Panola County Brides


VALENTINE, Viney YOUNG, Tobe 1873-Jul-30
VANCE, Isabbel JONES, Asa 1872-Sep-03
VANDERBURG, Francis DIXON, Annie 1896-Mar-16
VAUGHAN, Fannie KUYKENDALL, Thomas 1872-Sep-02
VAUGHAN, Jane Mrs TWITTY, Benjamin 1874-Dec-21
VAUGHAN, Laura COLE, Richard 1873-Feb-06
VAUGHAN, Lizzie KERKENDALL, Robert 1876-Dec-01
VAUGHAN, Mary Jane DAVIS, Amos 1874-Jul-08
VAUGHAN, Mollie MORGAN, Luke 1873-Mar-13
VAUGHAN, Vina HARSTON, Ned 1875-Mar-03
VAUGHAN, Viney COLE, John 1873-Feb-12
VAUGHN, Annie LEDBETTER, Asbury 1874-Dec-05
VEAZEY, Elvie WYATT, D E 1888-Aug-30
VENY, Susie WIGGINS, Bryant 1874-Jul-27
VERNON, Lucy BOYLES, William 1872-Dec-27
VICK, Nancy BOST, Willis 1876-Jan-06
VICK, Polley ELEY, C L 1894-Oct-08
VICKERS, Mary E Mrs THOMAS, Evan 1895-Dec-17



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