Pearl River County Brides

A - B

ADAMS, Katie MCCLENDON, Thomas 1915-Apr-24
AKIN, Effie Louise LADNER, Lemuel 1913-Aug-12
ALEXANDER, Beatrice PEARSON, D L 1916-Sep-10
ALEXANDER, Dollie BLACKWELL, William 1910-May-19
ALEXANDER, Lela WALLACE, R K 1917-Jun-14
ALEXANDER, Lizzie Mrs YOUNG, Simeon 1911-Sep-14
ALEXANDER, Ruby E SELPH, Robert A 1917-Jun-11
ALLEN, Georgia GLASS, Matt 1916-Jul-28
ALLEN, Lizzie MORRIS, Sebe 1917-May-07
ALLEN, Minnie WARDEN, W Oscar 1912-Jun-25
ALLEN, Nancy E WHITTEN, J J 1911-Apr-30
ALSOBROOKS, Ada GILL, Otis 1914-Jul-03
ALSOBROOKS, Corine JORDAN, Johnie 1912-Apr-27
ALSOBROOKS, Maude EZELL, Ellis 1909-May-22
ALSOBROOKS, Minnie JONES, Joseph S 1909-Dec-19
AMACKER, Annie BENNETT, Henry Allen 1913-Jan-01
AMACKER, Clara AMACKER, Forest E 1914-Nov-24
AMACKER, Cordia LADNER, H C 1917-Oct-05
AMACKER, Florence SEAL, Amele 1913-Apr-09
AMACKER, Ida ALEXANDER, Carlos O 1912-Sep-23
AMACKER, Lizzie THIGPEN, George W 1909-Jun-07
AMACKER, Lorena FORD, Harrison S 1916-Aug-31
AMACKER, Louisa SINGLETON, Avery 1917-Mar-15
AMACKER, Maggaline BOONE, Otis J 1915-Jan-31
AMACKER, Mary E RITCHIE, Charlie P 1909-Oct-24
AMACKER, Maude STOCKSTILL, Loyd 1912-Dec-01
AMACKER, Minnie AMACKER, Sidney O 1914-Jul-04
AMACKER, Missouria AMACKER, Jesse E 1912-Jul-02
AMACKER, Mollie LEE, W L 1914-Sep-04
AMACKER, Ouida BURGE, T Benton 1915-Dec-28
AMACKER, Pearl M STOCKSTILL, L S 1910-Oct-30
AMACKER, Susie NEWMAN, H P 1917-Dec-01
ANTON, Gracie LEE, Louis L 1914-Sep-10
ARNOLD, Victoria BREWER, Dolph 1917-May-20
ASH, Effie PENTON, Randolph D 1911-Feb-24
ASH, Ethel ADCOX, J O 1913-Jul-05
ASHE, Eva NEWELL, Geo W 1917-May-10
BARKER, Lula SPIERS, Mack 1916-Jun-28
BARRETT, Mollie CARROLL, Charley 1910-Aug-31
BASS, Beura COOPER, Thomas W 1911-Jul-19
BASS, Lillie NEWBURN, I S 1918-Aug-06
BATEMAN, Josie E SIMMONS, Thomas Ottis 1918-Aug-17
BATSON, Bertha A HATTEN, Norman P 1910-Mar-04
BATSON, Esther MINER, W E 1917-Nov-12
BEADY, Vernie TAYLOR, Cleveland T 1916-Apr-19
BEALL, Cleta RESTER, J Monroe 1911-Jan-11
BEALL, Ella T HENLEY, James S 1909-Jun-23
BEALL, Ida SIMMONS, Darden D 1910-Jan-17
BELL, Ada THIGPEN, Emile 1917-Jun-17
BELL, Ella STEWART, H Ed 1911-Apr-16
BELL, Ida BUCKELEW, Luther 1915-May-26
BENNETT, Genie BENNETT, Joseph 1916-Feb-13
BENNETT, Watie MITCHELL, Geo C 1914-Jul-08
BETZ, Ethel WILLIAMS, Daniel B 1916-May-02
BEWELL, Frannie A BALDWIN, W J 1918-Sep-28
BILBO, Annis COULTER, D L 1916-May-03
BILBO, Birdie SMITH, R D 1911-Feb-11
BILBO, Flossie B BRISTER, Lewis W 1912-Aug-26
BILBO, Lula LADNER, Oscar L 1917-Jan-07
BILBO, Nora HOLSTON, Junious 1916-Oct-28
BILBO, Ophelia LEE, Ben F 1912-Jul-28
BILBO, Permelia SMITH, George A 1914-Oct-16
BIRD, Laura BROWN, Zeno 1913-Dec-12
BISHOP, Donie HARRIS, William R 1910-Dec-11
BLACKBURN, Nettie Mrs BLACKBURN, John C 1910-Sep-08
BLACKWELL, Julia SEAL, Eli 1912-Jun-16
BLACKWELL, Louisa MITCHELL, Van 1910-Aug-14
BODIE, Mae HENLEY, Boyd 1914-Jul-16
BOND, Fannie REDMAN, Leonard H 1909-Dec-23
BOONE, Almeda GREEN, Alonzo 1914-Feb-16
BOSARGE, Estelle WILLIAMS, E K C 1911-Apr-06
BOUNDS, Dora BROWN, Jno B 1918-Aug-23
BOUNDS, Glennie FORD, Jesse C 1917-Apr-11
BOUNDS, Lilie DAVIS, Guy 1909-May-02
BOUNDS, Lilly BURNETT, Sam 1913-Apr-03
BOURN, Mary WARDEN, S J 1915-Nov-09
BOURN, Sadie SWILLEY, C A 1911-Jan-21
BOYD, Gladys Cora BELIN, Richard W 1912-Dec-18
BOYETTE, Annie BOYKIN, C E Jr 1911-Mar-02
BRADY, Madie QUAVES, Chester 1916-Oct-01
BRAINARD, Florence A BENNETT, George D 1910-Dec-29
BREEDLOVE, Winnie SIMMONS, Robert W 1909-Sep-15
BREELAND, Mary DAUGHDRILL, Oscar 1914-Jun-23
BRELAND, Genevia SMITH, Russell R 1910-Jun-19
BRELAND, Zoa DANIELS, Willie 1914-Sep-12
BRINSON, Ona Lee BLACKWELL, Chas J 1915-Sep-12
BROCK, May VARNADO, Lewis 1912-Aug-04
BROWN, Myrtis SEAL, W F 1911-Sep-03
BROWN, Renia BROCK, George 1912-Nov-09
BRYANT, Annie Mary BLACKSHIRE, George 1918-Apr-15
BUCKLEY, Nellie HARRIS, Harris 1918-Jul-06
BURDETTE, Edith Mae PENTON, Robert 1917-Sep-08
BURDETTE, Ophelia Lee BRELAND, Jno T 1915-Jun-07
BURGE, Alma LEATHERWOOD, J E 1913-May-06
BURGE, Cornelia JOHNSON, Homer 1916-Aug-06
BURGE, Easter WARREN, Grover C 1914-Nov-01
BURGE, Ellen SMITH, Ray 1910-Dec-17
BURGE, Gladys D STOCKSTILL, Elmer J 1914-Feb-15
BURGE, Lillie SMITH, Hugo 1917-Oct-28
BURGE, Margarett PIGOTT, Dan 1915-Jan-07
BURGE, Missouri THORNHILL, F E 1917-Jul-26
BURKE, Edwina FRIERSON, Chester 1913-Dec-24
BURKS, Ella STEWART, Hermon V 1917-Jun-17
BURKS, Maggie WHEAT, Monroe 1913-Nov-04
BURKS, Mary Isabell SMITH, Lemuel 1917-Apr-15
BURNETT, Ada YAWN, Allen 1917-Jan-27
BURNETT, Josie DAVIS, William W 1911-Apr-05
BURROWS, Juanita GRAYSON, H S 1914-Oct-25
BUZBEE, Maudie REYER, Jno H 1916-Feb-10
BYNUM, Birdie May SMITH, Hiram Soloman 1910-Feb-05
BYRD, Ira STOCKSTILL, Velora 1915-Oct-03
BYRD, Lizzie TYNES, J L 1915-May-01
BYRD, Louise WHEAT, Joseph E 1911-Dec-31



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