Panola County Brides

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PAGE, Anica BROOKS, George 1876-Jan-27
PAGE, F B Miss HUDSPETH, J M 1886-Jan-16
PAGE, Lydia V CAMPBELL, R C 1886-Dec-06
PAGE, Mollie VAUGHAN, Henry 1873-Nov-24
PALMER, Francis Miss JONES, Wilson 1872-Dec-24
PALMER, Sarah OLIVER, Henry 1873-Dec-25
PALMERTON, Ada DAWSON, A L 1896-Jan-14
PALMERTREE, Pinkie GEORGE, J M 1898-Aug-15
PARHAM, Elvira DAVIS, Harrison 1877-Mar-17
PARKER, Becky MORRIS, Isaac 1872-Mar-30
PARKER, Bertie MOULTON, John 1873-Dec-09
PARKER, Harley Miss WILLIAMSON, Jesse 1872-May-11
PARKER, Isabella EDDINS, Ed 1875-Sep-25
PARKERSON, Susie RICHMOND, C L 1896-Apr-25
PARNELL, Lizzie TERRY, B B 1896-Sep-08
PARNELL, M F Mrs FERRELL, W J 1896-Oct-13
PARTAIN, Alice ROWLAND, J R 1896-Jul-22
PARTAIN, Dora BATSIN, C A 1898-Oct-29
PARTAIN, Nora CRAWFORD, T W 1889-Dec-25
PARTER, Jessie ALEXANDER, Jim ????-Apr-17
PASLAY, Polly BROWN, John 1872-Apr-15
PASS, Zella MCGASKIN, Charles 1875-Mar-25
PATRICK, M F Miss RAY, A E 1890-Sep-26
PATRICK, Mary HUNT, Washington 1871-Dec-22
PATTERSON, C E Miss WALLACE, G W 1885-Sep-15
PATTERSON, Ella D FARMER, J H 1888-Jul-05
PEARCE, L L Miss KING, H J 1889-Mar-16
PEARSON, Angeline GOHLSON, Lewis 1872-Mar-15
PEPPER, Blanche HAMILTON, Robert 1890-Mar-12
PEPPER, Corinne ECKLES, J B 1897-Oct-27
PEPPER, M S Miss WIER, W B 1888-Dec-31
PERKINS, Jennie MCCALL, J B 1900-Dec-26
PERKINS, Margaret JEFFREYS, Henry 1876-Mar-04
PERRY, Antonia PERIE, George 1872-Feb-03
PERRY, Hellena F COLLINS, J J 1897-Jul-03
PERRY, Sallie BRAIM, John 1877-Jan-16
PERSON, Fanny WILLIAMS, A 1876-Jan-18
PERSON, Mollie Mrs LATHAM, James 1875-Aug-25
PETERS, Callie PRINCE, Colombus 1877-Jan-16
PETERS, Linda SMITH, Judson 1874-Dec-28
PETERSON, Ann MIDDLETON, West 1872-Dec-20
PETREA, L A Miss DUNLAP, W H 1888-Oct-17
PETTY, Amanda ROBERTSON, J R 1877-Jan-24
PETTY, Eady JOHNSON, Clinton 1874-Jun-04
PETTY, Eddie Miss TAYLOR, Pornpsy 1876-Jul-15
PETTY, Harriett STEPHENS, William 1876-Jan-14
PHELPS, Clara FISHER, M L 1894-Dec-14
PHELPS, Jessie Miss MITCHELL, Loyd 1899-Dec-17
PHERIC, Georgia GRAY, Berry 1876-Feb-25
PHILLIPS, Hellen WEAVER, R M 1894-Oct-08
PHILLIPS, Mary Jane HUDSON, John 1875-Dec-28
PHILLIPS, N B Miss MILLER, C B 1897-May-26
PHILLIPS, Sarah WALTON, Preston 1875-Dec-02
PICKETT, Annie SMITH, Charles 1896-May-16
PIERCE, Nancy CURRY, William 1875-Oct-06
PIPKINS, Lucinda LONG, Richard 1876-Sep-20
PITMAN, Margarette ALLEN, Douglas 1876-Mar-11
PITMAN, Margarette ALLEN, Douglass 1876-Mar-01
PITTMAN, Emma MCMINN, Frank 1897-Jan-19
PITTMAN, Nellie WEED, Jesse 1898-Nov-05
POINTER, Annie E LAKE, George 1897-Feb-10
POINTER, Annie M WESSON, M W 1891-Jan-07
POINTER, Lucinda LOVE, Jack 1873-Feb-01
POINTER, Sallie T BUTLER, S H 1893-Feb-16
POKE, Matilda SHELDON, Frank 1872-May-31
POLARD, Louisa DRAPPER, Claiborn 1876-Feb-24
POLARD, Sarah DEACON, Tom 1876-Jan-26
POLK, Fannie LITTLE, Robert 1877-Feb-07
POLK, Lindy Ann WRIGHT, William 1873-Dec-31
POLK, Matt Miss WATKINS, Jim 1873-Aug-20
POLLARD, Anger POLK, Henry 1872-Dec-20
POLLARD, Bettie Lee THOMAS, T 1899-Feb-09
POLLARD, Clara KING, J W 1898-Nov-28
POLLARD, Eliza SIMMONS, Edmund 1872-Jan-15
POLLARD, Maria SMITH, Thomas 1873-Oct-31
POLLARD, Martha LESTER, King 1872-Sep-13
POLLARD, Mary PRINCE, Levi 1872-Dec-31
POLLARD, Ola GILL, Oscar 1899-Feb-01
POLLARD, Z L Miss JOHNSON, O A 1900-Dec-18
POPE, Delia WHITE, James 1874-Dec-23
POPE, Julia MCKINZIE, Richard 1876-May-02
PORE, Elizabeth JONES, F M 1873-Feb-19
PORTER, Jessie ALEXANDER, Jim 1898-Apr-16
PORTER, Johann ROWZIE, Bill 1874-Feb-13
PORTER, Matt Miss DANRIDGE, Sam 1876-Mar-16
PORTER, Pattie D HENDERSON, C M 1887-Nov-14
PORTER, Sarah REED, William 1871-Nov-08
PORTER, Stella LAND, J W 1897-Oct-06
PORTER, Violet SOLFEN, E A 1894-Jul-15
PORTER, Willie Miss HARPER, W G 1895-Dec-25
POSLEY, Clara CLAYTON, S M 1898-Sep-14
POSTON, Lizzie THOMPSON, Ike 1873-Mar-13
POTTS, Diana MURRAY, Charles 1874-Jan-16
POTTS, Eliza DUBARD, Isaac 1876-Jun-16
POTTS, Sallie WALKER, James 1871-Nov-17
POW, Blanche MOOREHEAD, M E 1898-Feb-05
POWELL, Johnie Miss APPLETON, W J 1895-Aug-02
POWELL, Milissa WHITMORE, Ben 1873-Mar-11
POWERS, Phoebe Ann PHILLIPS, John Wesley 1872-Jan-12
PRATCHER, Lavina HUDSON, Joseph 1875-Jan-05
PRATCHER, Mollie JOHNSON, Henry 1877-Jan-23
PRATT, De Ella BOWDEN, Willie 1895-Nov-02
PRESLEY, L V Miss MEEKS, J B 1890-Dec-29
PRESSLEY, Cora WALLACE, George 1897-Apr-15
PRESSLEY, M R Miss PARTAIN, C R 1887-Dec-23
PRICE, Anna OSBOURN, Frank 1876-Sep-27
PRICE, Sarah HIBBLER, Ned 1872-Jul-08
PRIDDLE, Rebecca TEMPLETON, Aaron 1874-Jun-03
PUCKET, Lou ANDREWS, Ben 1873-Sep-03
PUGH, Dorcas HARRIS, Louis 1876-Sep-28
PUGH, Tilda LOUIS, Doc 1872-Mar-05
PULLINS, M J Miss PETERSEN, Soren 1876-Sep-23
PUMPKIN, Mary BROWN, Thomas 1872-Jul-19
QUINN, Ann BOWEN, Dennis 1876-May-30



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