Pearl River County Grooms

E - G

ECKLES, Robert D SMITH, Miriam 1918-Jun-23
EDWINS, J A HARBERSON, Mabel F 1914-May-23
ENTRICKIN, Henry WATSON, Alma 1915-May-29
ENTRIKIN, C E PARKER, Dallis 1917-May-14
EZELL, Ellis ALSOBROOKS, Maude 1909-May-22
EZELL, Mills DEVEREAUX, Mamie 1918-Jun-29
FAHEY, E F TOMASICH, Irma 1917-Jul-26
FARMBY, L N STOCKSTILL, Bertha 1917-Feb-17
FERRELL, L B HOWARD, Mary 1912-Apr-29
FIFE, Isaac C TOWER, Olive W 1911-Jul-04
FINCH, Frank HOLSTON, Claudie 1913-Jan-02
FINDLEY, W R SMITH, Maggie 1913-Sep-30
FLANAGAN, Prentice D HARBERSON, Pearl Jenevieve 1917-Jun-02
FLEMING, Richard S STAFFORD, Margainie 1909-May-27
FLEMMING, Arthur D THOMPSON, Sarah 1913-May-16
FLOYD, J C PENTON, Lucile 1917-Dec-24
FORD, Harrison S AMACKER, Lorena 1916-Aug-31
FORD, Jesse C BOUNDS, Glennie 1917-Apr-11
FORD, R J MESSER, Lucille 1916-Jul-20
FORNEA, J B HARRIS, Nettie 1915-Apr-11
FORNEA, Reuben R STOCKSTILL, Luna 1914-May-17
FORTENBERRY, Hollis CAMERON, Louella 1916-Sep-02
FREEMAN, Louis E SMITH, Ollye Rose 1912-Dec-18
FRIERSON, Chester BURKE, Edwina 1913-Dec-24
FRIERSON, Daniel H MCQUEEN, Daisy 1911-Oct-08
FRIERSON, W W MCQUEEN, Leona 1918-Apr-14
FRYE, Estus LEE, Tishie 1915-Apr-17
FURR, Hollis R JOHNSON, Roxie Bell 1915-Dec-01
FURR, Jesse R THORNHILL, Ruby 1915-Dec-21
FURR, Willie F JOHNSON, Inez 1915-Aug-17
GARNER, T J LEE, Fannie 1916-Jun-29
GILL, Otis ALSOBROOKS, Ada 1914-Jul-03
GIPSON, L A LOVINGHOUSE, Josie 1911-Jan-25
GISCH, August PENTON, Emmeline 1914-Dec-10
GIVINS, Samp LEWIS, Elvia 1911-Dec-05
GLASS, Matt ALLEN, Georgia 1916-Jul-28
GLOVER, B R HODGE, Thelma 1915-Sep-11
GODWIN, Ed D WOOTEN, Euer 1910-Feb-03
GOLDMAN, John S THIGPEN, Leah 1914-Jan-24
GOODSON, Wm E PENDER, Clare C 1914-May-24
GORDON, D S STOCKSTILL, Mary C 1915-Jun-19
GORE, Frank J SPURLOCK, Maude Agnes 1910-Apr-24
GORRELL, Aubery SEALS, Leona 1909-Aug-21
GRAVES, P I SCOTT, Vivian 1918-Dec-24
GRAY, John MATHONE, Birdie 1917-Sep-18
GRAYSON, H S BURROWS, Juanita 1914-Oct-25
GREEN, Alonzo BOONE, Almeda 1914-Feb-16



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