Panola County Grooms

I - J

IRBY, A G WILBOURN, F D Miss 1888-Oct-08
IRBY, Armstead ANDERSON, Mary Boothe 1874-Oct-02
IRBY, Dabney G WALL, Nettie 1894-Nov-21
IRBY, F B DYER, Cornelia L 1889-Oct-29
IRBY, H W HONESTEAD, Blanch 1887-Oct-21
IRBY, John Henry RANDOLPH, Sallie 1877-Feb-17
IRBY, Robert CRIPLEY, Viney 1875-Nov-15
IRBY, W B KINCHLOA, Fannie M 1889-Dec-23
IRBY, Wilson KYLE, Louellen 1874-Jan-01
IRVIN, James MACK, Mary 1873-Jan-06
IRVING, Benj JACKSON, Jemima 1873-Nov-21
IRVING, Griffin MACK, Caroline 1871-Dec-25
IRVING, William MCNEAL, Anna 1872-Aug-16
ISOM, James HARRIS, Louisa 1876-Dec-23
JACKSON, Andrew SMITH, Sela 1872-Dec-20
JACKSON, E R HENDERSON, Jessie Miss 1889-Jan-11
JACKSON, Ephraim BRUCE, Mattie 1897-Oct-06
JACKSON, George BOYCE, Rosa 1877-Feb-22
JACKSON, George MIXERS, Rosa Lee 1895-Aug-21
JACKSON, I S WILBOURNE, Ella V 1895-Nov-16
JACKSON, Isaac DAWSON, Annie 1871-Jun-26
JACKSON, J S MITCHELL, Edna 1889-Apr-27
JACKSON, Joe HANKS, Becky 1873-Jan-09
JACKSON, Kit RANDOLPH, Ellen 1871-Dec-08
JACKSON, R F JONES, R A Miss 1897-Nov-16
JACKSON, Richard THOMAS, Emma 1874-Dec-18
JACKSON, Tucker JACKSON, Milly 1873-Apr-05
JACKSON, Washington MIDDLETON, Hannah 1873-Jan-03
JACKSON, William OLIVER, Lucie 1876-Jan-28
JACKSON, William SHEGOG, Priss 1875-Dec-28
JACO, C C RAY, Lillie M 1895-Mar-28
JACO, Thomas H NELSON, Alice R 1891-Dec-02
JACO, Wallace FITTS, Pollie 1895-Sep-10
JAMES, Jacob HARMON, Amanda 1871-Dec-10
JAMISON, G N SCALLORN, Martha H 1897-Apr-14
JARDON, John DARBY, Nannie 1899-Mar-31
JARRATTE, R S MITCHELL, Kotzie 1896-Dec-22
JARRETT, W T RAYBURN, M A Miss 1895-Sep-28
JEFFERSON, John ELLIS, Mattie 1871-Dec-28
JEFFREYS, Henry PERKINS, Margaret 1876-Mar-04
JENKINS, James HARMON, Charlotte 1875-Jan-06
JENNING, Sidney ROWELL, Harriett 1876-Jan-18
JENNINGS, Crockett JONES, Maria 1871-Dec-26
JENNINGS, J D Jr BROWN, Burta 1887-Nov-29
JENNINGS, J W WHITE, E L Miss 1894-Dec-26
JENNINGS, O S HELMS, Ida 1900-Apr-18
JENNINGS, R L LUSK, Lorrel 1897-Nov-24
JENNINGS, S T MANNING, Lula V 1898-May-21
JOHNSON, A J GREENER, Lucy Irene 1893-Dec-14
JOHNSON, Abraham WALLACE, Rena 1872-Dec-28
JOHNSON, Ben GARETT, Sallie 1871-Jul-18
JOHNSON, Ben HARRIS, Lilly 1871-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Ben MAGEE, Malinda 1876-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Ben STEDMAN, Clara 1874-Feb-13
JOHNSON, Benjamin KUYKENDALL, Henrietta 1874-Jan-22
JOHNSON, Charley DANDRIDGE, Jennie 1873-Jun-12
JOHNSON, Clinton PETTY, Eady 1874-Jun-04
JOHNSON, D E WALTEN, Sarah J 1876-Feb-02
JOHNSON, D R THORN, Daisy 1895-Feb-11
JOHNSON, Doe LEWIS, Tilda 1875-Sep-10
JOHNSON, Elias INGRAM, Mary 1872-Jan-04
JOHNSON, G T RIKARD, E R Miss 1900-Nov-23
JOHNSON, G W JOHNSON, Mary 1889-Nov-19
JOHNSON, George BOWEN, Letty 1875-Mar-31
JOHNSON, Harry SHELTON, Nelly 1871-Dec-18
JOHNSON, Henry FOSTER, Maria 1873-Oct-23
JOHNSON, Henry PRATCHER, Mollie 1877-Jan-23
JOHNSON, J W BLANKENSHIP, Mollie F 1886-May-11
JOHNSON, Jerry SIMMONS, Ellen 1873-Oct-01
JOHNSON, John BRADFORD, Anna 1873-Feb-19
JOHNSON, Lamb MURPHY, Nancy 1871-Oct-14
JOHNSON, Lee HOSKINS, Fanny 1872-Jul-06
JOHNSON, Levi JONES, Susan 1873-Mar-15
JOHNSON, Manuel STAPLES, Ann 1876-Jan-13
JOHNSON, Matt COLLIER, Eulah 1889-Dec-10
JOHNSON, Mose JONES, Lucy 1873-Apr-12
JOHNSON, O A POLLARD, Z L Miss 1900-Dec-18
JOHNSON, Ollin DAVIS, Amop Miss 1871-Sep-30
JOHNSON, Samuel STEVENS, Callie 1874-Dec-21
JOHNSON, Silas NESBIT, Lizzie 1877-Feb-07
JOHNSON, Thomas KIRKWOOD, Hester 1873-Mar-14
JOHNSON, Trimble MCGEE, Sarah 1874-Oct-02
JOHNSON, Will E JACKSON, E E Miss 1894-Jan-31
JOHNSON, William COLEMAN, Abby 1871-Dec-25
JOHNSON, Wm JONES, Jane 1876-Aug-25
JOINER, Joseph FOX, Josana 1877-Jan-13
JOINER, Tom GOODNIGHT, Alice 1899-Mar-24
JONES, Alex SCALLOIN, Charlotte 1873-Jan-24
JONES, Asa VANCE, Isabbel 1872-Sep-03
JONES, Atlas JONES, Lucilla 1876-Jan-05
JONES, Charley NEALS, Patsey 1871-Dec-28
JONES, Clarke NELSON, Anna 1873-Oct-29
JONES, D S HELMS, Stella 1898-Jan-18
JONES, E D LAMB, Emma 1888-Dec-27
JONES, Eli JOURDON, Mollie 1871-Dec-25
JONES, F M PORE, Elizabeth 1873-Feb-19
JONES, Friday REEVES, Mary 1872-Mar-12
JONES, George MITCHELL, Mollie 1872-Jul-19
JONES, Haywood BUTLER, Georgia 1872-Dec-31
JONES, Henry DAVIS, Jane 1872-Jul-25
JONES, Henry GRAY, Ritta 1872-Feb-13
JONES, Henry JACKSON, Hannah 1872-Jan-01
JONES, Henry MCKINNEY, Josie 1871-Dec-26
JONES, Henry SIMPSON, Lou 1873-Oct-10
JONES, Henry WILLIAMS, Sarah Mrs 1874-Apr-22
JONES, J J JONES, Emma 1876-Jan-13
JONES, J R GREEN, M S Mrs 1895-Dec-02
JONES, J W CAMERON, Mattie 1885-Jan-22
JONES, Jack THOMAS, Sainty 1875-Mar-13
JONES, James BURNS, Sarah Ann 1874-Jan-28
JONES, Joe WILSON, Martha 1876-Dec-13
JONES, John BLACK, Martha 1872-Feb-13
JONES, John EBENS, Rosie 1874-May-09
JONES, John ELLIS, Elizabeth 1875-Dec-16
JONES, John FARLEY, Rosanna 1872-Apr-27
JONES, John HIBLER, Lizzie 1876-Jun-06
JONES, Lewis TAYLOR, Anirah 1876-Mar-15
JONES, Louis JEANS, Rosa 1876-Jan-26
JONES, M E GRISTE, J M Miss 1895-Nov-25
JONES, Manuel BUTLER, Ellen 1875-Dec-31
JONES, Matt ROBINSON, Julia 1873-Nov-15
JONES, Miles SHARP, Zona 1872-Aug-15
JONES, Montgomery HUNTER, M J 1876-Jan-31
JONES, Myers CARTER, Matt Miss 1875-Mar-17
JONES, Parrip BISHOP, Jennie 1876-Jun-29
JONES, Preston MCGEHEE, Sydney Miss 1872-Oct-25
JONES, R B WHITTEN, Rosa 1897-Aug-11
JONES, Reese WHITE, Matthew 1873-Mar-08
JONES, Robert JOHNSON, Harriett 1876-Aug-24
JONES, Robert JONES, Lou 1876-Apr-08
JONES, Sam FREEMAN, Catherine 1877-Jan-16
JONES, Samuel MIDDLETON, Sarah 1877-Jan-22
JONES, Seale Smith RANDOLPH, Addie May 1896-Jun-17
JONES, Sebo CALLAS, Lou 1872-Dec-13
JONES, Stephen BAUGH, Susan A 1875-Jan-27
JONES, Tennessee BANKS, Silas 1876-Jan-07
JONES, Thomas BROWN, Julia 1876-May-18
JONES, Thomas DUGGEN, Lizzie 1872-Jun-28
JONES, Thomas STEPHENS, Ardena 1875-Jan-08
JONES, Tom ROBINSON, Laura 1873-Jan-01
JONES, Tom STRICKLAND, Easter 1876-Oct-20
JONES, William DICKENS, Annet 1876-Dec-27
JONES, William JACKSON, P Miss 1876-Feb-22
JONES, William YOUNG, Adoline 1877-Jan-03
JONES, Wilson PALMER, Francis Miss 1872-Dec-24
JORDAN, John EPPINGHEN, Lizzie 1875-Jan-21
JOYNER, Phillip GRAY, Emma 1872-Jan-13
JOYNER, William AVANT, Harriett 1872-Aug-31
JUDGE, Wesley HEARINGS, Lena 1872-Nov-23



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