Pearl River County Grooms

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ADAMS, Cavin ROBY, Hannah 1914-Nov-10
ADAMS, F D CHAMBERS, Daisy C 1909-Sep-08
ADCOX, J O ASH, Ethel 1913-Jul-05
ALEXANDER, C B MILEY, Emma 1916-Mar-15
ALEXANDER, Carlos O AMACKER, Ida 1912-Sep-23
ALEXANDER, Charley SPIERS, Louise 1910-Jul-28
ALEXANDER, J F WHEAT, Bessie 1913-Apr-06
ALSOBROOKS, Jefferson SEAL, Maggie 1911-Jun-15
ALSOBROOKS, West C GILL, Eva 1916-Oct-06
AMACKER, Charlie WHEAT, Mabelle 1914-Dec-20
AMACKER, Forest E AMACKER, Clara 1914-Nov-24
AMACKER, Forest E THIGPEN, Clara C 1909-Jul-06
AMACKER, I Luther KIRKLAND, Esther 1918-Apr-24
AMACKER, J C MIMMS, Stella 1915-Jun-10
AMACKER, Jesse E AMACKER, Missouria 1912-Jul-02
AMACKER, Sidney O AMACKER, Minnie 1914-Jul-04
EMMONS, W G E EM, Me M 1 7 -   -20
ANDERSON, A S POWELL, Pearl M 1917-Jun-04
ANDERSON, E J VARNADO, Emma 1912-Feb-29
ANDREWS, Jno L WHEAT, Martha Jane 1912-May-31
ARCHER, Clarence A SIMMONS, Edna A 1913-Aug-06
ARD, Jeff HUNT, Julia 1911-Jan-24
ARNOLD, John SPIER, Gladis 1917-Oct-13
ASHE, W D PRINCE, Mariette 1913-Sep-26
ASKEW, E H JARRELL, Minnie 1918-May-08
ATTAYA, Saleen A NAHER, Tameena Abdos 1911-Sep-24
AUSTIN, Ira V DOWDELL, Jesse L 1915-Jan-11
BAILEY, T W WHEAT, Maggie 1916-Jul-01
BALDWIN, W J BEWELL, Frannie A 1918-Sep-28
BALLARD, Geo W LADNER, Edna 1914-Sep-07
BANKSTON, Earl HENLEY, Ada 1913-May-25
BARNES, N O REED, Mary Lee 1913-Jun-18
BASS, Julius LEWIS, Sarah Jane 1910-Dec-11
BASS, Walter C SMITH, Nellie M 1910-Jun-20
BATSON, E Otis PETTIBONE, Frances E 1914-Jun-06
BATSON, M C SMITH, Leila 1917-Jul-16
BAUCUM, Frank O JARRELL, Lillie May 1911-Apr-20
BAUCUM, John STARKS, Rosalie 1911-Feb-16
BAUGHMAN, James MILLER, Louise 1913-Apr-19
BEAL, Charlie CRAIG, Sadie 1916-Sep-23
BEALL, Welton DAVIS, Beulah 1911-Jan-20
BEALL, William P GIPSON, Nancy 1910-Jul-10
BEAUCHAM, Matthew A SLAYDON, Willie 1917-Jan-07
BECKNER, R L MCCANTS, Carry 1917-Nov-04
BELIN, Richard W BOYD, Gladys Cora 1912-Dec-18
BELL, Bennie MCNEIL, Sarah 1916-Jun-27
FEPP, P N EMMON, G M 5  6-Apr-5
BELL, Walter W STRAHAN, Lottie 1917-May-24
BENNETT, George D BRAINARD, Florence A 1910-Dec-29
BENNETT, Henry Allen AMACKER, Annie 1913-Jan-01
BENNETT, Henry Harrison MARSHALL, Lizzie 1914-Sep-06
BENNETT, Joseph BENNETT, Genie 1916-Feb-13
BENNETT, Thomas WATTS, Ella 1914-Nov-07
BENTLEY, Frank WEATHERFORD, Lonalee 1915-Apr-01
BILBO, C W CARROLL, Ida 1916-Aug-11
BILBO, Tom HENLEY, Esther 1918-Apr-06
BISHOP, Percy E WILSON, Clide 1912-Sep-26
BLACKBURN, John C BLACKBURN, Nettie Mrs 1910-Sep-08
BLACKSHIRE, George BRYANT, Annie Mary 1918-Apr-15
BLACKWELL, Chas J BRINSON, Ona Lee 1915-Sep-12
BLACKWELL, John RODRIGUEZ, Florence 1911-Jun-05
BLACKWELL, John F WHITFIELD, Irene 1909-Apr-22
BLACKWELL, Moody HERRING, Bulah 1916-Mar-26
BLACKWELL, Sam EVANS, Deveria 1917-Jul-29
BLACKWELL, William ALEXANDER, Dollie 1910-May-19
BLASS, Thomas J SMITH, Bertha J 1910-Nov-27
BODIE, Chas J LUMPKIN, Ella 1916-Jan-24
BOLEN, R H Jr GORDIN, Hattie M 1912-Mar-02
BOND, Carroll LEE, Florence 1910-Mar-10
BOND, Carroll SPIERS, Susie 1916-Nov-23
BOND, Chalmers SWILLEY, Cornellia 1917-Apr-17
BOND, J W SMITH, Velma Rouse 1918-Feb-07
BOND, James F SPIERS, Pearlie 1914-Mar-10
BOND, R E SMITH, Susie 1913-Dec-20
BOON, Isaac NEWELL, Mollie 1909-Aug-11
BOON, Riley DILLARD, Hester 1909-Apr-26
BOONE, H R GREEN, Arcola 1917-May-03
BOONE, Otis J AMACKER, Maggaline 1915-Jan-31
BOOTH, Ross Lee LOTT, Chellie 1910-Sep-25
BOOTHE, R L LENOIR, Missouri 1914-Feb-18
BOUNDS, Charley WHITFIELD, Allie 1917-Jan-01
BOUNDS, Fred PITMAN, Pearl 1914-Apr-14
BOURGEOIS, Joseph S HOWARD, Nanie E 1910-Apr-06
BOWDEN, John PAGE, Rose E 1909-Oct-19
BOWMAN, Josephine WILSON, Burkitt 1915-Oct-05
BOWRN, R Longino STEWART, Cyntha 1913-Jan-20
BOWRN, Zeno SMITH, Dora 1913-Feb-28
BOYKIN, C E Jr BOYETTE, Annie 1911-Mar-02
BOYKINS, Raymond CROSS, Mamie 1912-Nov-24
BRADDOCK, J D KENNEDY, Maggie 1915-Jun-06
BRANCH, J E WHEAT, Hazill 1915-Aug-26
BREED, Wm J SMITH, Elma May 1917-Sep-14
BRELAND, Jno T BURDETTE, Ophelia Lee 1915-Jun-07
BRELAND, Thomas E LADNER, May 1910-Mar-02
BRETHOFF, Mikel KOLB, Barbera Mrs 1915-Jun-25
BREWER, Dolph ARNOLD, Victoria 1917-May-20
BRISTER, Lewis W BILBO, Flossie B 1912-Aug-26
BROADUS, J I LANDRUM, Corine 1917-Dec-28
BROADUS, W S FAIRLY, Lillie 1912-Apr-25
BROCK, George BROWN, Renia 1912-Nov-09
BROCK, William W MITCHELL, Ruby 1913-Sep-16
BROOKS, Fred WEBB, Pearl 1911-Jan-23
BROOKS, Harlon SEAL, Stella 1913-Mar-29
BROWN, E E NEWMAN, Emily 1917-May-12
BROWN, Jno B BOUNDS, Dora 1918-Aug-23
BROWN, Zeno BIRD, Laura 1913-Dec-12
BRYANT, Paul GILL, Lithia M 1909-May-09
BRYANT, Robert LEE, Laura Mrs 1913-Aug-29
BUCKELEW, Luther BELL, Ida 1915-May-26
BUCKLEY, R T WILLIAMS, Maude 1916-Dec-24
BURGE, Arthur GIPSON, Madie 1914-Feb-15
BURGE, Ed W SMITH, Lela E 1917-Dec-22
BURGE, Ezra FORD, Ella 1914-Jun-16
BURGE, J Ora DAVIS, Callie 1910-Dec-14
BURGE, Jim M FORD, Lucy 1915-Feb-13
BURGE, Jno J HENLEY, Mattie 1917-May-08
BURGE, Joe STEWART, Louise 1913-Apr-26
BURGE, L D WISE, Edwina C 1913-Oct-25
BURGE, Preston LEE, Fannie 1916-Jun-15
BURGE, T Benton AMACKER, Ouida 1915-Dec-28
BURKE, Edgar RENFROW, Gertrude 1910-Jul-16
BURKS, Harold SMITH, Susie 1918-Mar-16
BURKS, Luther SPIERS, Mary Alice 1915-May-05
BURNETT, Sam BOUNDS, Lilly 1913-Apr-03
BURROUGHS, Louie WILSON, Pearl 1911-Dec-23
BURROUGHS, W J SMITH, Mary Alice 1915-May-05
BYRD, A Inman STOCKSTILL, Ruby 1916-Mar-11
BYRD, A R ODUM, Mary C 1915-Aug-21
BYRD, B H SMITH, Melissa 1916-Aug-03
BYRD, E L MALLEY, Mary Ella 1916-Feb-10
BYRD, W S DUBOSE, Margenia 1914-Sep-04



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