Pearl River County Brides

H - K

HAIRE, Lilie WASCOM, Oscar 1909-May-01
HALL, Eva ODOM, Joseph 1913-Jan-12
HANNA, Ora JARRELL, Albert N 1912-Nov-26
HARBERSON, Mabel F EDWINS, J A 1914-May-23
HARBERSON, Pearl Jenevieve FLANAGAN, Prentice D 1917-Jun-02
HARDY, Julia PHILIPS, Walter 1913-Dec-30
HARRIEL, Catherine SMITH, Florin 1912-Jan-20
HARRIS, Nettie FORNEA, J B 1915-Apr-11
HARTMAN, Susie F JOHNSON, Charlie 1916-Jun-18
HEAD, Ticia SOLEY, Isaac Porter 1917-Oct-20
HELVESTON, Minnie SMITH, Sherod 1910-Jun-20
HEMBREE, Francis Mrs PEDGETTA, Joe 1913-Feb-06
HEMERY, Pink CARROLL, Julius 1918-Jun-15
HENLEY, Ada BANKSTON, Earl 1913-May-25
HENLEY, Adeline SMITH, Melton 1912-Aug-09
HENLEY, Alma SEAL, C Hamp 1916-Jul-27
HENLEY, Esther BILBO, Tom 1918-Apr-06
HENLEY, Louisa SMITH, Cleveland 1911-Jan-25
HENLEY, Mattie BURGE, Jno J 1917-May-08
HENLEY, Ollie JOHNSON, Ernest 1913-Dec-26
HENNIS, Pearl VARNADO, William 1912-Oct-27
HERMES, Mary WALLACE, R Ulman 1911-Aug-23
HERRING, Bulah BLACKWELL, Moody 1916-Mar-26
HERRINGTON, Bessie JARRELL, William R 1909-Dec-22
HERRINGTON, Sadie WELLS, Isaac 1916-May-06
HICKMAN, Isa DEDEAUX, Harrison 1916-Dec-19
HICKS, Ida TYNER, J J 1918-Feb-13
HILL, Eliza NICHOLS, T W 1914-Aug-07
HILL, Jesse THIGPEN, Artemis 1915-Apr-03
HINTON, Louise LIVINGS, Andy 1911-Aug-20
HODGE, Ella ODOM, T R 1915-Aug-04
HODGE, Thelma GLOVER, B R 1915-Sep-11
HOGAN, Rosa E HERRIN, Albert W 1911-Aug-19
HOKES, Josephine SMITH, C A 1915-Aug-26
HOLCOMB, Mary V CRAGIN, Benjamin A 1911-Sep-13
HOLDEN, Bertha RITCHIE, Bruce 1917-Sep-23
HOLLAND, Ruth HALL, Marvin H 1912-Oct-02
HOLSTON, Claudie FINCH, Frank 1913-Jan-02
HOLSTON, Irene MALLEY, Luson 1918-Mar-28
HOLSTON, Lucy SMITH, Robert E 1909-Jun-16
HORN, Augusta H HOLLER, I A 1917-Dec-31
HORNE, Augusta H WHITE, George A 1911-May-12
HOWARD, Caroline JORDAN, Martin 1912-Apr-04
HOWARD, Esther STRAHAN, R S 1912-Jun-30
HOWARD, Florence TYNER, Nemi 1913-Jun-22
HOWARD, Ida STANFORD, W A 1916-Oct-25
HOWARD, Lizzie JARRELL, J R 1913-Mar-04
HOWARD, Loretta VARNADO, George 1916-Nov-30
HOWARD, Mary FERRELL, L B 1912-Apr-29
HOWARD, Nanie E BOURGEOIS, Joseph S 1910-Apr-06
HOWARD, Nanie L YOUNG, P M 1910-Jun-14
HUDDLESTON, Pearl MCKISSON, Clyde A 1909-Jun-22
HULL, Maxine MORRIS, A D 1917-Mar-18
HULSEY, Velma HARTFIELD, Peter E 1918-Dec-08
HUNT, Julia ARD, Jeff 1911-Jan-24
HUNTER, Carrie VERGER, C A 1914-Aug-01
HUTCHINGS, Cristial LEE, Eli 1910-Jul-02
HYDE, Aubrey C MEGEHEE, Annie L 1918-Aug-02
INNIS, Myrtle HATTEN, Graham 1917-Jan-07
IVEY, Fannie STOCKSTILL, Thomas 1916-Jun-17
JACKSON, Edwina KENDRICK, Geo W 1914-Nov-10
JACKSON, Ethel WAULORD, Otho 1917-Jan-15
JACKSON, Louisa SEAL, H W 1916-Mar-23
JAMES, Myrtle D CARROLL, Eli F 1914-Oct-04
JARRELL, Birdie MITCHELL, A A 1916-Dec-24
JARRELL, Lillie May BAUCUM, Frank O 1911-Apr-20
JARRELL, Mary ORR, Vernon 1918-Jan-13
JARRELL, Minnie ASKEW, E H 1918-May-08
JARRELL, Missouria JORDAN, Lee 1912-Mar-17
JARRELL, Nola MCMILLAN, Dennis A 1911-Jan-12
JOHNSON, Cephie WATTS, F W 1914-Aug-29
JOHNSON, Fannie E MCCONNELL, Ottis M 1910-Nov-20
JOHNSON, Inez FURR, Willie F 1915-Aug-17
JOHNSON, Roxie SMITH, Marshall 1916-May-27
JOHNSON, Roxie Bell FURR, Hollis R 1915-Dec-01
JONES, Bell COMPTON, Eugene 1913-Apr-13
JONES, Daisy OWENS, Oscar 1915-Feb-07
JONES, Eliza M HESTER, Orbin 1914-Jun-03
JONES, Fannie LEE, Gaston 1914-Nov-22
JONES, Lizzie VARNADO, L G 1914-Dec-23
JONES, Malisa Mrs SPIERS, Samuel 1911-Jul-16
JONES, Sarah Elizabeth CASTILENA, Spiers 1910-Sep-19
KENDRICK, Annie Mae JONES, Luther 1917-Apr-22
KENMORE, Daisy SPEARS, Jake R 1913-May-27
KENNEDY, Maggie BRADDOCK, J D 1915-Jun-06
KENNEDY, Marguerite SMITH, Porter 1915-Apr-24
KENNEDY, Senora CORKERN, Gordon 1918-May-28
KING, Lily JAMISON, Warner 1918-Apr-13
KIRKLAND, Esther AMACKER, I Luther 1918-Apr-24
KIRKLAND, Rosa LADNER, Simon 1912-Feb-06
KOLB, Barbera Mrs BRETHOFF, Mikel 1915-Jun-25



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