Panola County Brides


WADKINS, Rachel WILLIAMS, Shack 1872-Dec-21
WAFFLES, Emiline BROWN, Henry 1872-Jul-27
WALDRIP, Minnie THOMAS, W A 1899-Nov-24
WALKER, Angeline BROWN, Francis M 1873-Dec-29
WALKER, Cathrine BEATTY, Amos 1874-Jan-12
WALKER, Dilly LAWSON, James 1872-Feb-23
WALKER, Nancy WEBB, Isom 1872-Apr-12
WALKER, Sadie B LEMASTER, Will P 1900-Dec-23
WALL, Lindy HIBLER, Henry 1871-Oct-19
WALL, Lula M HAYER, H C 1886-May-04
WALL, Nettie IRBY, Dabney G 1894-Nov-21
WALL, Virah WILLIAMS, C W 1876-Aug-26
WALLACE, Adaline COLEMAN, Sam 1871-May-12
WALLACE, Ida TATE, John 1874-Jan-31
WALLACE, Josephine WALLACE, John 1871-Oct-27
WALLACE, Julia HUNTER, Washington 1872-Jan-20
WALLACE, Kate HARDWICK, Wallace 1871-Jul-22
WALLACE, Lettie DICKEY, Wiley 1898-Aug-22
WALLACE, Lou MARTIN, William 1874-Jul-30
WALLACE, Luvennia RICE, Lewis 1877-Jan-24
WALLACE, Malissie DURN, Louis 1876-Jan-03
WALLACE, Mary HUNT, Aleck 1875-Feb-10
WALLACE, Mary Ann BOWDEN, John W 1886-Mar-01
WALLACE, Rena JOHNSON, Abraham 1872-Dec-28
WALLACE, Sallie GLOVER, Henry 1874-Jul-31
WALTEN, Sarah J JOHNSON, D E 1876-Feb-02
WALTER, Lou ANDERSON, Robert 1872-Dec-23
WALTERS, L C Miss LIPE, M W 1893-Dec-21
WALTERS, Tommie Miss CARVAN, A L 1893-Jul-05
WALTON, Alcy PHILLIPS, John 1875-Mar-03
WALTON, Claire HEMMINGWAY, William 1877-Jan-30
WALTON, Lula MILLER, Joseph 1875-Sep-24
WALTON, Mary Amy MINNAS, Amos 1873-Apr-03
WAREN, Nora HILL, J E 1900-Dec-06
WASH, Clarissa HUNT, Ransom 1873-May-22
WASHINGTON, Nircey ARNOLD, Henry 1871-Nov-01
WATKINS, Hettie SHAW, James 1876-Dec-22
WATKINS, Nolla PRICE, Silas 1875-Dec-25
WATKINS, S R Miss HOLT, W B 1871-Apr-26
WATSON, Clarecy SPARKS, Newton 1876-Jun-16
WATSON, Jane HARRIS, Daniel 1873-Sep-05
WATSON, Julia ALLEN, R L 1899-Nov-14
WATSON, Mollie BELL, Prince 1873-Oct-18
WATSON, Rosa HOYT, Ben 1873-Apr-12
WEATHERS, Leoha OWENS, H D 1896-Dec-01
WEAVER, Francis Miss BURN, Nelson 1872-Oct-04
WEAVER, Kate BOBO, Thomas 1875-Jan-08
WEBB, Alice HENDERSON, Peter 1872-Dec-27
WEBB, Ellen CARLETON, Jim 1872-Dec-23
WEBB, Johana RANBERT, William 1873-Feb-04
WEBB, Maria HENDERSON, Frank 1877-Jan-23
WEBB, Minerva HIBLER, Wallace 1874-Nov-18
WEBB, Patsey MINAFIELD, Lewnia 1877-Mar-01
WEBB, Sarah SIMMONS, Jessie 1872-Jul-17
WEBB, Susannah BOWELL, Peter 1876-Jan-14
WEEKS, Gussie DEMING, W B 1899-Apr-15
WEELER, Kate RUFFIN, Robert 1891-Oct-08
WELLS, Josie PRESSLEY, J M 1898-Dec-13
WELLS, Lizzie BLACKBURN, Jim 1872-Nov-02
WELLS, Marrie FIGG, F F 1893-Dec-02
WERY, Liza WRIGHT, Alexander 1875-Mar-04
WESLEY, Aily MCDOWEL, Robert 1876-Apr-08
WESLEY, Jane BROWN, Ludd Jr 1872-Mar-19
WEST, Maria L HARRIS, George O 1876-Aug-24
WEST, Nancy BOGAN, Albin 1875-Jan-06
WESTMORELAND, Sarah CALDWELL, Charles 1876-Oct-13
WETHERS, Louella HOLDEN, J W 1894-Dec-22
WHILSON, Emily LITTLE, John 1872-Dec-12
WHITE, E L Miss JENNINGS, J W 1894-Dec-26
WHITE, Ellen PARKER, Peter 1873-Sep-13
WHITE, Fannie ALLEN, Douglass 1890-Dec-30
WHITE, Francis Miss ROBINSON, Jack 1872-Mar-09
WHITE, Gertrude S COPELAND, L W 1897-Aug-16
WHITE, Harriet FREEMAN, Richard 1874-Jun-20
WHITE, Julia PATTERSON, Richard 1873-Aug-09
WHITE, Laura E DYER, G W Jr 1894-Mar-20
WHITE, Patsy TATE, Homer 1876-Dec-28
WHITLOW, Mary TURNER, Abram 1872-Jul-10
WHITNEY, Lucinda WHITFIELD, Gaston 1872-Dec-28
WHITTEN, Emma BRYANT, T O 1896-Jun-24
WHITTEN, Grace MADDOX, J C 1899-Jan-04
WHITTEN, Lula EAST, W J 1892-Jul-08
WHITTEN, Rosa JONES, R B 1897-Aug-11
WIER, Bessie L BONNELL, A E 1896-Oct-21
WILBOUN, Francis Miss MONTGOMERY, Ezell 1890-Nov-29
WILBOURN, Anna Ross MCGEE, R H 1894-Nov-14
WILBOURN, Antionett LOMAX, Ben 1872-Nov-11
WILBOURN, Charlotte STRICKLAND, James 1871-Aug-04
WILBOURN, Eliza ADDISON, Henry 1874-Aug-27
WILBOURN, Elizabeth TRIMEL, Allen 1874-Jan-10
WILBOURN, F D Miss IRBY, A G 1888-Oct-08
WILBOURN, Floyd Miss WASON, Franklin 1871-Dec-27
WILBOURN, Harriet OLIVER, George 1871-Dec-16
WILBOURN, Jennie WILBOURN, Willis 1871-Sep-28
WILBOURN, Jesse DAVIS, Lucy 1873-Feb-22
WILBOURN, Jesse TAYLOR, Cora 1896-Jan-08
WILBOURN, Melia CLANTON, Freeman 1875-Sep-07
WILBOURN, Nellie HIBLER, Oliver 1871-Jul-27
WILBOURN, Summer ARMSTRONG, Charles 1896-Sep-19
WILBOURNE, Ella V JACKSON, I S 1895-Nov-16
WILEY, Caldonia SCOTT, Isaac 1871-Dec-28
WILEY, Harriet HUNT, Eugene 1873-Jan-22
WILHELM, Minnie Lee YOUNG, Albert L 1896-Jan-15
WILKERSON, Ethel YOUNG, D A 1899-Dec-19
WILLIAMS, Ann BEATY, Green 1874-Jul-18
WILLIAMS, Ann BROWN, Ludman 1871-Dec-26
WILLIAMS, Anna ARNOLD, J A 1898-Dec-24
WILLIAMS, Anna Mrs ELLIS, Arthur I 1899-Feb-18
WILLIAMS, Della MATTHIS, V L 1900-Nov-12
WILLIAMS, Gracey BANKS, Dave 1874-Jun-13
WILLIAMS, Independence HEWLETT, William 1887-Mar-24
WILLIAMS, Jensy WILSON, Davis 1873-Sep-17
WILLIAMS, Julia WILLIAMS, John 1876-Jan-18
WILLIAMS, Lena FISK, Christopher J 1893-Apr-27
WILLIAMS, M A Miss ANDREWS, J J 1893-Jul-11
WILLIAMS, Mary HOLMS, Shephard 1877-Feb-03
WILLIAMS, Matilda DONEGAN, Sam 1874-Jan-14
WILLIAMS, Mattie Mrs ONEILL, M 1897-May-27
WILLIAMS, Minnie TURBEVILLE, Jno B 1897-Feb-06
WILLIAMS, Mollie READ, Milton 1876-Feb-29
WILLIAMS, Nancy Jane WOOD, Jonas 1872-Nov-01
WILLIAMS, Nancy Mrs WAITE, Monroe 1874-Jul-25
WILLIAMS, Sarah Mrs JONES, Henry 1874-Apr-22
WILLIAMSON, Catharine WEAVERS, Henry 1875-Oct-13
WILLIAMSON, Josephine BOOTHE, W E 1896-Nov-14
WILLIAMSON, Lou SIMMONS, Quinton 1872-Mar-02
WILLIAMSON, Lucinda PRICE, Rice 1875-Mar-02
WILLIAMSON, Mary E SEMMES, D O 1891-Dec-03
WILLIAMSON, May MAGEE, Albert 1894-Nov-13
WILLIAMSON, Nesie THOMPSON, Waddey 1874-Aug-01
WILLIAMSON, S E Mrs ELEY, L L 1895-Mar-18
WILLIFORD, Clara FILE, E A 1899-Mar-25
WILLIFORD, Effie TYLER, Lou 1898-Jun-17
WILLINGHAM, M A Miss MAGEE, Calvin 1898-Nov-11
WILLIS, Annie BRANSCOM, W B 1894-Apr-01
WILLIS, Mamie E BRIDGES, Gilbert 1899-May-04
WILLIS, Myrtle BRIDGES, J M 1900-May-01
WILSON, Addie BIZER, Ben 1873-Apr-16
WILSON, Alice BOBO, George 1875-Jan-27
WILSON, Amy BROOKS, John 1872-Jan-02
WILSON, Clara GRIFFIS, J L Jr 1900-Dec-31
WILSON, Ethel HELMS, J H 1893-Nov-05
WILSON, Georgia LINDER, F B Dr 1894-Jun-15
WILSON, Isolita HAMILTON, Chirseman 1898-Jan-12
WILSON, Jennie SELLERS, Andy 1891-Nov-01
WILSON, Johnnie Miss PARTAIN, Lee 1899-Mar-16
WILSON, Lou WILBURN, Squire 1874-Dec-12
WILSON, Lula STEWART, L D 1891-Oct-06
WILSON, M O Miss ELMORE, J W 1895-Apr-20
WILSON, Malinda HIBLER, Sidney 1873-Jan-01
WILSON, Malinda ROOKS, Henry 1874-Dec-12
WILSON, Martha FRANKLIN, James 1900-Dec-22
WILSON, Martha JONES, Joe 1876-Dec-13
WIMBERLEY, Alice MILLER, J W 1900-Jan-23
WINFIELD, Janie SPENCER, Walter 1874-Dec-23
WINGO, Emma BURNETT, J O 1899-Feb-23
WINTERS, Fannie WILIAMSON, Lia 1876-Jul-27
WISE, Katie GRAVES, T A 1894-Feb-07
WOLF, Annie TAYLOR, Warren 1898-Jan-25
WOOD, Gertrude KEATING, T W 1895-Dec-21
WOOD, Mary Mrs WHITTEN, Stephen 1871-Dec-26
WOODDY, Mary MCCARTY, Edmon 1873-Jul-15
WOODS, Alice MORGAN, Perry 1873-Jul-21
WOODS, Callie CRAWLEY, William 1894-Sep-15
WOODS, Jane SNELL, J J 1894-Jun-14
WOODS, Joanna THOMPSON, Jim 1895-Dec-14
WOODS, Mattie F DETTER, C S 1900-Jan-03
WOODSON, Emma ELLIS, Tom 1872-Dec-23
WOODSON, Rittie RAY, John 1872-Feb-10
WOOTEN, Ella LEWIS, E A 1896-Nov-24
WOOTEN, Georgia BURNETT, E L 1896-Dec-22
WOOTTEN, Angeline SMITH, Joshua 1871-Jul-06
WOOTTEN, Cynthia PITTS, Anderson 1871-Dec-01
WORTHEM, Julia Mrs ADAMS, William J 1899-Aug-14
WRAY, Angie AVERY, J F Jr 1897-Nov-06
WRAY, Lula GATLING, Luther 1895-Jul-12
WRAY, Minnie STOFLE, Sam 1894-Feb-28
WRAY, Nancy WHITE, Charles 1876-Dec-26
WRENN, Sue BOBO, Nathan 1876-Dec-04
WRIGHT, Ada J CRAWLEY, J H 1893-Aug-02
WRIGHT, Cora KEYS, W B 1897-Dec-23
WRIGHT, Fishy PITTS, Daniel 1873-Mar-01
WRIGHT, Frances Miss STREET, Daniel 1875-Sep-01
WRIGHT, Francis Mrs HARKINS, John 1874-Jul-25
WRIGHT, Harriet WILSON, William 1875-Feb-13
WRIGHT, Ida BOWDEN, Allen 1874-Mar-28
WRIGHT, Johnie Miss HERRING, J L 1899-Nov-30
WRIGHT, Laura PARKER, Ned 1871-Dec-15
WRIGHT, Lizzie Miss ADKINS, O S 1899-Mar-02
WRIGHT, Lucy GILES, Charles 1874-Jul-15
WRIGHT, Mahala MILLER, Benjamin 1874-Aug-29
WRIGHT, Mandy TATEM, Henry 1872-Dec-20
WRIGHT, Mattie RAY, A E 1893-Aug-02
WRIGHT, Minnie Clare MARSHALL, W J 1897-Dec-08
WRIGHT, Plissa MCCLURE, Carlton 1892-Sep-24
WRIGHT, Ruby NELSON, Sam M 1892-Jan-14
WRIGHT, Susan FOSSETT, Henry 1876-Feb-08
WRIGHT, Sylva BENSON, Albert 1871-Dec-25
WYLIE, Harriet HARE, Luke 1873-Dec-27
WYNNE, Mattie COX, H C Jr 1900-Dec-11
WYNNE, Tommie Miss TODD, W A 1899-Jul-18



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