Panola County Grooms


CALDWELL, Charles HORN, Patsey 1872-May-21
CALDWELL, Charles WESTMORELAND, Sarah 1876-Oct-13
CALDWELL, H M LAMB, Addie Mary 1897-Oct-23
CALDWELL, Julius HEBLER, Harriet 1872-Jun-08
CALDWELL, Tobe SMITH, Amy 1875-Mar-13
CALHOUN, Lawson TERRY, Charity 1874-Dec-26
CALLAHAN, Richard SYKES, Mollie 1899-Nov-13
CAMERON, Robert E COBB, Minnie 1889-Jan-08
CAMPBELL, Albert AVANT, Emily 1872-Dec-26
CAMPBELL, D H HARRIS, Hattie May 1886-Dec-18
CAMPBELL, Griffin ROUSE, Eugenia 1873-Mar-15
CAMPBELL, Michael SLEDGE, Inez D 1887-Feb-21
CAMPBELL, R C PAGE, Lydia V 1886-Dec-06
CAMPBELL, Robert B CAMPBELL, Maggie 1889-Feb-20
CAMPBELL, W O LIPE, Edna 1899-May-15
CANSLER, Cud SEATON, Jane 1876-Oct-30
CARGILL, Henry JORDON, Harriet 1873-Oct-20
CARLETON, Edmond MCGEHEE, Tilda 1873-Mar-14
CARLETON, Jim WEBB, Ellen 1872-Dec-23
CARLETON, Sam BOOTH, Caroline 1872-Dec-23
CARLISLE, W C STARNES, E B Miss 1895-Dec-07
CARLTON, L D RUFFIN, Rosa 1888-Nov-28
CARLTON, W T MITCHELL, L C Mrs 1896-Dec-29
CARPENTER, Berry BROWN, Amelia 1876-Jun-10
CARPENTER, Thomas OLIVER, Amanda 1876-Jun-03
CARR, Henry SWANN, Lloyd Miss 1899-May-07
CARR, Robert REED, Hilda 1875-Nov-04
CARROLL, H A HARRISON, Mollie 1874-Dec-30
CARTER, Anderson MADDOX, Hester 1873-Jun-14
CARTER, George LAIRD, Tobitha 1877-Jan-04
CARTER, J A BREWER, Laura 1891-Jul-06
CARTER, J R SHANDS, Mollie 1885-May-04
CARTER, M D Jr ECKLES, Florence 1896-Nov-03
CARUTHERS, B K ROBINSON, Zulie 1886-Feb-06
CARUTHERS, L S NICKLES, Addie Boyd 1899-Dec-07
CARVAN, A L WALTERS, Tommie Miss 1893-Jul-05
CARVAN, F M ALLEN, J H 1893-Apr-20
CARVER, Isaac RUNALDS, Maria 1876-Dec-26
CASEY, Thomas DIFE, Fannie May 1891-Sep-15
CATHEY, Alexander JONES, Mittie 1886-Oct-04
CATHEY, Thadeus F HOLDEN, Mittie L 1885-Feb-16
CATHY, Alford ADAMS, Fannie 1876-Jan-06
CAVETT, G P DUKE, Minnie 1895-Nov-20
CHALK, R A BRUCE, Catherine M 1899-Jun-28
CHALMERS, Henderson DANRIDGE, Frances Miss 1871-Dec-27
CHAMBERLAIN, Steve CHAPMAN, Melissa 1871-Oct-07
CHAMBLIN, Anddy LEALON, Ida 1876-Jan-27
CHAMBLIN, W D JOHNSON, Mattie 1888-Dec-07
CHAPMAN, Charley BRADFORD, Mollie 1871-Oct-14
CHAPMAN, R E BROWN, Lula 1898-Apr-16
CHARLEY, John BURHAM, Lula 1889-Dec-09
CHILDRESS, W P DONAHUE, B A Miss 1886-Dec-27
CHILDRESS, Wm STRICKLAND, Maggie 1897-Feb-10
CHRISTIAN, Hudson BERRY, Amanda 1876-Feb-19
CLANTON, Freeman WILBOURN, Melia 1875-Sep-07
CLARK, James LAWSON, Maria 1876-May-27
CLARKE, David JONES, Addie 1874-Sep-19
CLARKE, James THOMAS, Ann 1873-Dec-24
CLASBERRY, Monday MACKLIN, Melisa 1875-Sep-11
CLAYTON, S M POSLEY, Clara 1898-Sep-14
CLEMENS, John ROSEBOROUGH, Mary 1876-Mar-15
CLEVANT, Charley MOORE, Rachael 1876-Feb-04
CLINE, M E LOVE, Mary 1889-Sep-19
CLINKSCOLES, Hamilton HARDY, Sarah 1875-Sep-15
COBB, Jeffie STURGESS, Amanda 1899-Dec-23
COFEN, John GORMAN, Katie 1874-May-02
COFFMAN, D G RAY, Othella 1891-Jan-30
COLE, Calvin EDWARDS, Edie 1873-Mar-18
COLE, John VAUGHAN, Viney 1873-Feb-12
COLE, Richard VAUGHAN, Laura 1873-Feb-06
COLEMAN, D G KESTLER, Mollie L 1900-Jun-15
COLEMAN, E P CARUTHERS, Lyde 1886-Sep-10
COLEMAN, Granville MCGEHEE, Grace 1872-Mar-07
COLEMAN, Newton J JOHNSON, Ella M 1898-Dec-03
COLEMAN, Sam WALLACE, Adaline 1871-May-12
COLEMAN, William LEWIS, Adaline 1875-May-20
COLES, Willis TOLIVER, Georgiana 1876-May-08
COLLIER, C L BAKER, A E Miss 1894-Jan-13
COLLINS, Charles TRYSON, Frisby 1872-Jul-24
COLLINS, Dan LOMAX, Emily 1876-Mar-07
COLLINS, J J PERRY, Hellena F 1897-Jul-03
COLLINS, J M LEWELLEN, Mary 1896-Feb-15
COLLINS, J W BRANCH, Pricie 1900-Dec-18
CONNER, Anthony MOORE, Francis Miss 1876-May-22
CONNER, Isaac SMITH, Nannie 1874-Dec-11
CONNOR, Turner TAYLOR, Betsey 1875-Feb-05
COOK, Joe STOVALL, Irbie 1892-Jun-25
COOLEY, R N ARNOLD, Molly 1872-Aug-06
COOPER, George HUBBARD, Maria 1875-Jan-11
COOPER, Lewis TUCKER, Jennie 1873-Aug-07
COOPER, S D FRIZZELL, Ida M Mrs 1893-Jun-11
COPELAND, L W WHITE, Gertrude S 1897-Aug-16
CORK, Frank TAYLOR, Rosa 1889-Mar-23
CORPPAGE, George HIGHTOWER, Polly 1876-May-27
COTTON, J C THOMPSON, Pris 1876-Feb-29
COTTON, Jesse SWEENY, Maria 1872-Jan-16
COX, Edwin MCLEAN, Polly 1875-Oct-07
COX, H C Jr STILL, Eula 1896-Dec-10
COX, H C Jr WYNNE, Mattie 1900-Dec-11
COX, J C SEBBY, Lillie 1899-Dec-23
COX, J M BLANN, Lula 1888-Dec-12
COX, Patrick NORRIS, Lizzie 1875-Apr-28
COX, Phillip BEARLAND, Mollie 1875-Sep-18
COX, Thomas STREET, Lucinda 1872-Dec-25
CRAIG, J J GOFF, Nellie 1898-Nov-22
CRAWFORD, Abraham BARRINGER, Milly 1875-Jul-22
CRAWFORD, F B FITTS, Florence G 1888-May-12
CRAWFORD, George LAUSON, Evaline 1874-Jan-21
CRAWFORD, Isaac HARRIS, Roselee 1876-Feb-15
CRAWFORD, J C HOLCOMB, Rue H 1890-Jan-27
CRAWFORD, T W PARTAIN, Nora 1889-Dec-25
CRAWLEY, Albert HOUSTON, Caroline 1876-Apr-07
CRAWLEY, J H WRIGHT, Ada J 1893-Aug-02
CRAWLEY, J I LAMBERT, M E Miss 1898-Feb-26
CRAWLEY, William WOODS, Callie 1894-Sep-15
CRENSHAW, Ike SARSBY, Viney 1873-Jan-30
CRIDDLE, Alfred HEWLITT, Millie 1872-Dec-21
CRIPLEY, Jacob MCFADDEN, Hannah Mrs 1875-Nov-17
CROSIER, Wesley MIDDLETON, Ellen 1872-Aug-31
CROSWAIT, A L RICHARDSON, Fannie Mrs 1894-Jan-27
CROZIER, George JEFFERSON, Martha Ann 1874-Aug-28
CROZIER, James SHAW, Eliza 1873-Jan-13
CRUMBY, J M BELCHER, Lizzie 1893-Mar-27
CRUMBY, J M BLAKELEY, Mollie 1896-Mar-31
CRUTCHER, George T NEEL, Fannie E 1898-Aug-16
CUMMINGS, W A DODSON, M E Miss 1894-Nov-28
CURRY, William PIERCE, Nancy 1875-Oct-06
CURTIS, John SIKES, Martha 1871-Aug-11



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