Panola County Grooms


ABBOTT, J A EVERSON, Cecile 1896-Oct-30
ABERNATHY, W D BISHOP, Nannie E 1886-Mar-13
ABRAM, John STRICKLAND, Emma 1896-Jan-08
ACKLE, John MCCAY, Lizzie 1895-Oct-25
ADAIN, Isone HUDSON, Emma 1874-Dec-19
ADAMS, John BOYD, Lula 1875-Apr-27
ADAMS, Robert BYARS, Lucinda 1876-Dec-22
ADAMS, W W ELLIS, Laura 1896-Jun-29
ADAMS, William J WORTHEM, Julia Mrs 1899-Aug-14
ADDISON, Henry WILBOURN, Eliza 1874-Aug-27
ADKINS, O S WRIGHT, Lizzie Miss 1899-Mar-02
ALBRIGHT, Randall MCKINNEY, Emily 1875-Jan-11
ALEWINE, J H DRAPER, Martha 1886-Sep-29
ALEXANDER, Frank HENDERSON, Fanny 1871-Dec-26
ALEXANDER, Frank HENDERSON, Nancy 1871-Dec-31
ALEXANDER, Ike CRUMP, Annie 1891-Mar-15
ALEXANDER, Jim PARTER, Jessie ????-Apr-17
ALEXANDER, Jim PORTER, Jessie 1898-Apr-16
ALEXANDER, Milton BEALL, Mary E 1892-Dec-27
ALEXANDER, R J SPENCER, Barney 1891-Nov-19
ALEXANDER, W C BARNES, Rachel 1893-Jan-05
ALLEN, A B HUDSON, Mariah 1884-Jul-06
ALLEN, Charles HUNT, Lindy 1891-Jan-06
ALLEN, Charles RODGERS, Malisse 1893-Mar-05
ALLEN, Charley JONES, Mattie 1900-Mar-10
ALLEN, Doca BIVENS, Minerva 1893-Oct-19
ALLEN, Dock LALIVER, Lori 1896-Oct-17
ALLEN, Douglas PITMAN, Margarette 1876-Mar-11
ALLEN, Douglass PITMAN, Margarette 1876-Mar-01
ALLEN, Douglass WHITE, Fannie 1890-Dec-30
ALLEN, J C YOUNG, Florence 1890-Dec-17
ALLEN, J C YOUNG, Florence M 1890-Dec-16
ALLEN, J H CARVAN, F M 1893-Apr-20
ALLEN, J H CARVAN, F M Miss 1893-Apr-19
ALLEN, R L WATSON, Julia 1899-Nov-14
ALLEN, William BURNS, Ann 1873-Mar-15
ALOWSEN, John BLANKENSHIP, Rosa 1877-Feb-17
ALSTON, Ben SHEGOG, Margret 1874-Jan-07
ALVERSON, J C BOXLEY, Katie 1886-Dec-27
ANDERSON, Albert LAFLAND, Mandy 1873-Dec-25
ANDERSON, Alonzo JONES, Lucy 1875-Dec-16
ANDERSON, David ORR, Cathern 1876-Mar-22
ANDERSON, Henry LEWIS, Callie 1876-Mar-07
ANDERSON, J A JACOBS, Josie 1873-Nov-22
ANDERSON, Nelson ROBERTSON, Patsey 1875-Mar-09
ANDERSON, Nelson THOMPSON, Georgiana 1875-Dec-29
ANDERSON, Robert WALTER, Lou 1872-Dec-23
ANDERSON, T H MCDOWELL, Lizzie 1893-Dec-21
ANDERSON, Thomas JONES, Viola 1875-May-04
ANDERSON, W C BOWDEN, Delia 1873-Apr-14
ANDREWS, Ben PUCKET, Lou 1873-Sep-03
ANDREWS, J B DAVIS, Latta 1894-Dec-19
ANDREWS, J D JACKSON, Leila 1898-May-16
ANDREWS, J J WILLIAMS, M A Miss 1893-Jul-11
ANDREWS, J M YOUNG, Sallie C 1886-Jan-20
APPLETON, C E LELTON, Lora M 1899-Sep-19
APPLETON, W F CLINES, Laura 1894-Jan-10
APPLETON, W J POWELL, Johnie Miss 1895-Aug-02
ARMOUR, William THOMAS, Anna 1874-Aug-18
ARMSTEAD, Foster CARTER, Nancy 1876-May-17
ARMSTEAD, John MIRTH, Charlotte 1873-May-06
ARMSTEAD, Nat LANGFORD, Francis Miss 1876-Dec-30
ARMSTRONG, Charles WILBOURN, Summer 1896-Sep-19
ARMSTRONG, Vencit MARTIN, Amanda 1876-Mar-01
ARNOLD, Daniel BOBO, Paulina 1875-Dec-07
ARNOLD, Eugene E SPEER, Laura A 1895-Nov-26
ARNOLD, Henry WASHINGTON, Nircey 1871-Nov-01
ARNOLD, J A WILLIAMS, Anna 1898-Dec-24
ARNOLD, M E HAMILTON, M E Miss 1896-Dec-15
ARNOLD, W E Jr JOHNSON, Susie 1899-Aug-26
ARNOLD, W J TAYLOR, Ada 1892-Dec-26
ASH, William KINZY, Ida 1889-Dec-18
ASHLEY, William BOOKER, Sylvia 1872-Oct-12
ASKEW, Jas TAYLOR, Margret 1873-Apr-27
ASKEW, Levi EPPENTER, Beckey 1875-Feb-13
ASTON, D H MAXWELL, Mattie 1896-May-21
ATKINS, T W TAYLOR, Mabel F 1896-Dec-29
AUSTIN, Adam CONNER, Mollie 1874-Dec-09
AUSTIN, J B HUDSON, Stella 1896-Mar-30
AUSTIN, M G ROBERSON, Willie Miss 1895-Sep-13
AVANT, Frank BYARS, Silvia 1872-Jan-03
AVANT, Smith BOST, Laura 1875-Dec-28
AVERY, J F Jr WRAY, Angie 1897-Nov-06
AVERY, Taylor HAUKINS, Ettie 1873-Jan-01



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