Panola County Grooms

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NABORNS, Jno W HOOD, Alice 1896-Nov-10
NANCE, Edward GORDON, Nancy 1874-Feb-11
NANCY, Thursday BRUNT, Orange 1871-Jul-06
NEAL, Edmund BAYNE, Bettie 1872-Dec-25
NEEL, Handy CARTER, Julia A 1875-Jul-22
NELSON, Allen FLOYD, Eliza 1876-Dec-26
NELSON, Allen ORR, Martha 1874-Mar-27
NELSON, Augustus HAMMER, Harriet 1874-Jun-26
NELSON, Bras MCKINNEY, Celia 1874-Aug-19
NELSON, David BROWN, Bettie 1873-Feb-27
NELSON, Elbert HUGHS, Susan 1876-Dec-01
NELSON, J B DOVERS, Lena 1893-Jan-18
NELSON, Joseph ORR, Sarah A 1872-Mar-29
NELSON, Lewis ROBERTSON, Parthenia 1874-Sep-24
NELSON, M G ROWLAND, M E 1887-Jun-10
NELSON, Moses CARLTON, Fronia 1874-Dec-28
NELSON, Phillip MCKINNEY, Caroline 1871-Oct-24
NELSON, Sam M WRIGHT, Ruby 1892-Jan-14
NEWBORN, John HANNON, Gracie 1874-Apr-17
NIMS, Sam BRONSON, Katie 1872-Feb-29
NOLAN, Fred BUCKNER, Beatrice 1874-Jan-07
NORMAN, Joe JONES, Clara 1876-Jul-12
NORRIS, Henry BUTTERWORTH, Amanda 1871-Aug-03
NORRIS, Seaborn THOMPSON, Lou 1872-Jan-30
NORWOOD, Dennis CRUMP, Mariah 1871-Nov-17
NORWOOD, Robert MENNIFIT, Hannah 1876-Dec-02
NOVINGTON, Alex HUNT, Parthena 1873-Oct-02
NUNALLY, Thomas JONES, Maria 1875-Apr-22
NUNNERY, H J REYNOLDS, N E Mrs 1894-Sep-06
OCONNER, J E SPENCER, Maude 1899-Dec-13
OCONNER, R P SHOEMAKER, Harriet 1885-Jan-31
OGLETEN, Enoch BASCOMB, Lucy 1876-Aug-05
OLDHAM, R E BREWER, M M Miss 1896-Jan-24
OLDHAM, W V HARRIS, H H Miss 1892-Mar-12
OLDHAM, W W SCOTT, E D Miss 1898-Jan-11
OLIPHANT, G L JONES, Mary 1894-Sep-11
OLIPHANT, Lucius SHIELDS, Eva 1895-May-29
OLIVER, George WILBOURN, Harriet 1871-Dec-16
OLIVER, Henry PALMER, Sarah 1873-Dec-25
OLIVER, Jack NICHOLS, Emilene 1874-Dec-26
OLIVER, Lindsey FRANKLIN, Florence 1873-Apr-28
ONEAL, Felix BOLAND, Frances Miss 1892-Jul-26
ONEILL, M WILLIAMS, Mattie Mrs 1897-May-27
OREAN, Tom REGAN, Lillie 1900-Feb-27
ORR, Edward R MCCOY, Eugenia F 1897-Nov-24
ORR, Joe BROOKS, Sallie 1875-Jul-06
ORR, Richard NELSON, Huldy 1875-Sep-11
OSBORN, Jack COLLINS, Hariet 1877-Mar-29
OSBORNE, Pitcher GRANT, Malinda 1873-Jan-22
OSBOURN, Frank PRICE, Anna 1876-Sep-27
OSSIE, William HARRIS, Hannah 1876-Feb-16
OWENS, D H FARMER, Ada 1889-Jun-07
OWENS, H D WEATHERS, Leoha 1896-Dec-01



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