Panola County Grooms


RAGLAND, Henry BAILEY, Lefy 1873-Apr-05
RAINEY, Charles FARLEY, Milly 1872-Dec-26
RAINEY, James MILLS, Nettie 1877-Mar-03
RAMEY, J A KNOX, Florence C 1895-Dec-24
RAMSAY, Noah JONES, Texana 1874-Jul-30
RAMSEY, Haywood JONES, Katie 1876-Feb-17
RAMSEY, Lewis SLEDGE, Ada 1875-Dec-29
RANBERT, William WEBB, Johana 1873-Feb-04
RANDOLPH, Abraham HALLOWORTH, Catherine 1871-May-06
RANDOLPH, George W ALDRIDGE, Belle 1900-May-03
RANSOM, Frank BARRINGER, Caroline 1871-Jun-03
RAY, A E PATRICK, M F Miss 1890-Sep-26
RAY, A E WRIGHT, Mattie 1893-Aug-02
RAY, Al OWENS, Mary 1890-Nov-10
RAY, Alex FARMER, Alice 1889-Nov-18
RAY, Bailey BANKS, Rachel 1873-Oct-09
RAY, Ben MYERS, Savanah 1874-Feb-11
RAY, C W JOHNSON, Lily 1898-Mar-31
RAY, John WOODSON, Rittie 1872-Feb-10
RAY, Richard HALL, Artie 1876-Jan-13
RAYBURN, J M REED, Mamie 1898-Dec-14
RAYBURN, Silas MITCHELL, Lucy 1876-Feb-14
READ, Milton WILLIAMS, Mollie 1876-Feb-29
REECE, Ben SMITH, Martha 1873-Sep-09
REED, Elzy MARTIN, Milly 1874-Feb-14
REED, Joseph TUCKER, Eliza 1876-Jan-12
REEVES, J A MURPHREE, Mollie 1896-Nov-17
REED, Hilda CARR, Robert 1875-Nov-04
REED, Mamie RAYBURN, J M 1898-Dec-14
REEVES, Ella RESSAW, Clarke 1877-Jan-31
REEVES, Mary JONES, Friday 1872-Mar-12
REEVES, Mary SPROUSE, George 1896-Aug-06
REGAN, Lillie OREAN, Tom 1900-Feb-27
REGINS, Lena PEEK, J T 1894-Dec-26
RENNOLDS, Sallie SLAUGH, Joe 1877-Jun-19
REYNOLDS, N E Mrs NUNNERY, H J 1894-Sep-06
REYNOLDS, Rosa RILEY, George 1876-Jan-01
REYNOLDS, W J MILAM, Adelia 1888-Sep-22
RHODES, H M BUCHANAN, Monterie 1887-Dec-13
RIALES, W F MASSEY, M E Miss 1893-Nov-22
RICE, Ben MURPHREY, Matilda 1874-Dec-23
RICE, Chester DOWNS, Josephine 1875-Apr-01
RICE, Henderson OWENS, Mahala 1872-Jul-19
RICE, Lewis WALLACE, Luvennia 1877-Jan-24
RICE, Sam A HIGHTOWER, Tabitha 1892-Apr-07
RICHARDSON, Clark ALSTON, Emeline 1875-Dec-31
RICHARDSON, Harry ASKEW, Eliza 1871-Dec-12
RICHARDSON, Jones BUTLER, Laura 1875-Mar-22
RICHARDSON, Roland JOHNSON, Sarah 1871-Nov-11
RICHMOND, C L PARKERSON, Susie 1896-Apr-25
RIKARD, Henry BUCHANAN, Ida V 1888-Oct-22
RILES, M T FITE, Annie L Mrs 1897-Dec-24
RILEY, George REYNOLDS, Rosa 1876-Jan-01
ROBERSON, B A NICKLES, Lutie 1898-Jun-15
ROBERSON, M C BUTTS, Lizzie 1900-Feb-17
ROBERTS, Samuel DAVIS, Susana 1872-Feb-13
ROBERTSON, Albert CARTER, Celia 1876-Aug-19
ROBERTSON, Calvin DANDRIDGE, Addie 1872-Jul-08
ROBERTSON, J E FILE, Montie O 1897-Jan-05
ROBERTSON, J R PETTY, Amanda 1877-Jan-24
ROBINSON, David HUNT, Sallie 1873-Jul-10
ROBINSON, Jack WHITE, Francis Miss 1872-Mar-09
ROBINSON, Levi JONES, Mary 1873-May-22
ROBINSON, Levi THOMAS, Laura 1873-Jan-11
ROBINSON, Newton MORGAN, Susan 1873-Apr-11
ROBINSON, Parker LEE, Betsey 1873-Apr-24
ROBINSON, Sam JOHNSON, Eliza 1871-May-26
ROBINSON, T A MOSELEY, Tommie Ella 1895-Mar-11
ROBSON, J H HARDY, Ada 1896-May-05
ROCKET, Jacob BRASWELL, Cherry 1873-Dec-19
ROCKETT, Thomas FOX, Jane 1873-Feb-19
ROGERS, J L LEWEN, Ellen 1898-Jul-25
ROGERS, Marshall H BURNET, Maggie 1876-Jan-03
ROGERS, Peter ROBINSON, Carrie 1873-Mar-26
ROOKS, Henry WILSON, Malinda 1874-Dec-12
ROSE, W H CLUCKSCALES, Fannie 1895-Oct-03
ROWELL, Hilliard DRAKE, Alice 1872-Feb-10
ROWLAND, J R PARTAIN, Alice 1896-Jul-22
ROWLAND, J T RAY, Docia 1897-Dec-20
ROWLAND, M E NELSON, M G 1887-Jun-10
ROWZIE, Bill PORTER, Johann 1874-Feb-13
RUDD, Richard TUCKER, Susan 1876-Jul-19
RUDD, Timothy DOLLARD, Endora 1877-Feb-21
RUDISILL, A W HARMON, Sarah Mrs 1885-Oct-26
RUDISILL, A W YOUNG, Mary S 1887-Nov-04
RUFFIN, Louis ASKIN, Rosana 1876-Jan-06
RUFFIN, Robert WEELER, Kate 1891-Oct-08
RUFFIN, Scippiro LOCKHART, Ella 1875-Jan-06
RUSSEL, John BRAHAN, Mahala 1877-Mar-15
RUTHERFORD, J H ASHMORE, Ellen Mrs 1899-Feb-22
RUTLEDGE, Paul C HITCH, Dura 1893-Dec-23



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