Panola County Grooms


WAITE, Monroe WILLIAMS, Nancy Mrs 1874-Jul-25
WALDRIP, J P MAGEE, Etta 1897-Oct-25
WALDRUP, J A TIPPET, Maude 1900-May-07
WALDRUSS, W R SMITH, C M Miss 1894-Jan-10
WALKER, Colonel NELSON, Ella 1875-Nov-13
WALKER, Ed STANSFORD, Sarah 1873-Mar-19
WALKER, Frank ROGERS, Rena 1872-Mar-15
WALKER, Ike NELSON, Susie 1875-Aug-23
WALKER, James POTTS, Sallie 1871-Nov-17
WALKER, Simeon SMITH, Annie 1874-Sep-28
WALKER, Stephen MOSELEY, Lou 1876-Jan-14
WALKER, Thomas MADISON, Maria 1873-Dec-26
WALKER, W D SHOEMAKER, Louisa 1888-Oct-02
WALKER, William BURKHALTER, Lou 1877-Feb-17
WALL, Sam MIDDLETON, Eliza 1872-Dec-20
WALL, W D HENDERSON, Willie E 1896-Dec-08
WALLACE, Daniel SANDFORD, Texanna 1875-Oct-09
WALLACE, G W PATTERSON, C E Miss 1885-Sep-15
WALLACE, George PRESSLEY, Cora 1897-Apr-15
WALLACE, Hendy SPENCE, Jeff 1875-Jan-07
WALLACE, John ASKEW, Alice 1874-Jan-21
WALLACE, John JEFFERSON, Jennie 1876-Jan-06
WALLACE, John WALLACE, Josephine 1871-Oct-27
WALLACE, R Y BELK, Lily Mrs 1898-Sep-09
WALLACE, Richard LUCAS, Sophia 1872-Jun-22
WALLER, W L MURPHY, L W Miss 1896-Jan-15
WALTON, John H BUTLER, Jessie F Miss 1893-Nov-19
WALTON, Preston PHILLIPS, Sarah 1875-Dec-02
WARD, Alfred BUTLER, Annie 1874-Dec-25
WARD, George BUCKLEY, Amanda 1876-Jun-22
WARD, Gerald JOHNSON, Victora 1877-Jan-17
WARD, Walter TERRELL, Mattie 1898-Feb-21
WARD, William Lee HENRY, Argie 1893-May-06
WARDLAW, J B YARBROUGH, Mary B 1891-Jan-14
WARDLAW, James HUNT, Abby 1873-Sep-10
WARE, J L MCCULLOUGH, Effie P 1899-Apr-14
WARE, Perry TRAMELL, Lizzie Mrs 1875-Nov-09
WARNER, Ned TAYLOR, Camilla 1873-Mar-01
WASH, W H BRIDGER, Berdie W 1894-Dec-05
WASHINGTON, George BROWN, Emma 1871-Aug-31
WASHINGTON, George HOUSTON, Ada 1874-Nov-28
WASHINGTON, George MORGAN, Winnie 1874-Jan-30
WASHINGTON, Henry BRANCH, Prudence 1875-Dec-22
WASHLAKE, Theodore DOELLMAN, Laura 1890-Dec-02
WASON, Franklin WILBOURN, Floyd Miss 1871-Dec-27
WATKINS, George HALL, Laura 1874-Dec-17
WATKINS, Jack MITCHELL, Eliza 1872-Dec-31
WATKINS, Jim POLK, Matt Miss 1873-Aug-20
WATTS, G E DRAPER, Beatrice 1892-Feb-27
WATTS, Richard SMITH, Jane 1876-Sep-02
WEAVER, R M PHILLIPS, Hellen 1894-Oct-08
WEAVER, W R BELK, M L Miss 1888-Dec-07
WEAVERS, Henry WILLIAMSON, Catharine 1875-Oct-13
WEBB, Horace LOMAX, Rachel 1873-Mar-01
WEBB, Isom WALKER, Nancy 1872-Apr-12
WEBB, Jim RAYBOURN, Lucie 1876-Feb-29
WEBB, Link GRAVES, Ann 1872-Apr-06
WEBB, O D DANDRIDGE, Mary 1875-Nov-16
WEBB, Tom HENDERSON, Anna 1874-Jan-31
WEBBER, E P CATHEY, Lenora 1896-Oct-19
WEBSTER, Fredrick JONES, Lucie 1876-Mar-11
WEBSTER, Perry JONES, Sarah 1871-Dec-27
WEED, Dee SULLIVAN, Willie Miss 1899-Dec-29
WEED, Jesse PITTMAN, Nellie 1898-Nov-05
WEELS, C E HUNT, Ada V 1898-Oct-30
WELLS, W M GARDNER, Katie Mrs 1896-Nov-12
WELLS, William General JOHNSON, Mollie 1873-Sep-13
WESLEY, John LEWIS, Rachel 1873-Nov-06
WESSON, M W POINTER, Annie M 1891-Jan-07
WEST, J O SIMMONS, Lizzie C 1885-May-13
WEST, William RODGERS, Mary 1871-Jul-13
WHARTON, Joseph HARRIS, Margret 1874-Feb-09
WHITE, Adam BAILEY, Lou Mrs 1874-Jul-11
WHITE, Charles WRAY, Nancy 1876-Dec-26
WHITE, Green BOBO, Lucy 1877-Mar-24
WHITE, J J ALEXANDER, R Mrs 1900-Dec-26
WHITE, James POPE, Delia 1874-Dec-23
WHITE, Matthew JONES, Reese 1873-Mar-08
WHITFIELD, Gaston WHITNEY, Lucinda 1872-Dec-28
WHITFIELD, Richard CHILDS, Rena Mrs 1874-Apr-04
WHITMINE, Benjamin CLANTON, Lee Miss 1875-Sep-11
WHITMINE, William ELLIS, Agnes 1872-Nov-08
WHITMORE, Ben POWELL, Milissa 1873-Mar-11
WHITNER, Richard EDWARDS, Viney 1891-Jan-05
WHITON, Wallace FLOYD, Josephine 1876-Dec-26
WHITTEN, Stephen WOOD, Mary Mrs 1871-Dec-26
WHITTEN, W M GRIFFIN, M L Miss 1897-Jul-29
WIER, W B PEPPER, M S Miss 1888-Dec-31
WIGGINS, Bryant VENY, Susie 1874-Jul-27
WILBOURN, Jim EGGLES, Frances Miss 1872-Aug-17
WILBOURN, John BUTLER, Louisa 1872-Oct-02
WILBOURN, Prince JACKSON, Mary 1871-Dec-26
WILBOURN, Toni BRITTON, Harriet 1875-Feb-27
WILBOURN, Willis WILBOURN, Jennie 1871-Sep-28
WILBURN, Carter HOWARD, Mandy 1872-Sep-13
WILBURN, Squire WILSON, Lou 1874-Dec-12
WILEY, Elijah STONE, Maria 1872-Jan-10
WILEY, William ARCHIBALD, Mary 1875-May-08
WILHELM, C M OLDHAM, Fannie 1899-Dec-22
WILIAMSON, Lia WINTERS, Fannie 1876-Jul-27
WILLIAMS, A PERSON, Fanny 1876-Jan-18
WILLIAMS, Andrew STICH, Lucinda 1874-Jan-08
WILLIAMS, C W WALL, Virah 1876-Aug-26
WILLIAMS, Charley BROOKS, Beckey 1874-Jan-21
WILLIAMS, D H BRIGHAM, Lee 1889-Aug-08
WILLIAMS, Frank RHODES, Jane 1876-Dec-01
WILLIAMS, Gabriel HARRIS, Lucinda 1875-Jan-07
WILLIAMS, Gary SANDERS, Tennessee 1877-Feb-15
WILLIAMS, George STEWART, Delia 1875-Nov-15
WILLIAMS, H E ROWSEY, C F Miss 1898-Oct-22
WILLIAMS, Henry JNES, Adaline 1872-Dec-20
WILLIAMS, Henry OSBORNE, Susan 1872-Mar-14
WILLIAMS, J L BUCHANAN, Mattie 1886-Mar-29
WILLIAMS, Jhn JOHNSON, Rhody 1873-Jul-05
WILLIAMS, John ANDERSON, Adaline 1875-Apr-29
WILLIAMS, John BIVENS, Ann 1874-Dec-26
WILLIAMS, John WILLIAMS, Julia 1876-Jan-18
WILLIAMS, Robert JACKSON, Millie 1876-Apr-22
WILLIAMS, S A SCOGGINS, Minnie 1893-Oct-28
WILLIAMS, Shack WADKINS, Rachel 1872-Dec-21
WILLIAMS, Tarry JOHNSON, Florence 1875-Aug-31
WILLIAMSON, Jesse PARKER, Harley Miss 1872-May-11
WILLIAMSON, Seward CAROVER, Jennie 1873-Jul-03
WILLINGHAM, W D MAGEE, V G Miss 1900-Jan-25
WILSON, Alex HORTON, Ann 1873-Nov-01
WILSON, Alex MILAM, Sallie 1876-Jul-17
WILSON, David RICHARDSON, Seney 1876-Feb-10
WILSON, Davis WILLIAMS, Jensy 1873-Sep-17
WILSON, Edward HATCH, Newton Miss 1871-   -
WILSON, H W SHIELDS, F A Miss 1898-Dec-08
WILSON, J M BAILEY, Maggie 1892-Dec-27
WILSON, J M DAVIS, Hattie T 1888-Dec-24
WILSON, Jno B DANIELS, Ada 1899-Sep-17
WILSON, John , 1877-Mar-02
WILSON, Peter JONES, Frances Miss 1871-Dec-20
WILSON, R S GILLESPIE, Etta 1893-Dec-23
WILSON, Richard COMPTON, Martha Ann 1871-Dec-29
WILSON, Richard HUNTER, Lily 1890-Nov-27
WILSON, T B JONES, Bell 1899-Nov-28
WILSON, William WRIGHT, Harriet 1875-Feb-13
WILSON, William H STEVENS, Elizabeth 1888-Jan-25
WINDSON, William KEY, Julia 1872-Jul-31
WINN, William FARLEY, Ann 1873-Nov-01
WOFFARD, James JONES, Ellen 1872-Mar-14
WOOD, J M SCULL, J A Miss 1895-Jan-25
WOOD, James GARNER, Phillis 1873-Jul-26
WOOD, Jonas WILLIAMS, Nancy Jane 1872-Nov-01
WOODALL, W C DONNELL, Cora 1898-Nov-29
WOODRUFF, A S THORNTON, Edna 1900-Dec-18
WOODS, Jim LEWERS, Brooksey 1876-Apr-29
WOODS, Jim LEWERS, Brooksy 1877-Jan-14
WOODSON, Jasper ELLIS, Caroline 1872-Apr-27
WOODSON, John GALES, Sallie 1875-Sep-02
WOODSON, Obbey NELSON, Mandy 1872-Aug-03
WOODSON, Wade BARRINGER, Kate 1873-Oct-22
WOODSON, Wade BARRINGER, Katie 1872-Dec-31
WOODSON, William JACKSON, Rachel 1873-Apr-12
WOODWARD, Aaron CALDWELL, Nancy 1874-Dec-21
WOOLLARD, A W BROWN, Ella 1890-Feb-13
WOOLLARD, B S ECKLES, Etta 1890-Mar-17
WOOLTEN, Jake MCERVIN, Caroline 1898-Dec-31
WOOTEN, R G CHAMBLIN, Pearl 1894-Dec-22
WORTHAM, Reubin BRADFORD, Amanda 1877-Mar-05
WRAY, A R TYLER, Mellie M 1898-Jun-30
WRAY, W D CAMPBELL, C A Miss 1887-Nov-23
WRIGHT, Alexander WERY, Liza 1875-Mar-04
WRIGHT, B P DICKEY, Mary 1885-May-18
WRIGHT, B P HOLLEN, Minnie Mrs 1896-May-11
WRIGHT, Billops MORGAN, Gracy Ann 1875-Mar-27
WRIGHT, Charley BLACK, Masha 1877-Mar-02
WRIGHT, Charley LOFTEN, Adaline 1876-Dec-25
WRIGHT, David BLACK, Annie 1888-Dec-22
WRIGHT, Edwin L LOMBARD, A V Miss 1888-Dec-24
WRIGHT, G L SCOTT, L R Miss 1896-Dec-15
WRIGHT, George BENSON, Clarisa 1876-Feb-09
WRIGHT, J P HOLLOWELL, Amma E 1899-May-27
WRIGHT, Jack SCOTT, Sylvia 1872-Sep-28
WRIGHT, Joe FITTS, Nancy Mrs 1888-Apr-26
WRIGHT, Joseph MITCHELL, Ara 1876-Feb-10
WRIGHT, Richard MITCHELL, Amanda 1877-Feb-12
WRIGHT, T I HOWELL, Beatrice 1892-Jan-14
WRIGHT, Wallace DUGGER, Anna 1874-Jan-31
WRIGHT, William POLK, Lindy Ann 1873-Dec-31
WYATT, D E VEAZEY, Elvie 1888-Aug-30



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