Pearl River County Grooms

E - G

EATON, Jennie DEBREAUX, John W 1910-Sep-11
EDDINS, Mary SAWYER, Willie 1917-Mar-11
ENTRIKIN, Penelope R QUINN, P A 1918-Jun-18
EVANS, Deveria BLACKWELL, Sam 1917-Jul-29
EVANS, Maude Beatrice HINTON, Luther T 1915-Nov-16
FAIRLY, Lillie BROADUS, W S 1912-Apr-25
FALKNER, Geneva PAGE, Henry H 1914-Mar-18
FENDLESON, Elizabeth PARNELL, J H 1916-Dec-24
FENDLESON, Jessie THOMPSON, W B 1914-Sep-19
FLEMING, Lucy HENLEY, John 1910-Dec-10
FLEMING, Mary E THIGPEN, James D 1911-Jun-25
FLEMMING, Effie HANSOM, Calvin 1913-Jul-15
FLINT, Aletha RESTER, F Randol 1915-Dec-23
FLOWERY, Emma DEAN, Edward R 1911-Feb-07
FLOYD, Julia RAWLS, Ollie 1914-Jul-01
FLYNN, Pollie MYLER, E 1912-May-05
FORD, Clara E RANKIN, William E 1911-May-28
FORD, Ella BURGE, Ezra 1914-Jun-16
FORD, Lucy BURGE, Jim M 1915-Feb-13
FORNEA, Tina Mrs MILLER, W Mayson 1915-Jun-09
FRIERSON, Dora MCINTYRE, Francis 1914-Nov-07
FRIERSON, Lillie PENTON, Truly P 1917-Apr-19
FRIERSON, Lorena PRICE, Eugene 1918-Dec-18
FULLER, Carrie STEWART, Otis R 1914-Jul-21
FURR, Mary Edna MITCHELL, Elis A 1909-Sep-29
GARRETT, Mattie May STEWART, Robert H Md 1911-Jun-07
GENELLA, Lybia C MITCHELL, H Raif 1917-Jun-13
GILKEY, Emma MOODY, William H 1916-Apr-15
GILKEY, Ola LADNER, Wilmer 1913-Feb-05
GILL, Christina SPIERS, William J 1909-May-09
GILL, Eva ALSOBROOKS, West C 1916-Oct-06
GILL, Lithia M BRYANT, Paul 1909-May-09
GILL, Rosena SMITH, Wilbert R 1913-Mar-15
GILLIE, Eatle MORRISON, J F 1915-Aug-29
GIPSON, Madie BURGE, Arthur 1914-Feb-15
GIPSON, Nancy BEALL, William P 1910-Jul-10
GORDIN, Hattie M BOLEN, R H Jr 1912-Mar-02
GRAHAM, Annie LANDRUM, J A 1913-Oct-14
GRAVES, Mazelle STEWART, Archie T 1909-Dec-31
GREEN, Arcola BOONE, H R 1917-May-03
GREEN, Margaret WALKER, Edward 1913-Jun-08
GREEN, Quilla KING, A C 1917-Apr-29



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