Pearl River County Brides

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NAHER, Tameena Abdos ATTAYA, Saleen A 1911-Sep-24
NASH, Mary Francis MCCANTS, R D 1915-Jul-20
NELSON, Myrtis DAVIS, Thomas F 1916-Dec-23
NEWELL, Mollie BOON, Isaac 1909-Aug-11
NEWMAN, Emily BROWN, E E 1917-May-12
NEWTON, Lucy C JUSSELY, James S 1911-Jun-07
ODOM, Ellen KELLY, James H 1913-Nov-27
ODOM, Tinie RAINER, Thomas Carroll 1910-Feb-24
ODUM, Janie DAVIS, Sam 1915-Mar-13
ODUM, Mary C BYRD, A R 1915-Aug-21
ORR, Jessie Lucile HYDE, Erich Haschael 1914-Jan-17
PADGET, Alzariah NICHOLSON, A B 1917-Jun-02
PAGE, Rose E BOWDEN, Johnw 1909-Oct-19
PALMER, Ella CARROLL, William W 1911-Jul-15
PARDUE, Stella LOTT, Henry 1917-Jul-23
PARKER, Bulah PRICE, Ruby 1913-Mar-23
PARKER, Grace Lee DUPONT, L H 1917-Jun-12
PARKER, Rithella STOCKSTILL, Levi 1915-Nov-21
PARRIENT, Ora LOGAN, C L 1918-Jun-03
PARRIS, Winnie VARNADO, Roy 1917-Jul-21
PATCH, Mary WHEAT, H K 1914-May-23
PATCH, Patch MITCHELL, Sam 1918-Mar-09
PEARSON, Daisy LADNER, P R 1910-Apr-17
PEARSON, Janie SEAL, J Leonard 1912-Sep-11
PEARSON, Lula L HOLLOWAY, John Milner 1914-May-03
PEARSON, Maggie A VICKERY, Grover C 1910-Jan-16
PEARSON, Pearl HUNTER, John L 1912-Dec-24
PENDER, Clare C GOODSON, Wm E 1914-May-24
PENNINGTON, Salli MITCHELL, Ulman 1909-Oct-12
PENTON, Dona POUNDS, Eugene 1910-Jun-04
PENTON, Dora THOMPSON, W D 1917-Apr-19
PENTON, Emmeline GISCH, August 1914-Dec-10
PENTON, Leata SMITH, Berry 1916-Aug-14
PENTON, Lucile FLOYD, J C 1917-Dec-24
PENTON, Mabel KENNEDY, Ernest 1917-Sep-29
PENTON, Maude PENTON, Leonard 1910-Jul-30
PENTON, Ollie JARRELL, D C 1917-Jul-08
PENTON, Rita PODR, John 1910-Aug-06
PENTON, Susie MILLER, Arthur 1918-Feb-16
PENTON, Velma WALKER, Wm R 1917-Dec-29
PENTON, Willie Mae CLARK, Willie 1912-Nov-23
PERKINS, Artimesa LEE, Oscar 1917-Jun-12
PERKINS, Edna PRIDGEN, I A 1918-Jan-02
PETTIBONE, Frances E BATSON, E Otis 1914-Jun-06
PEVEY, Ardella MOOK, Hugh Alonzo 1918-Oct-05
PHAIRES, Masleete E LEGG, Henry E 1909-Nov-01
PHELPS, Susie PAGE, C A L 1918-Sep-09
PICKETT, Harriet KEATON, Edward 1912-Jan-28
PITMAN, Pearl BOUNDS, Fred 1914-Apr-14
POPE, Lee LADNER, Joseph 1916-Apr-02
POWELL, Pearl M ANDERSON, A S 1917-Jun-04
PRICE, Nellie V DILL, E Bryant 1917-Oct-06
PRICE, Ruby PARKER, Bulah 1913-Mar-23
PRINCE, Mariette ASHE, W D 1913-Sep-26
PULLEN, Doralee PRICHETT, Thomas 1912-Oct-14
QUAVES, Stella SHAW, Joe 1915-Jan-21
QUAVES, Viola MILLER, J A 1915-Mar-18



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