Panola County Grooms


TAIT, W M MCGEHEE, S W Miss 1886-Nov-16
TALBOT, Rafe NELSON, Sylvia 1875-Aug-04
TANKSLEY, Monroe MARTIN, Sylvia 1874-Mar-21
TANLESS, J D GARRETT, Della 1891-Feb-03
TANNER, William JENNINGS, Mollie 1871-Jun-03
TATE, Dan GORDON, Nancy 1872-Nov-09
TATE, Homer WHITE, Patsy 1876-Dec-28
TATE, Isarel FARROW, Elnora 1875-Jan-07
TATE, John WALLACE, Ida 1874-Jan-31
TATE, Preston JOHNSON, Celia 1873-Jan-24
TATE, Solomon JOHNSON, Eliza 1873-Oct-03
TATEM, Henry WRIGHT, Mandy 1872-Dec-20
TATUM, Benjamin LOYD, Julia 1875-Jan-12
TATUM, W S HOLLOWELL, Ida M 1897-May-10
TAYLOR, Abraham HUNTER, Clara 1872-Jan-26
TAYLOR, Alexander THOMPSON, Margarette 1896-Oct-17
TAYLOR, Andrew GLENN, Mary 1877-Feb-21
TAYLOR, B F HIBLER, Dora Mrs 1875-Dec-10
TAYLOR, E D SLEDGE, Katie 1890-Nov-06
TAYLOR, E S YARBROUGH, Minnie L 1896-Jan-22
TAYLOR, Eddie STEWART, Matilda 1896-Jan-07
TAYLOR, Edom MCCRACKEN, Hannah 1877-Jan-13
TAYLOR, Fletcher HOLLOWAY, Martha 1875-May-29
TAYLOR, H D FLOYD, Pattie Louise 1897-Nov-10
TAYLOR, Hampton KINCHLOE, Laura 1872-Jan-02
TAYLOR, J W DAVIS, Lena 1887-Jan-22
TAYLOR, James L BRATTON, Sinda Jane 1899-Aug-18
TAYLOR, Leary TERRY, Maggie 1886-Jan-11
TAYLOR, Mose TAYLOR, Margarette 1877-Jan-10
TAYLOR, Moses TAYLOR, Melinda 1874-Mar-23
TAYLOR, Pornpsy PETTY, Eddie Miss 1876-Jul-15
TAYLOR, Simon DAVIS, Oly 1872-Aug-30
TAYLOR, T J STATUM, Caroline 1875-Jan-12
TAYLOR, Thomas E SHORT, Willie M Miss 1893-Nov-16
TAYLOR, Thomas H HUNTER, Katie 1885-Apr-08
TAYLOR, Warren WOLF, Annie 1898-Jan-25
TEAGUE, W M GOODMAN, Mattie 1886-Feb-05
TEASDALE, C H HARRIS, Alena 1887-Dec-23
TEMPLER, Benjamin DANDRIDGE, Linda 1874-Aug-28
TEMPLETON, Aaron PRIDDLE, Rebecca 1874-Jun-03
TEMPLETON, Thomas STITT, Lizzie 1874-Feb-10
TERRELL, J L SMITH, Willie Miss 1896-Dec-19
TERRELL, W E HARRIS, Katie 1897-Oct-16
TERRY, B B PARNELL, Lizzie 1896-Sep-08
TERRY, Elisha M JENKINS, Dillard Edna 1898-Mar-14
TERRY, J H MCKENNA, Agnis 1887-Aug-15
TERRY, W E HILL, Ida 1899-Jul-22
THETFORD, G W Jr ROBERSON, Bettie 1893-Nov-19
THIMAS, John HUNPHERY, Laura 1877-Mar-26
THOM, J S LANGSTON, Evalina 1900-Dec-29
THOMAS, Evan VICKERS, Mary E Mrs 1895-Dec-17
THOMAS, J A BANKS, Mary M 1876-Jan-03
THOMAS, James TATE, Sarah 1872-Jul-03
THOMAS, M L SPARKS, Katie 1893-Sep-23
THOMAS, T POLLARD, Bettie Lee 1899-Feb-09
THOMAS, W A WALDRIP, Minnie 1899-Nov-24
THOMPSON, Elbert THOMPSON, Winnie 1875-Oct-05
THOMPSON, Frank TUCKER, Sallie Mrs 1895-Jan-10
THOMPSON, Ike POSTON, Lizzie 1873-Mar-13
THOMPSON, J W CALHOUN, Willie Miss 1895-Aug-20
THOMPSON, Jim WOODS, Joanna 1895-Dec-14
THOMPSON, Joseph TEAGUE, Laura 1874-Mar-23
THOMPSON, L W BEVELL, Claudie 1900-Nov-08
THOMPSON, Waddey WILLIAMSON, Nesie 1874-Aug-01
THOMPSON, Wilie E DELONG, E E 1890-Dec-23
THORNTON, E W DUGGER, Dora 1894-Feb-27
THORNTON, James B RUFFIN, Willie Miss 1894-Mar-28
THORNTON, Robert L JOHNSON, Martha V 1899-Jan-25
THOVEATT, W F ROBERTSON, Sadie 1893-Sep-08
TIDWELL, J R CAMPBELL, Oney 1898-Feb-07
TIPPEN, David NELSON, Nicie 1876-May-20
TIPPET, W J HERTZ, M E Miss 1898-May-14
TIPTON, William GORDON, Jane 1874-Jan-13
TODD, Elbert KILBOURN, Celia 1872-May-03
TODD, Herran ROBERSON, Anna 1898-Jul-11
TODD, W A WYNNE, Tommie Miss 1899-Jul-18
TOLBERT, Soloman DAVIS, Charlotte 1876-Sep-06
TOWLER, M MCGUIRE, E A Mrs 1897-Jan-26
TOWLES, Walter KNIGHT, S S Miss 1897-Dec-21
TOWNS, Auther JOHNSON, Sarah 1875-Mar-24
TRAMMEL, Jordan FARLEY, Mary 1872-Apr-27
TRAYLOR, John TOWNS, Ellen 1877-Jan-18
TRAYWICK, Washi CARVER, Sarah 1875-Jan-04
TRIMEL, Allen WILBOURN, Elizabeth 1874-Jan-10
TROTT, John C SHIELDS, Josie 1900-Feb-06
TUBBS, R M JONES, Leona 1896-Dec-21
TUCKER, John H BAKER, Lillie 1888-Nov-22
TURBEVILLE, B P CLARKE, Elizabeth 1891-Jan-29
TURBEVILLE, Jno B WILLIAMS, Minnie 1897-Feb-06
TURNAGE, D F HARMON, S T Miss 1885-Feb-02
TURNER, Abram WHITLOW, Mary 1872-Jul-10
TURNER, Albert RUSSELL, Betsey 1875-Dec-18
TURNER, G SMITH, Clara 1876-Mar-01
TURNER, Robert CHEEKS, Mattie 1892-Feb-16
TURNER, W M MURPHY, Laura 1877-Mar-01
TURNER, Zac ROBERTSON, Bettie 1872-Jul-20
TURNIPSEED, Jim LELAND, Virginia 1873-Oct-20
TWITTY, Benjamin VAUGHAN, Jane Mrs 1874-Dec-21
TYLER, Albert CROSS, Margret 1874-Feb-12
TYLER, Bates GOODNIGHT, Eula 1898-Nov-11
TYLER, George BARNETT, Laura 1875-Sep-22
TYLER, J T BURNS, Lennie 1899-Jan-28
TYLER, Lou WILLIFORD, Effie 1898-Jun-17
TYLER, R F MCKEE, Katie 1897-Mar-13
TYLER, Robert JOHNSON, Pricor 1871-Apr-01



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