LOTT, Ollie 1910-Sep-25
MITCHELL, E B MITCHELL, Mamie 1915-Mar-23
MITCHELL, E L MCQUEEN, Lula 1918-May-10
MITCHELL, E W MITCHELL, Janie 1911-Apr-01
MITCHELL, Elis A FURR, Mary Edna 1909-Sep-29
MITCHELL, Geo C BENNETT, Watie 1914-Jul-08
MITCHELL, H Raif GENELLA, Lybia C 1917-Jun-13
MITCHELL, Hiram Eldon LOTT, Susie Evelyn 1917-Jun-14
MITCHELL, James T LUMPKIN, Cordelia 1911-Nov-29
MITCHELL, John J CRUTHIRDS, Bessie 1918-Apr-30
MITCHELL, John W SEAL, Corine 1915-Dec-02
MITCHELL, Johnnie W STEWART, Agnis 1913-Jan-29
MITCHELL, L L STEWART, Mabel 1917-Nov-02
MITCHELL, L W DAVIS, Ella 1915-Mar-05
MITCHELL, Newton SMITH, Katie 1914-Jan-11
MITCHELL, Randolph THIGPEN, Mary 1916-Feb-16
MITCHELL, S B SPIERS, Lizzie 1910-Aug-11
MITCHELL, Sam PATCH, Patch 1918-Mar-09
MITCHELL, Ulman PENNINGTON, Salli 1909-Oct-12
MITCHELL, Van BLACKWELL, Louisa 1910-Aug-14
MITCHELL, William Boyd MITCHELL, Rosie Ella 1910-Mar-05
MONROE, John T LUMPKINS, Jenevia B 1910-Jun-09
MOODY, Jno E MITCHELL, Ida 1916-Mar-19
MOODY, Lillo L SMITH, Ruth 1918-Nov-02
MOODY, William H GILKEY, Emma 1916-Apr-15
MOOK, Hugh Alonzo PEVEY, Ardella 1918-Oct-05
MOORE, Nathaniel T STOCKSTILL, Lilie May 1909-Apr-18
MORRIS, A D HULL, Maxine 1917-Mar-18
MORRIS, Sebe ALLEN, Lizzie 1917-May-07
MORRISON, Elijah B MCDADE, Eva D 1910-Dec-19
MORRISON, J F GILLIE, Eatle 1915-Aug-29
MURPHY, Walker STEVENSON, Irene 1916-May-07
MURRAY, A A SMITH, Susie 1915-May-23
MUSGROVE, George Wallace MCCOY, Pearl 1917-Dec-06
MYLER, E FLYNN, Pollie 1912-May-05
MYRICK, H L WAGES, Rosa 1913-Nov-15



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