Panola County Brides


RAGSDALE, M A Miss DOWNS, W R 1886-May-19
RAIFORD, Mamie FAIN, J E 1886-Nov-09
RAINEY, Julia MARSHALL, Henry 1873-Oct-16
RAINWATER, Jennie E GARRETT, B F 1890-Jan-16
RAMSEY, Jane Mrs QUARLES, Mcduffy 1874-Aug-31
RAMSEY, Sarah BURNS, Henry 1875-Apr-27
RANDOLPH, Addie May JONES, Seale Smith 1896-Jun-17
RANDOLPH, Alice MORRIS, A M 1894-Nov-20
RANDOLPH, Ellen JACKSON, Kit 1871-Dec-08
RANDOLPH, Inez MAY, J F 1891-Jun-26
RANDOLPH, Sallie IRBY, John Henry 1877-Feb-17
RANSOM, Agnes BROWN, Dennis 1875-Mar-31
RAY, Amanda LEE, Jhn 1873-Mar-14
RAY, Bessie BURFORD, Vernon Y 1899-Dec-22
RAY, Della BROWN, Andrew 1875-Oct-06
RAY, Docia ROWLAND, J T 1897-Dec-20
RAY, Emma GLENN, A E 1899-May-10
RAY, Lillie KENNEDY, J T 1886-Jun-01
RAY, Lillie M JACO, C C 1895-Mar-28
RAY, Lula B KILGORE, J R 1892-Mar-31
RAY, M L Miss GRIFFIS, H H 1893-Dec-20
RAY, Minnie MCCALL, Walter 1898-Oct-18
RAY, Ollie E STURDIVANT, J W 1896-Oct-15
RAY, Othella COFFMAN, D G 1891-Jan-30
RAY, Sarah MATTHEWS, John 1871-May-10
RAYBOURN, Lucie WEBB, Jim 1876-Feb-29
RAYBURN, M A Miss JARRETT, W T 1895-Sep-28
REDFORD, Annie Mrs BLACK, W P 1896-Jul-28
REDMON, Rachel KING, Giles 1873-Jan-15
REED, Milton JOHNSON, Margret 1874-Nov-30
REED, William PORTER, Sarah 1871-Nov-08
RESSAW, Clarke REEVES, Ella 1877-Jan-31
REYNOLDS, Nathan CAMPBELL, M W Mrs 1897-Oct-06
RHODES, Jane WILLIAMS, Frank 1876-Dec-01
RICE, Della DANDRIDGE, Hense 1874-Jan-13
RICE, Dorinda BALLENTINE, Cato 1871-May-19
RICE, Eliza FISHER, Anderson 1872-Jan-25
RICE, Eliza MURPHY, John 1872-Dec-20
RICE, Lucy GREEN, Lewis 1871-Apr-04
RICE, Nancy DAVIS, Armstead 1871-Aug-12
RICE, Sabrie DANDRIDGE, Paul 1874-Jan-13
RICE, Victoria HUNTER, Jim 1872-Jan-10
RICHARDSON, Emily MCNEAL, Morris 1871-Dec-25
RICHARDSON, Fannie Mrs CROSWAIT, A L 1894-Jan-27
RICHARDSON, Seney WILSON, David 1876-Feb-10
RIDGEWAY, Ann Mrs DYSON, Lewis 1875-Jul-10
RIGGIN, M E Miss BRASWELL, J A 1886-Jul-03
RIKARD, Belle MCGRAW, R B 1900-Oct-10
RIKARD, E R Miss JOHNSON, G T 1900-Nov-23
RILEY, Maria PORTER, Jack 1873-Apr-09
RIVERS, Lou Mrs SMITH, Lorene 1874-Oct-15
ROBBINS, Fannie MARSH, O O 1889-Apr-11
ROBERSON, Anna TODD, Herran 1898-Jul-11
ROBERSON, Bettie THETFORD, G W Jr 1893-Nov-19
ROBERSON, Willie Miss AUSTIN, M G 1895-Sep-13
ROBERTS, Belle BLAKELEY, John 1898-Dec-22
ROBERTS, Callie MCGEHEE, Blant 1894-Mar-01
ROBERTS, Ella MALONE, Robert 1898-May-08
ROBERTS, Zuella W PERRY, A B Rev 1888-Nov-10
ROBERTSON, Bettie TURNER, Zac 1872-Jul-20
ROBERTSON, Hattie May JENNINGS, Irma E 1898-Dec-20
ROBERTSON, Lillian SEGARS, E T 1898-Feb-23
ROBERTSON, Parthenia NELSON, Lewis 1874-Sep-24
ROBERTSON, Patsey ANDERSON, Nelson 1875-Mar-09
ROBERTSON, Sadie THOVEATT, W F 1893-Sep-08
ROBINSON, Carrie ROGERS, Peter 1873-Mar-26
ROBINSON, Emily Mrs BROOKS, Matt 1873-Jul-31
ROBINSON, Jennie SEALS, Jemi 1872-Dec-13
ROBINSON, Julia JONES, Matt 1873-Nov-15
ROBINSON, Laura JONES, Tom 1873-Jan-01
ROBINSON, Mary Ann YOUNG, Albert 1874-Jan-06
ROBINSON, Minerva BROWN, Henry 1872-Feb-17
ROBINSON, Patsay DONAL, Tom 1876-Jan-20
ROBINSON, Sarah HARDY, William W 1873-Dec-31
ROBINSON, Zulie CARUTHERS, B K 1886-Feb-06
ROBISON, Bulah M ROSEY, E S 1895-Mar-02
RODGERS, Ella SNIDER, William 1873-Apr-22
RODGERS, M E Mrs MULLENS, J W 1895-Nov-16
RODGERS, Malisse ALLEN, Charles 1893-Mar-05
RODGERS, Mary WEST, William 1871-Jul-13
ROGERS, Rena WALKER, Frank 1872-Mar-15
ROGERS, Sallie KNOLAN, Alex 1873-Feb-10
ROOKS, Sallie PRATCHER, J J 1876-Mar-11
ROSBROUGH, Sarah HUGHES, Moses 1874-Dec-26
ROSE, Annie PAINE, James 1873-Jan-22
ROSEY, E S ROBISON, Bulah M 1895-Mar-02
ROSEBOROUGH, Mary CLEMENS, John 1876-Mar-15
ROSEMAN, Alice DANDRIDGE, Armstead 1874-Jan-10
ROUSE, Eugenia CAMPBELL, Griffin 1873-Mar-15
ROWELL, Harriett JENNING, Sidney 1876-Jan-18
ROWLAND, Katie A BROWN, J W 1899-Jun-07
ROWSEY, C F Miss WILLIAMS, H E 1898-Oct-22
RUFFIN, Jennie WILLIAMS, Henry 1873-Jan-07
RUFFIN, Kate MCLEOD, J N 1893-Oct-11
RUFFIN, Maggie B SHERMAN, N P 1891-Jun-09
RUFFIN, Rosa CARLTON, L D 1888-Nov-28
RUFFIN, Willie Miss THORNTON, James B 1894-Mar-28
RUNALDS, Maria CARVER, Isaac 1876-Dec-26
RUSSELL, Annie MEEK, Zack 1871-Sep-20
RUSSELL, Betsey TURNER, Albert 1875-Dec-18
RUSSELL, Claudie SAMUELS, Theodore 1900-Nov-15
RUSSIAN, Bettie SANDERS, J D 1895-Sep-14
RUTLEDGE, Alice LEE, T M 1899-Aug-26



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