Panola County Brides

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NASH, Gussie GILLESPIE, J A 1897-Jan-13
NEALS, Patsey JONES, Charley 1871-Dec-28
NEEL, Fannie E CRUTCHER, George T 1898-Aug-16
NEELY, Julia MCLAIN, Ben 1871-Dec-26
NELSON, Alice R JACO, Thomas H 1891-Dec-02
NELSON, Anna JONES, Clarke 1873-Oct-29
NELSON, Cassia HILL, Henson 1872-Dec-21
NELSON, Charlotte HIBLER, Henry 1873-Jan-15
NELSON, Charlotte MALONE, M F 1885-Dec-01
NELSON, Clara LEWIS, Joe 1876-Sep-19
NELSON, Ella WALKER, Colonel 1875-Nov-13
NELSON, Floy MALONE, C C 1896-Dec-10
NELSON, Huldy ORR, Richard 1875-Sep-11
NELSON, Jennie YOUNG, Robert 1875-Jan-21
NELSON, Mandy WOODSON, Obbey 1872-Aug-03
NELSON, Martha HILL, Butler 1874-Jan-13
NELSON, Nicie TIPPEN, David 1876-May-20
NELSON, Patsey Mrs BROWN, Peter 1874-Oct-21
NELSON, Rachell MCKINNEY, Monroe 1871-Dec-02
NELSON, Susie WALKER, Ike 1875-Aug-23
NELSON, Sylvia TALBOT, Rafe 1875-Aug-04
NESBIT, Lizzie JOHNSON, Silas 1877-Feb-07
NEWBY, Mary TATE, Alex 1871-Oct-25
NEWMAN, Mollie SUTTON, J N 1888-Jan-04
NICHLES, Ella FRENCH, W H 1893-Dec-05
NICHOLS, Emilene OLIVER, Jack 1874-Dec-26
NICKLES, Addie Boyd CARUTHERS, L S 1899-Dec-07
NICKLES, Julia SMITH, W W 1900-May-01
NICKLES, Lutie ROBERSON, B A 1898-Jun-15
NIXON, B P Miss SNIDER, A L 1894-Apr-08
NIXON, M G Miss MCCULLAR, J L 1899-Mar-04
NORRIS, Lizzie COX, Patrick 1875-Apr-28
OLDHAM, Fannie WILHELM, C M 1899-Dec-22
OLIPHANT, H A Miss POTEETE, W A 1899-Jun-23
OLIPHANT, R J Miss POTEETE, W S 1894-Jun-20
OLIPHANT, Willie Miss GEDDIE, D M 1895-Apr-20
OLIVER, Amanda CARPENTER, Thomas 1876-Jun-03
OLIVER, Caroline GLOVER, Alex 1871-Aug-12
OLIVER, Linda Mrs HENTZ, Spence 1874-Aug-07
OLIVER, Lucie JACKSON, William 1876-Jan-28
OLIVER, Polly Ann MOSS, William 1876-Dec-22
ONEIL, Mary GRAY, Robert 1876-Feb-02
OREAR, M E Miss LEE, R E 1898-Feb-24
ORGON, Fannie PATRICK, Ed 1894-Feb-02
ORR, Anna MCCARDY, E A 1897-May-15
ORR, Cathern ANDERSON, David 1876-Mar-22
ORR, Harriet LEE, Lafayette 1872-Mar-29
ORR, Hattie STITT, William 1875-Feb-23
ORR, Kate SALLORS, Joe 1896-Aug-26
ORR, Martha NELSON, Allen 1874-Mar-27
ORR, Millie BROOKS, Rufus 1871-Dec-22
ORR, Sarah A NELSON, Joseph 1872-Mar-29
OSBORNE, Susan WILLIAMS, Henry 1872-Mar-14
OWENS, Lena HARE, Mark 1874-Dec-26
OWENS, Mahala RICE, Henderson 1872-Jul-19
OWENS, Mary HOLDEN, J C 1894-Feb-16
OWENS, Mary RAY, Al 1890-Nov-10



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