Panola County Grooms

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PAGE, B B BOWEN, A M Miss 1885-Jul-20
PAGE, D J FARGUSON, Nora Bell 1894-Dec-24
PAINE, James ROSE, Annie 1873-Jan-22
PALMERTREE, Newt ARNOLD, Duffy 1896-Nov-05
PARKER, A J EUBANKS, Pearl 1895-Jul-03
PARKER, Ned KIRKWOOD, Maria 1877-Mar-06
PARKER, Ned WRIGHT, Laura 1871-Dec-15
PARKER, Perry LIGGON, Sylvia 1873-Feb-08
PARKER, Peter WHITE, Ellen 1873-Sep-13
PARKER, Robert M MIRROR, Pearl 1894-Mar-24
PARKISON, G W LAMBERT, Susie L 1888-Oct-08
PARNEL, Eugene H SORRELLS, Della 1888-Jan-14
PARNELL, E H CARTER, Alice 1899-Apr-04
PARTAIN, C R PRESSLEY, M R Miss 1887-Dec-23
PARTAIN, Lee WILSON, Johnnie Miss 1899-Mar-16
PARTAIN, W J DIXON, Susie 1890-Feb-06
PARTEE, Giles LACEY, Bettie 1873-Jan-29
PARTER, Monroe BOYCE, Ann 1876-Apr-29
PASCAL, Tom JONES, Lizzie 1876-Mar-13
PASS, Harrison HOP, Mandy 1873-Jan-11
PATRICK, Ed ORGON, Fannie 1894-Feb-02
PATTERSON, Richard WHITE, Julia 1873-Aug-09
PAYNE, R L LEGG, Bettie V 1894-May-09
PEARCE, D W DAVIS, Rosa 1893-Dec-22
PEARSON, L L LESTER, Daisy C 1893-Oct-05
PEEK, J T REGINS, Lena 1894-Dec-26
PENKEY, Edmund SHELTON, Lizzie 1872-Dec-18
PEPPER, A M BOOTHE, Lillian 1897-Apr-14
PERIE, George PERRY, Antonia 1872-Feb-03
PERKINS, John SMITH, Rosa 1897-Jan-21
PERKINS, White TRAYLOR, Melvia 1875-Jul-12
PERRY, A B Rev ROBERTS, Zuella W 1888-Nov-10
PERRY, Charles IRBY, Louisa Mrs 1874-Dec-22
PERRY, Lewis HARRIS, Fannie 1873-Jan-22
PERRY, Louis HARDY, Lizzie 1875-Nov-10
PETER, Green TOLIVER, Samilla 1876-Jun-10
PETERSEN, Soren PULLINS, M J Miss 1876-Sep-23
PETERSON, J W DODSON, Irene 1885-Jan-10
PETERSON, John LIGHT, Ada 1899-Jan-17
PETSEA, P H KEETON, Alice 1894-Nov-13
PETTY, W J LEMASTER, Mary 1899-Aug-31
PHILLIPS, John WALTON, Alcy 1875-Mar-03
PHILLIPS, John Wesley POWERS, Phoebe Ann 1872-Jan-12
PHILLIPS, L J CRAWFORD, Rosa B 1894-Jan-30
PINKSTON, J M EMMONS, Sallie 1894-Apr-26
PIPKIN, Walter DEATON, Bert Miss 1895-Jan-10
PIPKINS, Daniel KIDD, Georgie 1875-Feb-13
PITTS, Anderson WOOTTEN, Cynthia 1871-Dec-01
PITTS, Daniel WRIGHT, Fishy 1873-Mar-01
PLUMER, Wm SMITH, Lucie 1876-May-11
POGUE, Louis JONES, Maria 1871-May-27
POINTER, Phil Jr MCGEHEE, Pattie W 1890-May-20
POLK, Henry POLLARD, Anger 1872-Dec-20
POLK, Jnos ALDRIDGE, Beulah 1894-Sep-26
POLLARD, A C MCCULLAR, Ella M 1899-Jan-09
POLLARD, John MCCAULEY, Louisa 1871-Dec-05
POPE, George BANKS, Rosa 1875-Nov-22
POPE, Wylie JONES, Margret 1872-Mar-27
PORE, Robert JONES, Della 1873-Feb-19
PORTER, B M HUNTER, Iza 1898-Nov-07
PORTER, Daniel HEWLETT, Nancy 1873-Feb-26
PORTER, Eddie E HARDIE, John C 1897-Dec-29
PORTER, J D BELL, Hattie 1896-Jan-25
PORTER, J J CLOGSTON, Fannie 1889-Mar-20
PORTER, Jack RILEY, Maria 1873-Apr-09
PORTER, Ned HOLLIWAY, Martha 1877-Mar-15
POTEETE, L W LOVE, M E Miss 1896-Feb-22
POTEETE, W A OLIPHANT, H A Miss 1899-Jun-23
POTEETE, W S OLIPHANT, R J Miss 1894-Jun-20
POTTS, Doctor SORSBY, Frances Miss 1874-May-22
POTTS, Van E LESTER, Virgie 1897-Oct-14
POWELL, Hensley JOHNSON, Pleasant 1874-Dec-21
PRATCHER, Edmond JOHNSON, Sallie 1876-Feb-26
PRATCHER, J J ROOKS, Sallie 1876-Mar-11
PRATCHER, Joseph MALONE, Lucy 1872-Dec-16
PRESLER, Arthur BLACK, Nancy 1896-Jan-17
PRESSLEY, J M WELLS, Josie 1898-Dec-13
PRICE, Rice SMITH, Bettie 1872-Oct-07
PRICE, Rice WILLIAMSON, Lucinda 1875-Mar-02
PRICE, Silas WATKINS, Nolla 1875-Dec-25
PRINCE, Colombus PETERS, Callie 1877-Jan-16
PRINCE, L G SHEGOG, Lucy 1898-Nov-21
PRINCE, Levi POLLARD, Mary 1872-Dec-31
PRINCE, Willie HAZLEWOOD, Harriet 1877-Feb-10
PUGH, Scott HUBBARD, Nellie 1875-Sep-10
PUGH, T D SHIELDS, Ella 1894-Dec-26
PURDY, Henry MERRIWETHER, Mattie 1875-Jan-30
PURTEN, Morgan MASON, Sallie Mrs 1874-May-15
QUARLES, Mcduffy RAMSEY, Jane Mrs 1874-Aug-31



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