Pearl River County Brides


LADNER, Annie RAWLS, George 1914-Dec-20
LADNER, Burvenia LADNER, Lemuel 1912-Oct-13
LADNER, Corelia LADNER, Victor 1910-Feb-09
LADNER, Dena SMITH, Andrew S 1910-Nov-25
LADNER, Dona LADNER, Lemuel 1916-Sep-04
LADNER, Dora MARTIN, Larence 1918-Mar-10
LADNER, Edna BALLARD, Geo W 1914-Sep-07
LADNER, Edna LEE, Otho 1913-Jul-15
LADNER, Eliza LADNER, E B 1911-Apr-08
LADNER, Ella Mary D LADNER, Stepen W 1909-Aug-05
LADNER, Eva JOHNSON, Willie 1910-Jul-22
LADNER, Florence SAUCIER, Piers 1910-Jun-25
LADNER, Irene HOLSTON, S T 1912-Aug-30
LADNER, Lillie DEDEAUX, A J 1915-Nov-06
LADNER, Lottie SMITH, John 1913-Nov-01
LADNER, Louise LADNER, Orvis 1912-Aug-01
LADNER, Lula SCHRADER, Julius 1911-Nov-21
LADNER, Lula SMITH, George W Jr 1910-Apr-10
LADNER, Maggie COLEMAN, Jas J 1910-Jan-30
LADNER, May BRELAND, Thomas E 1910-Mar-02
LADNER, Mollie OLSON, Osmund 1910-Jul-04
LADNER, Rosie LADNER, Roman 1909-Nov-18
LADNER, Sylvenia DEDEAUX, J A 1915-Jan-31
LANDRUM, Carrie TATE, Monroe E 1914-Aug-11
LANDRUM, Corine BROADUS, J I 1917-Dec-28
LANGSTON, Polly ROACH, J R 1910-Aug-21
LANIER, Ellen L DONELLAN, Jas A 1917-Dec-29
LANIER, Eva STEVENSON, Hubert 1917-Jul-21
LEE, Alleyne SEAL, Emanuel 1914-Dec-15
LEE, Bertherder HEAD, Thomas W 1915-Jun-23
LEE, Claudie LEE, Floyd W 1916-May-20
LEE, Cora LADNER, Levander Jr 1911-Aug-26
LEE, Fannie BURGE, Preston 1916-Jun-15
LEE, Fannie GARNER, T J 1916-Jun-29
LEE, Florence BOND, Carroll 1910-Mar-10
LEE, Frances M LEE, Robert L 1914-Sep-05
LEE, Hattie LEE, Thomas E 1915-Jun-27
LEE, Laura Mrs BRYANT, Robert 1913-Aug-29
LEE, Lucy SEAL, Geo B 1914-Jun-04
LEE, Maggie LEE, Abner 1910-Feb-27
LEE, Ollie LEE, Julius 1916-Mar-23
LEE, Ophelia LEE, William W 1911-Jan-16
LEE, Ruth LEE, Alexander 1911-Sep-30
LEE, Stella LEE, Hugh H 1910-Oct-16
LEE, Teacie LADNER, Clarence L 1911-Mar-01
LEE, Tishie FRYE, Estus 1915-Apr-17
LEE, Velzora PENTON, Dennis 1915-Dec-16
LENOIR, Cordelia LENOIR, Sidney 1914-Feb-21
LENOIR, Maggie JONES, W H 1917-Nov-29
LENOIR, Missouri BOOTHE, R L 1914-Feb-18
LESTER, Laura Mrs HARDEE, William C 1911-Sep-03
LEWIS, Elvia GIVINS, Samp 1911-Dec-05
LEWIS, Gathie PARKER, J C 1909-Nov-13
LEWIS, Sarah Jane BASS, Julius 1910-Dec-11
LIVINGS, Lydia DONALD, Geo 1914-Apr-12
LIVINGS, Maggie Catharina WHITE, J M 1913-May-25
LOFTON, Nina Bell TATE, W E 1917-Sep-17
LOTT, Amelia PETERMANN, Fritz 1915-Nov-11
LOTT, Chellie BOOTH, Ross Lee 1910-Sep-25
LOTT, Corine WELLS, Ellis 1914-Dec-28
LOTT, Mattie WILLIAMS, John 1910-Nov-16
LOTT, Ollie MITCHELL, Dan 1910-Sep-25
LOTT, Susie Evelyn MITCHELL, Hiram Eldon 1917-Jun-14
LOTT, Zebbie WHEAT, J Ira 1916-Apr-09
LOVELL, Virgie Mae NUTT, J W 1914-Nov-22
LOVINGHOUSE, Emma STOCKSTILL, Thomas D 1916-Dec-21
LOVINGHOUSE, Josie GIPSON, L A 1911-Jan-25
LOVINGHOUSE, Louise JARRELL, Sam J 1916-Dec-21
LOVLESS, Florence WILLIAMS, Jhn R 1911-Dec-17
LOWE, Leslie HARRIS, G R 1917-Sep-27
LUMPKIN, Bertha MITCHELL, Charlie C 1911-Dec-17
LUMPKIN, Bertha A WILLIAMS, R J 1918-Dec-16
LUMPKIN, Bertie CAMPBELL, E M 1913-Feb-07
LUMPKIN, Cordelia MITCHELL, James T 1911-Nov-29
LUMPKIN, Easter SMITH, Carson 1913-Aug-15
LUMPKIN, Ella BODIE, Chas J 1916-Jan-24
LUMPKIN, Geneva MADDOX, Robt C 1915-Nov-07
LUMPKIN, Jennie L LUMPKIN, L Boyd 1915-Oct-03
LUMPKIN, Lula LEE, W H 1916-Jun-07
LUMPKIN, Marie SPIERS, Ouida 1917-Dec-20
LUMPKIN, Patie STOCKSTILL, Cordelia 1915-Jun-27
LUMPKIN, Sebbie WELCH, Willie 1915-Mar-20
LUMPKIN, Viana PENTON, Van 1911-May-08
LUMPKIN, Zebbie LUMPKIN, Bennie 1912-Apr-07
LUMPKINS, Jenevia B MONROE, John T 1910-Jun-09
LUMPKINS, Ollie KENDRICK, Grover 1910-Jul-22
LYONS, Annie L JORET, F A 1912-Jun-26



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