Pearl River County Brides

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REED, Callie WESTERFIELD, Wesley C 1909-Aug-14
REED, Mary Lee BARNES, N O 1913-Jun-18
REES, Mable Mary NORRIS, Porter Ernest 1914-Dec-29
RENES, Laura YOUNG, J C 1917-Jun-03
RENFROW, Gertrude BURKE, Edgar 1910-Jul-16
RESTER, Maude NEAL, J M 1915-Mar-20
REVERE, Hilda SEAL, C M 1913-Mar-23
REYER, Elzadie LEONARD, Boon 1909-Dec-04
RICHBURG, Bessie WILLIS, William 1911-Nov-15
RICHBURG, Lena POWELL, George 1911-Mar-18
RITCHIE, Charita B SINGLETON, W J 1914-Dec-23
RITCHIE, Missouria CONERLY, James 1910-Dec-11
RITCHIE, Susan Ethel WHEAT, Thomas 1910-Apr-02
ROBERTSON, Lorna WEAVER, Marvin A 1917-Oct-27
ROBINSON, Mamie KNIGHT, Sam 1917-Sep-01
ROBY, Hannah ADAMS, Cavin 1914-Nov-10
RODDIE, Esther Mrs ROUSE, W A 1917-Aug-15
RODRIGUEZ, Florence BLACKWELL, John 1911-Jun-05
ROUSE, Velma SMITH, Dewitt 1911-Jul-04
SAMMONS, Susie HARRIEL, Lemuel 1916-Apr-21
SAWYER, Alma SMITH, Leonard 1912-Feb-01
SCARBOROUGH, Bessie SLADE, A A 1914-Apr-10
SCOTT, Alma STEWART, James P 1909-May-16
SCOTT, Mabell LOCKE, Leopold 1917-Mar-01
SCOTT, S Evelyn STEWART, Henry S 1914-Feb-22
SCOTT, Vivian GRAVES, P I 1918-Dec-24
SEAL, Alice MEGEHEE, Ira 1911-Jan-13
SEAL, Amandy WALTERS, R A 1914-Jul-26
SEAL, Amele AMACKER, Florence 1913-Apr-09
SEAL, Corine MITCHELL, John W 1915-Dec-02
SEAL, Evelyn WALTERS, Alvin 1918-Apr-16
SEAL, Inez WHITFIELD, Morgan 1917-May-20
SEAL, Janie WALKER, Charley 1912-Apr-28
SEAL, Josephine PAGE, Addison 1918-Sep-28
SEAL, Julia STRAHAN, Fred 1917-Mar-29
SEAL, Lillie SMITH, Rufus Balford 1918-May-26
SEAL, Louella WILLIAMS, Jesse L 1910-Oct-12
SEAL, Lurina Elizabeth HEAD, James Elisha 1913-Oct-22
SEAL, Maggie ALSOBROOKS, Jefferson 1911-Jun-15
SEAL, Nellie REVERE, Leonard H 1912-Oct-17
SEAL, Stella BROOKS, Harlon 1913-Mar-29
SEALS, Leona GORRELL, Aubery 1909-Aug-21
SEASER, Rosetta HARDY, Luther 1912-Aug-15
SHAW, Nettie LADNER, Wilbron 1916-Mar-25
SHIPMAN, Margarett DISMUKES, D J 1917-Mar-25
SIMMONS, Edna A ARCHER, Clarence A 1913-Aug-06
SIMMONS, Pauline MCCAY, James A 1909-Apr-12
SIMPSON, Eula SHRADER, T F 1911-Dec-13
SIMS, Nora DAVIS, Oscar A 1915-Nov-12
SLADE, Ada SCARBOROUGH, Cecil C 1918-Nov-15
SLADE, Annie MELLEY, Otho 1917-May-20
SMITH, Addie PENTON, Randle 1910-Jan-26
SMITH, Alma DOVE, J W 1918-Apr-07
SMITH, Bedie E WILLIAMS, Robert N 1916-Apr-16
SMITH, Bertha SIMPSON, Robert L 1917-Jun-12
SMITH, Bertha WELLS, Jesse J 1917-Oct-03
SMITH, Bertha J BLASS, Thomas J 1910-Nov-27
SMITH, Caroline HARIEL, W Harrison 1910-Jun-02
SMITH, Cora KIRKLAND, Raymond 1909-Aug-19
SMITH, Cora SMITH, Edgar T 1916-Mar-12
SMITH, Corine DAVIS, Sam 1910-Mar-27
SMITH, Corine LUMPKIN, Benjamin F 1914-Jun-23
SMITH, Della WHEAT, Morris 1918-Sep-28
SMITH, Denie SMITH, Boyd 1914-Feb-14
SMITH, Dollie KING, W M 1915-Jan-02
SMITH, Dora BOWRN, Zeno 1913-Feb-28
SMITH, Dora M SMITH, Joseph T 1909-Dec-23
SMITH, Edwena MARTIN, J M 1913-Jul-13
SMITH, Eliza O HARVEY, T Bob 1913-Jan-22
SMITH, Elma May BREED, Wm J 1917-Sep-14
SMITH, Emma CARROLL, John Benjamin 1910-Jul-23
SMITH, Emma JONES, C P 1913-Sep-07
SMITH, Emma WHEAT, W Thomas 1913-Feb-20
SMITH, Emma E VARNADO, C A 1914-Dec-24
SMITH, Esther SINGLETON, Ellis 1913-Dec-21
SMITH, Hattie HARRIEL, Tillous 1914-Nov-24
SMITH, Henrietta HARRELL, Arthur 1914-Sep-22
SMITH, Josephine LUMPKIN, F B 1912-Oct-20
SMITH, Katie MITCHELL, Newton 1914-Jan-11
SMITH, Leila BATSON, M C 1917-Jul-16
SMITH, Leila LANDRUM, Warren R Jr 1912-Feb-04
SMITH, Lela SAUCIER, Claud 1911-Dec-28
SMITH, Lela E BURGE, Ed W 1917-Dec-22
SMITH, Leta WELLS, Lawrence 1918-Apr-14
SMITH, Loprilla M LEE, Rubin Jefferson 1918-Dec-23
SMITH, Maggie FINDLEY, W R 1913-Sep-30
SMITH, Magnolia NEAL, Gabe 1909-Dec-22
SMITH, Margaret DAVIS, J H F 1918-Sep-25
SMITH, Martha CARROLL, Tommie 1911-Jul-02
SMITH, Mary Alice BURROUGHS, W J 1915-May-05
SMITH, Mary Josephine SMITH, Geo W Sr 1916-Oct-05
SMITH, Mattie SAUCIER, Oneal 1913-Oct-12
SMITH, Mattie Ida PERSON, Joseph Anthony 1912-Dec-18
SMITH, Maudella SMITH, Jimmy 1912-Mar-27
SMITH, Melissa BYRD, B H 1916-Aug-03
SMITH, Minnie JARRELL, James G 1911-Jun-27
SMITH, Miriam ECKLES, Robert D 1918-Jun-23
SMITH, Mollie E HARVEY, Willie I 1912-Dec-22
SMITH, Nancy KENDRICK, Oscar W 1917-Mar-26
SMITH, Nellie M BASS, Walter C 1910-Jun-20
SMITH, Nida WHEAT, B Melton 1911-Dec-21
SMITH, Nora E SMITH, Melton W 1917-Apr-19
SMITH, Novella SEAL, Calvin 1915-Mar-14
SMITH, Ollye Rose FREEMAN, Louis E 1912-Dec-18
SMITH, Rachel HARVEY, A B 1909-Apr-04
SMITH, Rosa Vivian SHIPES, Henry 1918-Jun-12
SMITH, Rosella SMITH, J I 1917-Feb-04
SMITH, Ruth MOODY, Lillo L 1918-Nov-02
SMITH, Sarah SMITH, Buren 1916-Jul-20
SMITH, Sarah SWILLEY, Luther 1912-Jul-10
SMITH, Susie BOND, R E 1913-Dec-20
SMITH, Susie BURKS, Harold 1918-Mar-16
SMITH, Susie MURRAY, A A 1915-May-23
SMITH, Velma Rouse BOND, J W 1918-Feb-07
SMITH, Vera LADNER, Rudolph 1912-Sep-15
SOLEY, Beulah Elizabet h     REYER, H L 1914-Apr-02
SONES, Annie M SMITH, Asa B 1913-Dec-18
SPEARS, Ella PENTON, Norman 1914-Aug-20
SPEARS, Rachel LUMPKIN, Emanuel 1914-Jul-12
SPEIRS, Cordelia SPENCE, Edward B 1909-Jun-27
SPIER, Gladis ARNOLD, John 1917-Oct-13
SPIERS, Artie MILLER, James T 1909-Nov-23
SPIERS, Bertha Jane PEARSON, William R 1911-Mar-19
SPIERS, Easter LEWIS, Calvin 1915-Oct-03
SPIERS, Effie HENDRIX, C A 1917-Nov-27
SPIERS, Ellen LANDRUM, Elmer A 1915-Apr-20
SPIERS, Emeline WATSON, Hubert 1911-Jan-18
SPIERS, Emma SEAL, Johnnie 1918-Jul-06
SPIERS, George W Mrs SMITH, Albert 1918-Oct-05
SPIERS, Irona ROWALL, Earlie 1912-Sep-06
SPIERS, Jennie LUMPKINS, Elezar 1910-Jun-19
SPIERS, Laurainy SEAL, Hilton 1915-Jan-03
SPIERS, Lizzie MITCHELL, S B 1910-Aug-11
SPIERS, Louise ALEXANDER, Charley 1910-Jul-28
SPIERS, Lula D KENNEDY, Bruce 1917-Dec-22
SPIERS, Margania LEWIS, Kenion 1917-Dec-23
SPIERS, Mary Alice BURKS, Luther 1915-May-05
SPIERS, Myrtis LEE, Felix M 1918-Dec-24
SPIERS, Nellie LEE, C E 1913-Feb-01
SPIERS, Pearlie BOND, James F 1914-Mar-10
SPIERS, Sarah SMITH, Willie T 1916-May-06
SPIERS, Susie BOND, Carroll 1916-Nov-23
SPIERS, Susie LUMPKIN, Barney 1918-Jul-06
SPURLOCK, Maude Agnes GORE, Frank J 1910-Apr-24
STAFFORD, Margainie FLEMING, Richard S 1909-May-27
STAFFORD, Olive SIMPSON, Lelios F 1916-Dec-21
STARKS, Rosalie BAUCUM, John 1911-Feb-16
STAYDON, Atha HOLCOMB, Elmont 1915-Mar-07
STEVENSON, Irene MURPHY, Walker 1916-May-07
STEWART, Addie P SMITH, Jesse D 1909-Nov-17
STEWART, Agnis MITCHELL, Johnnie W 1913-Jan-29
STEWART, Cyntha BOWRN, R Longino 1913-Jan-20
STEWART, Evie G LUMPKIN, F Spence 1911-Jun-18
STEWART, Ineze SMITH, Sam G 1915-Jul-15
STEWART, Letitia WHEAT, J Matt 1913-Jul-02
STEWART, Louise BURGE, Joe 1913-Apr-26
STEWART, Mabel MITCHELL, L L 1917-Nov-02
STEWART, Mary WHITFIELD, Warren 1910-Feb-27
STEWART, Melia SMITH, Harris P 1918-Jun-02
STEWART, Myrtis SMITH, Joshua 1918-Feb-24
STEWART, Talitha SMITH, Pizarro 1910-Oct-20
STOCKSTILL, Alice STEWART, J Clifton 1915-Apr-25
STOCKSTILL, Alma DAVIS, Archie 1918-May-25
STOCKSTILL, Bertha FARMBY, L N 1917-Feb-17
STOCKSTILL, Birdie Mab ell   KING, Grover W 1910-Oct-02
STOCKSTILL, Carrie MITCHELL, C Jacob 1915-Oct-12
STOCKSTILL, Cordelia LUMPKIN, Patie 1915-Jun-27
STOCKSTILL, Dodie CLARK, Charlie 1917-Sep-16
STOCKSTILL, E Monroe MITCHELL, Carrie D 1910-Mar-20
STOCKSTILL, Easter STEWART, John J 1915-Oct-03
STOCKSTILL, Elma E CIRE, Geo Simon 1914-Aug-19
STOCKSTILL, Esther CUNNINGHAM, James Tullie 1915-Oct-16
STOCKSTILL, Fannie LITTLE, Hover B 1913-Apr-13
STOCKSTILL, Gertrude RYALS, J L 1912-Jun-12
STOCKSTILL, Leila SWENSON, Julius E 1909-Oct-28
STOCKSTILL, Lilie May MOORE, Nathaniel T 1909-Apr-18
STOCKSTILL, Lillie E WHEAT, Joseph H 1911-Apr-30
STOCKSTILL, Louella SMITH, Richmond C 1909-Dec-30
STOCKSTILL, Lula M SYLVEST, Jno M 1917-Nov-29
STOCKSTILL, Luna FORNEA, Reuben R 1914-May-17
STOCKSTILL, Margania PEARSON, Geo B 1913-Oct-05
STOCKSTILL, Mary C GORDON, D S 1915-Jun-19
STOCKSTILL, Rachel SMITH, A R 1914-Oct-31
STOCKSTILL, Roena TATE, Jas R 1916-Oct-10
STOCKSTILL, Ruby BYRD, A Inman 1916-Mar-11
STOCKSTILL, Ruby CUNNINGHAM, Thomas F 1918-Dec-23
STOCKSTILL, Velora BYRD, Ira 1915-Oct-03
STRAHAN, Caroline MALLEY, Semo 1913-Feb-07
STRAHAN, Doshia ROBIRDS, John 1911-Oct-04
STRAHAN, Lottie BELL, Walter W 1917-May-24
STRAHAN, Missouri HATHORN, Harvey 1910-Nov-09
STRAHAN, Virginia ROWAN, Wilfred Hall 1914-Jan-14
STRICKER, Evelyn RATLIFF, Henry Hays 1912-Nov-14
STUART, Louise HOLLOWAY, Marvin B 1916-Oct-11
SWEENEY, Florence LADNER, Loranzia 1915-Jun-12
SWILLEY, Cornellia BOND, Chalmers 1917-Apr-17



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