Panola County Brides


TAIT, Janie W SLEDGE, R F 1891-Apr-01
TALBOT, Sarah Mrs LYLE, Barney 1874-Dec-11
TANKERSLY, Rachel BURNETT, Manuel 1872-Feb-03
TANNER, Callie BROWN, John 1873-Dec-31
TATE, Alex NEWBY, Mary 1871-Oct-25
TATE, Dycy FARRIES, George 1875-Jan-07
TATE, Ella GRAY, F 1888-May-18
TATE, Lizzie FLEENER, Alfred W 1892-Mar-10
TATE, Mamie N SHARP, J H 1893-Jun-15
TATE, Margret EVANS, Ben 1875-May-03
TATE, Patsey ELLIS, Henry 1873-Jun-21
TATE, Sarah THOMAS, James 1872-Jul-03
TAYLOR, Ada ARNOLD, W J 1892-Dec-26
TAYLOR, Anirah JONES, Lewis 1876-Mar-15
TAYLOR, Annie Lee STARR, J E 1895-Jan-19
TAYLOR, Betsey CONNOR, Turner 1875-Feb-05
TAYLOR, Camilla WARNER, Ned 1873-Mar-01
TAYLOR, Cora WILBOURN, Jesse 1896-Jan-08
TAYLOR, Della MATTHEWS, B F 1894-Aug-06
TAYLOR, E S Miss MCGEE, B F 1886-Mar-02
TAYLOR, Effie A MING, Will H 1900-Dec-19
TAYLOR, Lavada VANDERBERG, M L 1888-Jan-31
TAYLOR, Letha MEEK, Thomas F 1875-Apr-14
TAYLOR, Letha MEEK, Thomas T 1875-Aug-19
TAYLOR, Mabel F ATKINS, T W 1896-Dec-29
TAYLOR, Margarette TAYLOR, Mose 1877-Jan-10
TAYLOR, Margret ASKEW, Jas 1873-Apr-27
TAYLOR, Mary T HARRILL, L D 1875-Jul-06
TAYLOR, Melinda TAYLOR, Moses 1874-Mar-23
TAYLOR, Nancy SINGLETON, Allen 1876-Sep-02
TAYLOR, Rosa CORK, Frank 1889-Mar-23
TAYLOR, Sallie STITT, Doctor 1874-Dec-31
TAYLOR, Sallie Mrs GAULT, Silas 1899-Apr-18
TEAGUE, Laura THOMPSON, Joseph 1874-Mar-23
TEMPLING, Almira STRICKLAND, Allen 1874-Feb-07
TERRELL, Addie YOUNG, W W 1896-Feb-26
TERRELL, Alice FOSTER, G F 1896-Apr-04
TERRELL, Inez GRISTE, W L 1893-Mar-08
TERRELL, M T Miss FOSTER, T W 1891-May-21
TERRELL, Mattie WARD, Walter 1898-Feb-21
TERRY, Charity CALHOUN, Lawson 1874-Dec-26
TERRY, Clara Annie MCCLURE, M F 1899-Jan-23
TERRY, Delia HART, Joseph 1893-Apr-01
TERRY, Maggie TAYLOR, Leary 1886-Jan-11
THOMAS, Ann CLARKE, James 1873-Dec-24
THOMAS, Anna ARMOUR, William 1874-Aug-18
THOMAS, Connie LLOYD, W B 1890-Nov-13
THOMAS, Emma JACKSON, Richard 1874-Dec-18
THOMAS, Janie BISHOP, John 1891-Dec-05
THOMAS, Laura ROBINSON, Levi 1873-Jan-11
THOMAS, Sainty JONES, Jack 1875-Mar-13
THOMAS, Sallie BOYCE, John 1873-Apr-09
THOMAS, Susan BISHOP, Phillip 1875-Mar-09
THOMAS, Susie SULLIVAN, Sam 1875-Mar-25
THOMPSON, Etta MALONY, Thomas 1888-May-01
THOMPSON, Georgiana ANDERSON, Nelson 1875-Dec-29
THOMPSON, Lou NORRIS, Seaborn 1872-Jan-30
THOMPSON, Lucille YOUNGBLOOD, A W 1894-Sep-18
THOMPSON, Margarette TAYLOR, Alexander 1896-Oct-17
THOMPSON, N A Miss HARDIN, G S 1894-Jul-19
THOMPSON, Pris COTTON, J C 1876-Feb-29
THOMPSON, Winnie THOMPSON, Elbert 1875-Oct-05
THORN, Daisy JOHNSON, D R 1895-Feb-11
THORNTON, Edna WOODRUFF, A S 1900-Dec-18
THREAK, Margret SHAW, Oscar 1873-Feb-07
THREETS, Sadie Mrs STANDIFER, W C 1897-Dec-22
THRIATTE, Margaret HASKINS, Robert 1876-Oct-25
TIGHE, Cora SULLIVAN, J D 1891-Oct-29
TINER, Katie BADY, Taylor 1871-Nov-02
TIPPET, Maude WALDRUP, J A 1900-May-07
TODD, Ann Eliza MCCULLOUGH, B B 1893-Dec-20
TOLIVER, Georgiana COLES, Willis 1876-May-08
TOLIVER, Samilla PETER, Green 1876-Jun-10
TOWLER, Belle LIGHT, L M 1896-Dec-15
TOWLES, Pearl MOORE, Frank 1896-Jun-27
TOWNS, Ellen TRAYLOR, John 1877-Jan-18
TOWNSEND, Ellen SANFORD, Clay 1871-Nov-11
TRAILLOR, Emily DRAKE, Wiley 1875-Jan-27
TRAMELL, Lizzie Mrs WARE, Perry 1875-Nov-09
TRAYLOR, Emma MOSELEY, P I 1877-Mar-03
TRAYLOR, Melvia PERKINS, White 1875-Jul-12
TREZAVENT, Mary HIBBLER, Edmond 1872-Jan-01
TRYSON, Frisby COLLINS, Charles 1872-Jul-24
TUCKER, Anna BRAZELL, Robert 1875-Dec-28
TUCKER, Eliza REED, Joseph 1876-Jan-12
TUCKER, Jennie COOPER, Lewis 1873-Aug-07
TUCKER, Mary Anna Lee MOORE, C Q 1889-Jun-18
TUCKER, Sallie Mrs THOMPSON, Frank 1895-Jan-10
TUCKER, Susan RUDD, Richard 1876-Jul-19
TURNER, Bettie DAVIS, William 1876-Dec-07
TURNER, Charlotte HALL, Carr 1874-Sep-09
TURNER, Rosa FOX, Alex 1873-Mar-29
TYLER, Emma MCCURDY, J W 1899-Feb-16
TYLER, Mellie M WRAY, A R 1898-Jun-30
TYNER, Bettie E HOLCOMB, R N 1891-Dec-31
TYSON, Ella MORGAN, William 1877-Jan-06



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