Pearl River County Brides

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TATE, Dora E STEEN, R Edward 1916-Jun-14
TATE, Ida DAVIS, Henry 1911-Jan-16
TATE, Ida May ROBINSON, James R 1911-Nov-21
TATE, Lorena THIGPEN, S G 1917-Apr-27
TATE, Maggie READ, Oscar 1918-Jul-12
TATE, Nancy SMITH, H E 1917-Mar-08
TATE, Ruth E DENNY, George 1911-Oct-19
TATE, Viola PITTMAN, David 1918-Jan-06
TAYLOR, Edith Pearl SMITH, J F 1912-Dec-22
TETTS, Donnie MESSER, Arvin 1917-Nov-14
THIGPEN, Beatrice LADNER, Alexander 1915-May-30
THIGPEN, Clara C AMACKER, Forest E 1909-Jul-06
THIGPEN, Emile BELL, Ada 1917-Jun-17
THIGPEN, Leah GOLDMAN, John S 1914-Jan-24
THIGPEN, Mary MITCHELL, Randolph 1916-Feb-16
THIGPEN, Minnie HERRIN, Lovell 1912-May-30
THIGPEN, Ollie PITTMAN, John 1914-Dec-20
THIGPEN, Virda Nell TAYLOR, T O 1913-Mar-23
THOMPSON, Lula LENOIR, Bill 1917-Jun-07
THOMPSON, Rosa LENOIR, Ernest 1918-Jul-04
THOMPSON, Sarah FLEMMING, Arthur D 1913-May-16
THORNHILL, Opal PEARSON, T R 1917-Dec-26
THORNHILL, Ruby FURR, Jesse R 1915-Dec-21
THORNTON, Roxie STEPHENSON, Theo L 1909-May-01
TOMASICH, Irma FAHEY, E F 1917-Jul-26
TOWER, Olive W FIFE, Isaac C 1911-Jul-04
VANCE, Helen Irene WAGGANER, Chas G 1913-Jun-18
VARNADO, Emma ANDERSON, E J 1912-Feb-29
VICKERY, Lilly MCDANIELS, John 1911-Mar-29
VICKERY, Urallee HARBESON, Archie T 1912-Nov-11
WAGES, Rosa MYRICK, H L 1913-Nov-15
WAGNER, Elizabeth Helen SCARBOROUGH, Guy O 1914-Jan-05
WALDGMOTT, Annie KNIGHT, Geo L 1917-Nov-03
WALKER, Katie SMITH, Boyd 1911-Nov-12
WALTERS, Janie SIMS, George W 1915-Dec-12
WALTERS, R I WYRES, Willie 1913-Sep-08
WALTERS, Viola SIMS, Robert 1915-Dec-12
WALTON, Cenalia SWEENEY, John W 1910-Jan-15
WARDEEN, Ida SPAULDING, Hosea 1914-Apr-20
WARDEN, Agnes LANDRUM, L Q 1914-Nov-01
WARDEN, Ella Mae SMITH, Ferris 1915-Dec-26
WARDEN, Mabel LADNER, Alfred 1911-Apr-12
WARDEN, Martha HOLLIMAN, James E 1915-Sep-09
WARDEN, Rachel LANIER, Samuel A 1909-May-08
WATKINS, Mattie L LENOIR, Samuel B 1910-Dec-28
WATSON, Alma ENTRICKIN, Henry 1915-May-29
WATTS, Ella BENNETT, Thomas 1914-Nov-07
WEATHERFORD, Lonalee BENTLEY, Frank 1915-Apr-01
WEBB, Pearl BROOKS, Fred 1911-Jan-23
WEEMS, Cora STRAHAN, E A 1917-Dec-22
WELLS, Georgeann SONES, Fine 1909-Sep-23
WELLS, Rosa SONES, Andy 1917-Jan-25
WHEAT, Ada STEWART, Fred E 1912-Apr-27
WHEAT, Annie MILLER, Jas M 1913-Jun-07
WHEAT, Bessie ALEXANDER, J F 1913-Apr-06
WHEAT, Ethel Francis RITCHIE, Frank 1917-May-06
WHEAT, Grace HERRING, Hammond E 1918-Oct-05
WHEAT, Hazill BRANCH, J E 1915-Aug-26
WHEAT, Josephine SMITH, Murray M 1909-May-30
WHEAT, Josie TISDALE, G W 1918-May-26
WHEAT, Louella KIPPES, Benjamin 1918-Aug-05
WHEAT, Mabelle AMACKER, Charlie 1914-Dec-20
WHEAT, Maggie BAILEY, T W 1916-Jul-01
WHEAT, Martha J PATTERSON, J W 1917-Feb-06
WHEAT, Martha Jane ANDREWS, Jno L 1912-May-31
WHEAT, Nancy MARTIN, Robert D 1918-Oct-23
WHITEHEAD, Maudie RABORN, Virgil 1912-Jul-06
WHITFIELD, Allie BOUNDS, Charley 1917-Jan-01
WHITFIELD, Irene BLACKWELL, John F 1909-Apr-22
WHITFIELD, Tronie SPIERS, Ellis V 1914-Dec-24
WILKINSON, Ada HATTEN, Arthur 1916-Aug-31
WILLIAMS, Della SWANN, D O 1916-Oct-16
WILLIAMS, Essie REYER, J Monroe 1916-Sep-21
WILLIAMS, Loretta CAIN, Hezekiah H 1910-Jun-27
WILLIAMS, Louise LUMPKIN, Willie B 1914-Sep-15
WILLIAMS, Maude BUCKLEY, R T 1916-Dec-24
WILLIAMS, Ruby WHITFIELD, Fred W 1918-Jun-30
WILLIAMS, Sadie A RESTER, Henry H 1915-Mar-27
WILSON, Clide BISHOP, Percy E 1912-Sep-26
WILSON, Etta ROGERS, John 1909-Dec-14
WILSON, Pearl BURROUGHS, Louie 1911-Dec-23
WISE, Edwina C BURGE, L D 1913-Oct-25
WOLTERS, Viola NICHOLS, J Barry 1912-Nov-22
WOODS, Annie HANSON, William 1918-Dec-27
WOODWARD, Mamie SEAL, Melvin 1916-Mar-19
WOOTEN, Dollie LOSSETT, L L 1915-Apr-12
WOOTEN, Euer GODWIN, Ed D 1910-Feb-03
WRIGHT, Frances PRITCHETT, W W 1913-Aug-06
WYERS, Winnie Roberta THOMAS, Biser 1912-Aug-17
WYRES, Elnora NEWSOM, L D 1915-Jan-10



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