Pearl River County Brides

C - D

CAMERON, Dora Mae WELLS, Jno Wiley 1918-Oct-29
CAMERON, Louella FORTENBERRY, Hollis 1916-Sep-02
CAMPBELL, Birtie LIVINGS, Arthur L 1916-May-29
CARROLL, Edna Irene NEWBURN, I S 1916-Apr-01
CARROLL, Ida BILBO, C W 1916-Aug-11
CARROLL, Laura SMITH, Larry 1911-Aug-06
CARROLL, Laura WELLS, Joe 1914-Mar-07
CASE, Amenda STOCKSTILL, John 1910-Aug-18
CASE, Ethel CASE, Cyrus 1910-Sep-05
CHAMBERS, Daisy C ADAMS, F D 1909-Sep-08
CHAMBERS, Lurline ROBISON, Ben Hill 1910-Jul-25
CHANDLER, Mae STOCKSTILL, Albert S 1918-Dec-25
CHAPMAN, Dallas DAVIS, Monroe 1911-Mar-12
CHUNN, Mildred May MANN, Percy S 1911-May-18
CHUNN, Nan Keel CARPENTER, Charles C 1911-May-18
CLARK, Bessie E WALKER, W E 1915-Feb-25
CLARK, Katherine WARD, O E 1917-Dec-02
CLARK, Lula Mae ROBERTS, S A 1918-May-04
CLARK, Mamye STEWART, J M 1916-Oct-14
COBB, Bertie SPIERS, Cairy 1912-Apr-06
COLTER, Mamie COTHEN, Jodie H 1912-Nov-08
COOK, Letha MCINTOSH, A L 1913-Jul-12
COOPER, Ada DAVIS, Oscar 1918-Feb-23
COOPER, Lola WELLS, Ellis W 1912-Jul-31
COOPER, Ronea PENTON, Boyd 1915-May-23
COTHEN, Susan SMITH, Gilbert 1911-Apr-27
COUSIN, Viola COWAN, Lawrence 1914-Jun-22
CRAFT, Rena DEAN, William 1918-Nov-07
CRAFT, Revie MCQUEEN, D O 1913-Apr-27
CRAIG, Sadie BEAL, Charlie 1916-Sep-23
CRAWFORD, Josie E MCNAIR, E A 1913-Sep-05
CROSS, Mamie BOYKINS, Raymond 1912-Nov-24
CRUTHIRDS, Bessie MITCHELL, John J 1918-Apr-30
DAUGHDRILL, Gertrude SMITH, Homer 1918-Jun-29
DAVIS, Beulah BEALL, Welton 1911-Jan-20
DAVIS, Callie BURGE, J Ora 1910-Dec-14
DAVIS, Della STOCKSTILL, Sherzie 1916-Feb-25
DAVIS, Ella MITCHELL, L W 1915-Mar-05
DAVIS, Ettie PATCH, John 1918-Mar-02
DAVIS, Eva WHITFIELD, Barney 1911-Dec-23
DAVIS, Gracie M SIMPSON, J R 1918-Aug-31
DAVIS, Hattie LADNER, Orvis 1918-Apr-20
DAVIS, Lilly LEE, Elias 1913-Mar-17
DAVIS, Maggie HERMES, William 1909-Apr-11
DAVIS, Mary C ODOM, J J 1915-May-16
DAVIS, Mary E SMITH, Duncan E 1910-Mar-06
DAVIS, Nettie LEE, Joe 1914-Sep-30
DAVIS, Pauline STRAHAN, Neal 1917-Jan-24
DECHAMP, Rose PERKINS, J R 1913-Dec-18
DEDEAUX, Alleyne DAVIS, Robert 1914-Dec-20
DEDEAUX, Caroline LADNER, Lawrence 1915-Oct-16
DEDEAUX, Josephine SMITH, Crawford R 1909-Jul-01
DEDEAUX, Julia SHAW, David 1914-Nov-04
DEDEAUX, Lillie DEDEAUX, Clozell 1912-Apr-22
DEDEAUX, Sedona HICKMAN, Eugene 1916-Jan-26
DEES, Elizabeth HOSLI, Jacob 1918-Apr-06
DESMARE, Helen VREELAND, Augustus C 1909-Jun-18
DEVEREAUX, Mamie EZELL, Mills 1918-Jun-29
DICKEY, Alice ROULERSON, Louis 1918-Aug-01
DICKSON, Flora SPIERS, Wiley 1913-Apr-28
DICKSON, Harriet C WASCOM, John 1909-Apr-27
DICKSON, Louisa ROGERS, Willis 1915-Feb-12
DICKSON, Mary D SPIERS, Reubin 1909-Apr-27
DILLARD, Hester BOON, Riley 1909-Apr-26
DILLARD, Mamie JARRELL, Alfred 1916-May-21
DILLARD, Martha STOCKSTILL, Otis 1912-Jan-14
DILLARD, Mary Jane STOCKSTILL, Hubert 1910-Aug-20
DOUGLAS, Mamie STRAHAN, Theo S 1915-Nov-18
DOWDELL, Jesse L AUSTIN, Ira V 1915-Jan-11
DUBOSE, Margenia BYRD, W S 1914-Sep-04
DUCKWORTH, Ana WATTS, W W 1913-Mar-05



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