Panola County Grooms

K - L

KAYKENDOLL, Samuel HASKINS, Patsey 1875-Jan-06
KEARNEY, Oscar HARRIS, Annie 1871-Dec-23
KEATING, Peter HOWARD, Maggie 1895-Feb-08
KEATING, T W WOOD, Gertrude 1895-Dec-21
KEESCONDALL, James KING, Sally 1875-Jan-25
KEETON, H S JORDAN, S H Miss 1895-Mar-29
KEITH, Ben LAWSON, Laura 1874-Apr-30
KEITH, W W KINCHLOE, Addie Mrs 1887-Apr-02
KELLEY, Brady HOLDEN, Frances Miss 1897-Jun-18
KELLEY, James A STOVALL, Pearl 1893-Dec-22
KELLOGG, J E MATHEWS, Mabel 1899-Dec-26
KENNEDY, J T RAY, Lillie 1886-Jun-01
KERKENDALL, Robert VAUGHAN, Lizzie 1876-Dec-01
KERR, Reuben HIGHTOWER, Mollie 1874-Jan-30
KEYS, W B WRIGHT, Cora 1897-Dec-23
KIBLER, J H CARLTON, Ora H 1893-Oct-18
KIBLER, J H LOW, Mattie L 1899-Nov-30
KIETH, N W ELLIS, T V Miss 1896-Jan-21
KILGORE, J R RAY, Lula B 1892-Mar-31
KILLEBREW, John HOLLOWAY, Priscilla 1874-Jan-10
KILPATRICK, C T STILL, Cora 1896-Jan-20
KILPATRICK, Eugene MOORE, Medin 1898-Dec-27
KING, Charles E CARTER, Nannie 1891-Oct-30
KING, Giles REDMON, Rachel 1873-Jan-15
KING, H J PEARCE, L L Miss 1889-Mar-16
KING, J W POLLARD, Clara 1898-Nov-28
KING, Jno J BANDY, Pearl 1898-Nov-14
KING, Richard SCALLORNS, Bettie L 1885-Dec-16
KING, Solomon MORRIS, Lucy 1871-Dec-27
KING, Thomas MORRIS, M Miss 1872-Jul-03
KIRK, Rubin MINNENS, Alice 1876-Jan-25
KIRKENDALL, Emanuel BOING, Martha 1871-Apr-06
KIRKWOOD, Cato FREDRICK, Jane 1875-Jun-05
KNOX, George JACKSON, Amanda 1873-May-29
KUYKENDALL, Benjamin KUYKENDALL, Francis Miss 1875-Aug-26
KUYKENDALL, Henrietta JOHNSON, Benjamin 1874-Jan-22
KUYKENDALL, Lewis CRAWFORD, Margret 1872-Mar-30
KUYKENDALL, Thomas VAUGHAN, Fannie 1872-Sep-02
KYLE, A S HEFLIN, Mary F 1885-Jan-28
KYLE, J M JACKSON, Minnie 1896-Nov-25
LADD, Reuben LADD, Parthenia 1871-Dec-25
LAIRD, Henderson ARCHIBALD, Eliza 1872-Sep-21
LAIRD, Jeff JONES, Parilie 1876-Jun-16
LAKE, George POINTER, Annie E 1897-Feb-10
LAMB, E B HERRING, Lula 1900-Nov-10
LAMB, Francis M BERRY, Mattie 1900-Mar-08
LAMB, L B HERRING, Bessie 1899-Feb-13
LAMB, S R CHAMBLIN, Annie 1897-Oct-28
LAMBERT, Abram GRIFFIN, Laura 1875-Mar-29
LAMBERT, Emile BREWER, Beldora 1887-Jan-17
LAMBERT, Eugene BARKFIELD, Nancy 1873-Dec-23
LAND, A T FORRESTER, H L Miss 1899-Nov-01
LAND, J W PORTER, Stella 1897-Oct-06
LAND, John JACKSON, Mag 1899-Jun-23
LANDRUM, Zack P HARRIS, Mary L 1888-Oct-11
LANE, John HUGGINS, Francis Miss 1873-Feb-24
LANINE, G L BURNETT, Sallie E 1898-Sep-28
LATHAM, Felix BROOKS, Dora 1872-Sep-26
LATHAM, James PERSON, Mollie Mrs 1875-Aug-25
LAUGHLIN, Walter KEYKENDALL, Bettie 1898-Mar-16
LAWSON, James WALKER, Dilly 1872-Feb-23
LAWSON, Melvin LUCAS, Alice 1875-Aug-24
LEDBETTER, Asbury VAUGHN, Annie 1874-Dec-05
LEDBETTER, Jordan HUNT, Nancy 1872-Oct-28
LEDBETTER, Madison BORDSBY, Agnes 1873-Feb-17
LEE, Jhn RAY, Amanda 1873-Mar-14
LEE, Lafayette ORR, Harriet 1872-Mar-29
LEE, Pleasant LEE, Easter 1872-Feb-28
LEE, R E OREAR, M E Miss 1898-Feb-24
LEE, T M RUTLEDGE, Alice 1899-Aug-26
LEE, W A B JONES, M S Miss 1896-Feb-24
LEECH, Robert KILGORE, Maria 1872-Nov-10
LEECH, Robert KILGOUR, Maria 1873-Nov-10
LEGER, Eugene FREEMAN, Florence 1886-Dec-27
LEGER, J C CARUTHERS, F L Miss 1892-Sep-27
LEGGETT, L D MOORE, Jennie L 1891-Dec-16
LEIDBETTER, Jordan HUGHES, Nancy 1872-Aug-15
LEIGH, O C LEIGH, Lou Nannie 1895-Sep-10
LEMASTER, Will P WALKER, Sadie B 1900-Dec-23
LEMSER, C J JONES, M E Miss 1896-Nov-16
LESTER, King POLLARD, Martha 1872-Sep-13
LESTER, L Brox DRANE, Neal Miss 1897-May-17
LESTER, Orange DARBY, Harriet 1872-Jan-19
LEWERS, Hamp LEWERS, Sallie 1872-Apr-04
LEWERS, Sam Fisher ASKEN, Sarah 1871-Sep-23
LEWERS, Thomas STEWART, Julia 1872-Apr-09
LEWIS, A O HILL, Cora Lee 1899-Apr-25
LEWIS, Allie DARBY, Mary 1896-Dec-22
LEWIS, Arthur BEARD, Laura 1895-Dec-14
LEWIS, E A WOOTEN, Ella 1896-Nov-24
LEWIS, Jacob DAVIS, Rachel 1871-Aug-04
LEWIS, Joe NELSON, Clara 1876-Sep-19
LIGHT, J A COLEMAN, Martha 1888-Feb-23
LIGHT, J A DORGHETY, Frances Miss 1893-Dec-19
LIGHT, L M TOWLER, Belle 1896-Dec-15
LILLY, Joe CROFFORD, Anna 1873-Jul-12
LINDER, F B Dr WILSON, Georgia 1894-Jun-15
LINDSEY, Charles LOMAX, Jane 1875-Sep-17
LIPE, M W WALTERS, L C Miss 1893-Dec-21
LIPSEY, W O YOUNG, Chrssy S 1890-Nov-25
LITTLE, David SPALDING, Doria 1876-Apr-19
LITTLE, John WHILSON, Emily 1872-Dec-12
LITTLE, Robert POLK, Fannie 1877-Feb-07
LLOYD, W B THOMAS, Connie 1890-Nov-13
LOCKE, Bob MILAM, Mollie 1876-Mar-15
LOFLAND, Jim SMITH, Lucinda 1873-Jan-11
LOMAX, Ben WILBOURN, Antionett 1872-Nov-11
LONG, Richard PIPKINS, Lucinda 1876-Sep-20
LOONEY, Frank HERRING, Sindey 1894-Mar-27
LOTT, Adrain DHORSTY, Amanda 1885-Aug-08
LOUIS, Doc PUGH, Tilda 1872-Mar-05
LOVE, A C LYONS, Francie 1876-Feb-12
LOVE, Gus GREEN, Emma 1874-Feb-06
LOVE, Jack POINTER, Lucinda 1873-Feb-01
LOVE, Jim JEFFRIES, Matt Miss 1873-Jan-17
LOVE, Ned DAVIS, Susan 1872-Mar-16
LOWE, Albert JONES, Eliza 1874-Dec-16
LOWE, Albert LOWE, Larrah 1876-Mar-25
LUCEY, A N CROSSTHWAITE, Alliee 1898-Sep-07
LUTER, T L KNOX, Chalmers 1895-Sep-18
LYLE, Barney TALBOT, Sarah Mrs 1874-Dec-11



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