Pearl River County Brides


MADISON, Mamie PERKINS, Rayford 1917-May-30
MAGEE, Irene PEARSON, Henry Ellis 1918-May-19
MAHAN, Ella CARROLL, Felton 1916-Apr-14
MALLEY, Izetta WILLIAMS, Curtis 1916-Apr-07
MALLEY, Mary Ella BYRD, E L 1916-Feb-10
MARGUIOTTA, Lena LAVITE, Nicholas 1918-Dec-08
MARK, Bell ODOM, Walter W 1914-May-09
MARSHALL, Lizzie BENNETT, Henry Harrison 1914-Sep-06
MARTIN, Larence LADNER, Dora 1918-Mar-10
MARTIN, Masouria Mrs PINKARD, James 1910-Jul-28
MASTERS, Pehebia L DENHAM, J C 1912-Mar-14
MATHONE, Birdie GRAY, John 1917-Sep-18
MAYBERRY, Lillian MCLENDON, J W 1915-Jun-08
MAYERS, Viola STEWART, Kelly 1914-Mar-08
MCCANTS, Carry BECKNER, R L 1917-Nov-04
MCCANTS, Margaret NELSON, E D 1915-Oct-16
MCCLAIN, Lucy MILEY, Lee 1916-Jun-04
MCCOY, Pearl MUSGROVE, George Wallace 1917-Dec-06
MCDADE, Eva D MORRISON, Elijah B 1910-Dec-19
MCDILL, Janie HUNTER, G C 1915-Apr-04
MCLAIN, Lyda MADISON, Elmer 1916-Aug-22
MCLEMORE, Polly LADNER, Hugh 1917-Jan-06
MCMULLAN, Pearl LEE, Chas D 1913-Mar-09
MCNEIL, Sarah BELL, Bennie 1916-Jun-27
MCQUEEN, Beatrice KELLER, Henry W 1910-Aug-28
MCQUEEN, Daisy FRIERSON, Daniel H 1911-Oct-08
MCQUEEN, Leona FRIERSON, W W 1918-Apr-14
MCQUEEN, Lula MITCHELL, E L 1918-May-10
MEGEHEE, Annie L HYDE, Aubrey C 1918-Aug-02
MEGEHEE, Clara WHITE, N Oscar 1912-Dec-01
MESSER, Lucille FORD, R J 1916-Jul-20
MIDDLETON, Johnnie MARTIN, Melvin 1918-Aug-18
MILEY, Emma ALEXANDER, C B 1916-Mar-15
MILEY, Viola WILLIAMSON, G R 1916-Apr-17
MILLER, Alice SIMMONS, Clarence 1915-Jun-13
MILLER, Ida STRAHAN, Ed 1916-Nov-05
MILLER, Lizzie DILL, Thomas J 1913-Oct-05
MILLER, Lizzie WARDEN, William 1916-Sep-15
MILLER, Lola DILL, Sam L 1917-Apr-14
MILLER, Louise BAUGHMAN, James 1913-Apr-19
MILLER, Marguerite JONES, Harris C 1914-Sep-15
MILLER, Rosa HOWARD, Floyd 1917-Nov-19
MILLER, Viola PENTON, James S 1917-Dec-17
MIMMS, Stella AMACKER, J C 1915-Jun-10
MITCHELL, Ada STUART, Joseph R 1915-Dec-30
MITCHELL, Amelia SMITH, Oscar 1914-Apr-11
MITCHELL, Annie E SMITH, H Albert 1913-Mar-05
MITCHELL, Bertie HARRIS, Wiley 1915-Dec-04
MITCHELL, Carrie D STOCKSTILL, E Monroe 1910-Mar-20
MITCHELL, Essie Irene SEAL, Will 1918-Aug-26
MITCHELL, Ether WHEAT, Albert 1914-May-09
MITCHELL, Florence WATTS, John 1913-Nov-02
MITCHELL, Ida LUMPKIN, Slaydon B 1910-Apr-03
MITCHELL, Ida MOODY, Jno E 1916-Mar-19
MITCHELL, Ida STUART, Charles W 1917-Mar-17
MITCHELL, Janie MITCHELL, E W 1911-Apr-01
MITCHELL, Jeneva SEAL, Elias 1912-Nov-02
MITCHELL, Lawramy SMITH, W Andy 1917-Oct-07
MITCHELL, Lilie I PICKARD, Dock D 1909-Dec-19
MITCHELL, Mamie MITCHELL, E B 1915-Mar-23
MITCHELL, Manda JONES, Newton A 1913-Mar-02
MITCHELL, Mary SEAL, Joby 1917-Jun-27
MITCHELL, Maude WHEAT, Jesse 1909-Dec-28
MITCHELL, Minnie JOHNSON, T H 1917-Sep-02
MITCHELL, Minnie TATE, Warren B 1910-Jun-05
MITCHELL, Ouida STEGALL, Luther Wallace 1918-Dec-22
MITCHELL, Rena CRAFT, Henry 1918-Jul-03
MITCHELL, Rosa Mrs DANIELS, J Earl 1913-Jun-15
MITCHELL, Rosie Ella MITCHELL, William Boyd 1910-Mar-05
MITCHELL, Ruby BROCK, William W 1913-Sep-16
MITCHELL, Sallie SMITH, John 1913-Jun-18
MOODY, Annie SHEARER, Willie 1917-Sep-09
MOODY, Eva PARRIS, James T 1912-Oct-15
MOODY, Eva Lois PARKER, Julius C 1918-Apr-24
MOODY, Josephine SEAL, Jas E 1915-Dec-16
MOODY, Maude CHADWICK, Geo Alma 1912-Jan-05
MOODY, Ora THIGPEN, S G 1917-Aug-22
MOORE, Euna NOWLIN, Davis Jeff 1909-Dec-22
MOORE, Hattie Maude LANDRUM, John R 1909-May-29
MORRIS, Gertrude Mrs JEMISON, Shade C 1911-Jul-15
MORRIS, Marie Alline DEES, C F 1918-Dec-23
MORRISON, Eliza SPIERS, James B 1909-Nov-11
MORRISON, Maude E WATKINS, Robert S 1910-Dec-21
MOZZARUSE, Mary PRANAFRA, Peter 1917-Oct-29
MURPHY, Alice Mae CHAINE, Ross Alexander 1912-Nov-28
MURPHY, Julia PARKER, Will Oliver 1914-Aug-23
MYERS, Ethel LEGG, J J 1917-Jun-14
MYRICK, Ettis Mrs RESTER, Willie R 1918-Sep-11



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