Pearl River County Grooms


LADNER, Alexander THIGPEN, Beatrice 1915-May-30
LADNER, Alfred WARDEN, Mabel 1911-Apr-12
LADNER, Clarence L LEE, Teacie 1911-Mar-01
LADNER, E B LADNER, Eliza 1911-Apr-08
LADNER, H C AMACKER, Cordia 1917-Oct-05
LADNER, Hugh MCLEMORE, Polly 1917-Jan-06
LADNER, Joseph POPE, Lee 1916-Apr-02
LADNER, Lawrence DEDEAUX, Caroline 1915-Oct-16
LADNER, Lemuel AKIN, Effie Louise 1913-Aug-12
LADNER, Lemuel LADNER, Burvenia 1912-Oct-13
LADNER, Lemuel LADNER, Dona 1916-Sep-04
LADNER, Levander Jr LEE, Cora 1911-Aug-26
LADNER, Loranzia SWEENEY, Florence 1915-Jun-12
LADNER, Orvis DAVIS, Hattie 1918-Apr-20
LADNER, Orvis LADNER, Louise 1912-Aug-01
LADNER, Oscar L BILBO, Lula 1917-Jan-07
LADNER, P R PEARSON, Daisy 1910-Apr-17
LADNER, Port LEE, Rilla 1911-Jul-31
LADNER, Roman LADNER, Rosie 1909-Nov-18
LADNER, Rudolph SMITH, Vera 1912-Sep-15
LADNER, Simon KIRKLAND, Rosa 1912-Feb-06
LADNER, Stepen W LADNER, Ella Mary D 1909-Aug-05
LADNER, Victor LADNER, Corelia 1910-Feb-09
LADNER, Wilbron SHAW, Nettie 1916-Mar-25
LADNER, Wilmer GILKEY, Ola 1913-Feb-05
LANDRESS, Myrtle JONES, Ottis Decatur 1918-Nov-14
LANDRUM, Elmer A SPIERS, Ellen 1915-Apr-20
LANDRUM, J A GRAHAM, Annie 1913-Oct-14
LANDRUM, John R MOORE, Hattie Maude 1909-May-29
LANDRUM, L Q WARDEN, Agnes 1914-Nov-01
LANDRUM, Warren R Jr SMITH, Leila 1912-Feb-04
LANIER, Samuel A WARDEN, Rachel 1909-May-08
LAVITE, Nicholas MARGUIOTTA, Lena 1918-Dec-08
LEATHERWOOD, J E BURGE, Alma 1913-May-06
LEE, Abner LEE, Maggie 1910-Feb-27
LEE, Alexander LEE, Ruth 1911-Sep-30
LEE, Ben F BILBO, Ophelia 1912-Jul-28
LEE, C E SPIERS, Nellie 1913-Feb-01
LEE, Chas D MCMULLAN, Pearl 1913-Mar-09
LEE, Eli HUTCHINGS, Cristial 1910-Jul-02
LEE, Elias DAVIS, Lilly 1913-Mar-17
LEE, Felix M SPIERS, Myrtis 1918-Dec-24
LEE, Floyd W LEE, Claudie 1916-May-20
LEE, Gaston JONES, Fannie 1914-Nov-22
LEE, Hugh H LEE, Stella 1910-Oct-16
LEE, Joe DAVIS, Nettie 1914-Sep-30
LEE, Julius LEE, Ollie 1916-Mar-23
LEE, Louis L ANTON, Gracie 1914-Sep-10
LEE, Oscar PERKINS, Artimesa 1917-Jun-12
LEE, Otho LADNER, Edna 1913-Jul-15
LEE, Rilla LADNER, Port 1911-Jul-31
LEE, Robert L LEE, Frances M 1914-Sep-05
LEE, Rubin Jefferson SMITH, Loprilla M 1918-Dec-23
LEE, Thomas E LEE, Hattie 1915-Jun-27
LEE, W H LUMPKIN, Lula 1916-Jun-07
LEE, W L AMACKER, Mollie 1914-Sep-04
LEE, William W LEE, Ophelia 1911-Jan-16
LEGG, Henry E PHAIRES, Masleete E 1909-Nov-01
LEGG, J J MYERS, Ethel 1917-Jun-14
LENOIR, Bill THOMPSON, Lula 1917-Jun-07
LENOIR, Ernest THOMPSON, Rosa 1918-Jul-04
LENOIR, Samuel B WATKINS, Mattie L 1910-Dec-28
LENOIR, Sidney LENOIR, Cordelia 1914-Feb-21
LEONARD, Boon REYER, Elzadie 1909-Dec-04
LEWIS, Calvin SPIERS, Easter 1915-Oct-03
LEWIS, Kenion SPIERS, Margania 1917-Dec-23
LITTLE, Hover B STOCKSTILL, Fannie 1913-Apr-13
LIVINGS, Andy HINTON, Louise 1911-Aug-20
LIVINGS, Arthur L CAMPBELL, Birtie 1916-May-29
LOCKE, Leopold SCOTT, Mabell 1917-Mar-01
LOGAN, C L PARRIENT, Ora 1918-Jun-03
LOSSETT, L L WOOTEN, Dollie 1915-Apr-12
LOTT, Henry PARDUE, Stella 1917-Jul-23
LOVELL, Johnie WILLIAMS, M A 1916-Jun-08
LUMPKIN, Barney SPIERS, Susie 1918-Jul-06
LUMPKIN, Benjamin F SMITH, Corine 1914-Jun-23
LUMPKIN, Bennie LUMPKIN, Zebbie 1912-Apr-07
LUMPKIN, Emanuel SPEARS, Rachel 1914-Jul-12
LUMPKIN, F B SMITH, Josephine 1912-Oct-20
LUMPKIN, F Spence STEWART, Evie G 1911-Jun-18
LUMPKIN, L Boyd LUMPKIN, Jennie L 1915-Oct-03
LUMPKIN, Slaydon B MITCHELL, Ida 1910-Apr-03
LUMPKIN, Willie B WILLIAMS, Louise 1914-Sep-15
LUMPKINS, Elezar SPIERS, Jennie 1910-Jun-19



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