Pearl River County Grooms

H - K

HALL, Marvin H HOLLAND, Ruth 1912-Oct-02
HANSOM, Calvin FLEMMING, Effie 1913-Jul-15
HANSON, William WOODS, Annie 1918-Dec-27
HARBESON, Archie T VICKERY, Urallee 1912-Nov-11
HARDEE, William C LESTER, Laura Mrs 1911-Sep-03
HARDY, Luther SEASER, Rosetta 1912-Aug-15
HARIEL, W Harrison SMITH, Caroline 1910-Jun-02
HARRELL, Arthur SMITH, Henrietta 1914-Sep-22
HARRIEL, Lemuel SAMMONS, Susie 1916-Apr-21
HARRIEL, Tillous SMITH, Hattie 1914-Nov-24
HARRIS, G R LOWE, Leslie 1917-Sep-27
HARRIS, Harris BUCKLEY, Nellie 1918-Jul-06
HARRIS, Wiley MITCHELL, Bertie 1915-Dec-04
HARRIS, William R BISHOP, Donie 1910-Dec-11
HARTFIELD, Peter E HULSEY, Velma 1918-Dec-08
HARVEY, A B SMITH, Rachel 1909-Apr-04
HARVEY, T Bob SMITH, Eliza O 1913-Jan-22
HARVEY, Willie I SMITH, Mollie E 1912-Dec-22
HATHORN, Harvey STRAHAN, Missouri 1910-Nov-09
HATTEN, Arthur WILKINSON, Ada 1916-Aug-31
HATTEN, Graham INNIS, Myrtle 1917-Jan-07
HATTEN, Norman P BATSON, Bertha A 1910-Mar-04
HEAD, James Elisha SEAL, Lurina Elizabeth 1913-Oct-22
HEAD, Thomas W LEE, Bertherder 1915-Jun-23
HENDRIX, C A SPIERS, Effie 1917-Nov-27
HENLEY, Boyd BODIE, Mae 1914-Jul-16
HENLEY, James S BEALL, Ella T 1909-Jun-23
HENLEY, John FLEMING, Lucy 1910-Dec-10
HERMES, William DAVIS, Maggie 1909-Apr-11
HERRIN, Albert W HOGAN, Rosa E 1911-Aug-19
HERRIN, Lovell THIGPEN, Minnie 1912-May-30
HERRING, Hammond E WHEAT, Grace 1918-Oct-05
HESTER, Orbin JONES, Eliza M 1914-Jun-03
HICKMAN, Eugene DEDEAUX, Sedona 1916-Jan-26
HINTON, Luther T EVANS, Maude Beatrice 1915-Nov-16
HOLCOMB, Elmont STAYDON, Atha 1915-Mar-07
HOLLER, I A HORN, Augusta H 1917-Dec-31
HOLLIMAN, James E WARDEN, Martha 1915-Sep-09
HOLLOWAY, John Milner PEARSON, Lula L 1914-May-03
HOLLOWAY, Marvin B STUART, Louise 1916-Oct-11
HOLSTON, Junious BILBO, Nora 1916-Oct-28
HOLSTON, S T LADNER, Irene 1912-Aug-30
HOLSTON, Sidney J SMITH, Clide 1911-Apr-09
HOSLI, Jacob DEES, Elizabeth 1918-Apr-06
HOWARD, Floyd MILLER, Rosa 1917-Nov-19
HOWARD, Will G MURPHY, Mollie 1910-Apr-17
HUNTER, G C MCDILL, Janie 1915-Apr-04
HUNTER, John L PEARSON, Pearl 1912-Dec-24
HYDE, Erich Haschael ORR, Jessie Lucile 1914-Jan-17
JAMISON, Warner KING, Lily 1918-Apr-13
JARRELL, Albert N HANNA, Ora 1912-Nov-26
JARRELL, Alfred DILLARD, Mamie 1916-May-21
JARRELL, D C PENTON, Ollie 1917-Jul-08
JARRELL, J R HOWARD, Lizzie 1913-Mar-04
JARRELL, James G SMITH, Minnie 1911-Jun-27
JARRELL, Sam J LOVINGHOUSE, Louise 1916-Dec-21
JARRELL, William R HERRINGTON, Bessie 1909-Dec-22
JEMISON, Shade C MORRIS, Gertrude Mrs 1911-Jul-15
JOHNSON, Charlie HARTMAN, Susie F 1916-Jun-18
JOHNSON, Ernest HENLEY, Ollie 1913-Dec-26
JOHNSON, Homer BURGE, Cornelia 1916-Aug-06
JOHNSON, T H MITCHELL, Minnie 1917-Sep-02
JOHNSON, Willie LADNER, Eva 1910-Jul-22
JONES, C P SMITH, Emma 1913-Sep-07
JONES, Harris C MILLER, Marguerite 1914-Sep-15
JONES, Joseph S ALSOBROOKS, Minnie 1909-Dec-19
JONES, Luther KENDRICK, Annie Mae 1917-Apr-22
JONES, Newton A MITCHELL, Manda 1913-Mar-02
JONES, Ottis Decatur LANDRESS, Myrtle 1918-Nov-14
JONES, W H LENOIR, Maggie 1917-Nov-29
JORDAN, Johnie ALSOBROOKS, Corine 1912-Apr-27
JORDAN, Lee JARRELL, Missouria 1912-Mar-17
JORDAN, Martin HOWARD, Caroline 1912-Apr-04
JORET, F A LYONS, Annie L 1912-Jun-26
JUSSELY, James S NEWTON, Lucy C 1911-Jun-07
KEATON, Edward PICKETT, Harriet 1912-Jan-28
KELLER, Henry W MCQUEEN, Beatrice 1910-Aug-28
KELLY, James H ODOM, Ellen 1913-Nov-27
KENDRICK, Geo W JACKSON, Edwina 1914-Nov-10
KENDRICK, Grover LUMPKINS, Ollie 1910-Jul-22
KENDRICK, Oscar W SMITH, Nancy 1917-Mar-26
KENNEDY, Bruce SPIERS, Lula D 1917-Dec-22
KENNEDY, Ernest PENTON, Mabel 1917-Sep-29
KING, A C GREEN, Quilla 1917-Apr-29
KING, Grover W STOCKSTILL, Birdie Mabell 1910-Oct-02
KING, W M SMITH, Dollie 1915-Jan-02
KIPPES, Benjamin WHEAT, Louella 1918-Aug-05
KIRKLAND, Raymond SMITH, Cora 1909-Aug-19
KNIGHT, Geo L WALDGMOTT, Annie 1917-Nov-03
KNIGHT, Sam ROBINSON, Mamie 1917-Sep-01



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