Pearl River County Grooms

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CAIN, Hezekiah H WILLIAMS, Loretta 1910-Jun-27
CAMPBELL, E M LUMPKIN, Bertie 1913-Feb-07
CARPENTER, Charles C CHUNN, Nan Keel 1911-May-18
CARROLL, Charley BARRETT, Mollie 1910-Aug-31
CARROLL, Eli F JAMES, Myrtle D 1914-Oct-04
CARROLL, Felton MAHAN, Ella 1916-Apr-14
CARROLL, John Benjamin SMITH, Emma 1910-Jul-23
CARROLL, Julius HEMERY, Pink 1918-Jun-15
CARROLL, Tommie SMITH, Martha 1911-Jul-02
CARROLL, William W PALMER, Ella 1911-Jul-15
CASE, Cyrus CASE, Ethel 1910-Sep-05
CASTILENA, Spiers JONES, Sarah Elizabeth 1910-Sep-19
CHADWICK, Geo Alma MOODY, Maude 1912-Jan-05
CHAINE, Ross Alexander MURPHY, Alice Mae 1912-Nov-28
CIRE, Geo Simon STOCKSTILL, Elma E 1914-Aug-19
CLARK, Charlie STOCKSTILL, Dodie 1917-Sep-16
CLARK, Willie PENTON, Willie Mae 1912-Nov-23
COLEMAN, Jas J LADNER, Maggie 1910-Jan-30
COMPTON, Eugene JONES, Bell 1913-Apr-13
CONERLY, James RITCHIE, Missouria 1910-Dec-11
COOPER, Thomas W BASS, Beura 1911-Jul-19
CORKERN, Gordon KENNEDY, Senora 1918-May-28
COTHEN, Jodie H COLTER, Mamie 1912-Nov-08
COULTER, D L BILBO, Annis 1916-May-03
COWAN, Lawrence COUSIN, Viola 1914-Jun-22
CRAFT, Henry MITCHELL, Rena 1918-Jul-03
CRAGIN, Benjamin A HOLCOMB, Mary V 1911-Sep-13
CUNNINGHAM, James Tullie STOCKSTILL, Esther 1915-Oct-16
CUNNINGHAM, Thomas F STOCKSTILL, Ruby 1918-Dec-23
DANIELS, J Earl MITCHELL, Rosa Mrs 1913-Jun-15
DANIELS, Willie BRELAND, Zoa 1914-Sep-12
DAUGHDRILL, Oscar BREELAND, Mary 1914-Jun-23
DAVIS, Archie STOCKSTILL, Alma 1918-May-25
DAVIS, Guy BOUNDS, Lilie 1909-May-02
DAVIS, Henry TATE, Ida 1911-Jan-16
DAVIS, J H F SMITH, Margaret 1918-Sep-25
DAVIS, Monroe CHAPMAN, Dallas 1911-Mar-12
DAVIS, Oscar COOPER, Ada 1918-Feb-23
DAVIS, Oscar A SIMS, Nora 1915-Nov-12
DAVIS, Robert DEDEAUX, Alleyne 1914-Dec-20
DAVIS, Sam ODUM, Janie 1915-Mar-13
DAVIS, Sam SMITH, Corine 1910-Mar-27
DAVIS, Thomas F NELSON, Myrtis 1916-Dec-23
DAVIS, William W BURNETT, Josie 1911-Apr-05
DEAN, Edward R FLOWERY, Emma 1911-Feb-07
DEAN, William CRAFT, Rena 1918-Nov-07
DEBREAUX, John W EATON, Jennie 1910-Sep-11
DEDEAUX, A J LADNER, Lillie 1915-Nov-06
DEDEAUX, Clozell DEDEAUX, Lillie 1912-Apr-22
DEDEAUX, Harrison HICKMAN, Isa 1916-Dec-19
DEDEAUX, J A LADNER, Sylvenia 1915-Jan-31
DEES, C F MORRIS, Marie Alline 1918-Dec-23
DENHAM, J C MASTERS, Pehebia L 1912-Mar-14
DENNY, George TATE, Ruth E 1911-Oct-19
DILL, E Bryant PRICE, Nellie V 1917-Oct-06
DILL, Sam L MILLER, Lola 1917-Apr-14
DILL, Thomas J MILLER, Lizzie 1913-Oct-05
DISMUKES, D J SHIPMAN, Margarett 1917-Mar-25
DONALD, Geo LIVINGS, Lydia 1914-Apr-12
DONELLAN, Jas A LANIER, Ellen L 1917-Dec-29
DOVE, J W SMITH, Alma 1918-Apr-07
DUNN, Edgar SPIERS, Edgar 1917-Nov-03
DUPONT, L H PARKER, Grace Lee 1917-Jun-12


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