Panola County Brides

I - J

INGRAM, Alice BARHAM, C E 1899-Dec-26
INGRAM, Mary JOHNSON, Elias 1872-Jan-04
IRBY, Annie P MCGEHEE, S M 1885-Oct-20
IRBY, Louisa Mrs PERRY, Charles 1874-Dec-22
IRNNIE, Maria MCAFEE, Authur 1871-Oct-24
IRONS, Mary BROWN, Tom 1873-Jan-21
IRVY, Sallie MORRIS, Archie 1874-Dec-02
JACKSON, Amanda KNOX, George 1873-May-29
JACKSON, Clara FULMER, C W 1893-Mar-15
JACKSON, E E Miss JOHNSON, Will E 1894-Jan-31
JACKSON, Ella FULMER, C W 1885-Oct-27
JACKSON, Ella W GRADY, O I 1897-Jan-23
JACKSON, Hannah JONES, Henry 1872-Jan-01
JACKSON, Harriet HOWARD, Tom 1872-Jan-31
JACKSON, I L Miss YOUNG, James 1886-Mar-27
JACKSON, Jemima IRVING, Benj 1873-Nov-21
JACKSON, Jensey HUNT, Anderson 1872-Jun-15
JACKSON, Leila ANDREWS, J D 1898-May-16
JACKSON, Loren A BROWN, Birdie 1899-Jan-23
JACKSON, Mag LAND, John 1899-Jun-23
JACKSON, Mahala HENTZ, Tabe 1873-Jan-08
JACKSON, Manda BUTLER, Allen 1876-Mar-08
JACKSON, Mary WILBOURN, Prince 1871-Dec-26
JACKSON, Mary Jane GRISTE, H D 1895-Nov-23
JACKSON, Millie WILLIAMS, Robert 1876-Apr-22
JACKSON, Milly JACKSON, Tucker 1873-Apr-05
JACKSON, Minnie KYLE, J M 1896-Nov-25
JACKSON, Nan DUGGER, Ernest 1899-Jan-18
JACKSON, P Miss JONES, William 1876-Feb-22
JACKSON, Peggy GREEN, Isaac 1874-Dec-30
JACKSON, Rachel WOODSON, William 1873-Apr-12
JACO, L J Miss MORRIS, R T 1894-Sep-26
JACOBS, Josie ANDERSON, J A 1873-Nov-22
JAMES, Lizzie MCKINNEY, Marin 1875-Jan-26
JAMES, Murray BISHOP, Albert 1874-Nov-17
JEANS, Rosa JONES, Louis 1876-Jan-26
JEFFERSON, Jennie WALLACE, John 1876-Jan-06
JEFFERSON, Martha Ann CROZIER, George 1874-Aug-28
JEFFRIES, Matt Miss LOVE, Jim 1873-Jan-17
JENKINS, Dillard Edna TERRY, Elisha M 1898-Mar-14
JENKINS, Susan MOORE, Randal 1876-Jul-25
JENNINGS, Irma E ROBERTSON, Hattie May 1898-Dec-20
JENNINGS, Lela SMITH, J H 1894-Dec-03
JENNINGS, Mollie TANNER, William 1871-Jun-03
JENNINGS, Nancy FULLER, W B 1891-Dec-26
JNES, Adaline WILLIAMS, Henry 1872-Dec-20
JNES, Lucy MACK, Adam 1872-Feb-05
JOHNSON, Belia HIBLER, Alfred 1871-Aug-31
JOHNSON, Bettie BROWN, Riley 1875-Jan-30
JOHNSON, Carrie SMEDLEY, D B 1898-Nov-30
JOHNSON, Celia TATE, Preston 1873-Jan-24
JOHNSON, Eliza ROBINSON, Sam 1871-May-26
JOHNSON, Eliza TATE, Solomon 1873-Oct-03
JOHNSON, Ella M COLEMAN, Newton J 1898-Dec-03
JOHNSON, Eunice BADGER, Nelson 1872-Jan-03
JOHNSON, Florence WILLIAMS, Tarry 1875-Aug-31
JOHNSON, Harriett JONES, Robert 1876-Aug-24
JOHNSON, Julia HERRING, Rubin 1876-Dec-26
JOHNSON, Laura MOORE, Henry 1872-Aug-31
JOHNSON, Lily RAY, C W 1898-Mar-31
JOHNSON, Margret REED, Milton 1874-Nov-30
JOHNSON, Martha V THORNTON, Robert L 1899-Jan-25
JOHNSON, Mary JOHNSON, G W 1889-Nov-19
JOHNSON, Mary E SMITH, B F 1897-Jun-19
JOHNSON, Mattie CHAMBLIN, W D 1888-Dec-07
JOHNSON, Mollie WELLS, William General 1873-Sep-13
JOHNSON, Pleasant POWELL, Hensley 1874-Dec-21
JOHNSON, Pricor TYLER, Robert 1871-Apr-01
JOHNSON, Rhody WILLIAMS, Jhn 1873-Jul-05
JOHNSON, Rosana DAVIS, Samuel 1875-Oct-25
JOHNSON, Sallie PRATCHER, Edmond 1876-Feb-26
JOHNSON, Sarah HUNT, Peter 1875-Jan-25
JOHNSON, Sarah RICHARDSON, Roland 1871-Nov-11
JOHNSON, Sarah TOWNS, Auther 1875-Mar-24
JOHNSON, Sophia FIELDS, Joseph 1874-Dec-26
JOHNSON, Sukie BELL, William 1871-Jul-15
JOHNSON, Susana FLETCHER, Asberry 1876-Feb-23
JOHNSON, Susie ARNOLD, W E Jr 1899-Aug-26
JOHNSON, Victora WARD, Gerald 1877-Jan-17
JOHNSTON, Emma GRAY, John 1875-Feb-15
JONES, Addie CLARKE, David 1874-Sep-19
JONES, Amanda BARNES, John 1871-Sep-20
JONES, Ann MATTHEWS, Augustus 1875-Oct-02
JONES, Annie S Mrs YOUNG, John M 1886-Jun-14
JONES, Arnelia FISHER, Jerry 1875-Dec-08
JONES, Bell WILSON, T B 1899-Nov-28
JONES, Betty MCBRIDE, William 1873-Apr-30
JONES, C M Miss HOLE, J N 1894-Feb-06
JONES, Catherin BISHOP, Amos 1876-Aug-05
JONES, Cathrine EDWARDS, Peter 1874-Feb-03
JONES, Celia HIBLER, Coleman 1873-Nov-20
JONES, Charlotte DANIEL, Richard M 1875-Nov-25
JONES, Clara NORMAN, Joe 1876-Jul-12
JONES, Della PORE, Robert 1873-Feb-19
JONES, Eliza LOWE, Albert 1874-Dec-16
JONES, Eliza SIMMONS, Joe 1871-May-04
JONES, Ellen WOFFARD, James 1872-Mar-14
JONES, Emeline HIBLER, Luke 1872-Oct-05
JONES, Emma JONES, J J 1876-Jan-13
JONES, Emma SLEDGE, William 1873-Jun-26
JONES, Frances Miss WILSON, Peter 1871-Dec-20
JONES, Hanah BYARS, Clark 1876-May-19
JONES, Jane HIGHTOWER, Lafayette 1874-May-13
JONES, Jane JOHNSON, Wm 1876-Aug-25
JONES, Jennett STEPHEN, Perry 1876-Feb-09
JONES, Jennie BUTLER, John A 1873-Dec-20
JONES, Jennie HARRIS, Sam 1876-Jan-12
JONES, Katie RAMSEY, Haywood 1876-Feb-17
JONES, Leona TUBBS, R M 1896-Dec-21
JONES, Lillian BAKER, W L 1894-Dec-12
JONES, Lizzie PASCAL, Tom 1876-Mar-13
JONES, Lou JONES, Robert 1876-Apr-08
JONES, Lou VANCE, Alex 1872-Aug-31
JONES, Lucie WEBSTER, Fredrick 1876-Mar-11
JONES, Lucilla JONES, Atlas 1876-Jan-05
JONES, Lucy ANDERSON, Alonzo 1875-Dec-16
JONES, Lucy JOHNSON, Mose 1873-Apr-12
JONES, M E Miss LEMSER, C J 1896-Nov-16
JONES, M S Miss LEE, W A B 1896-Feb-24
JONES, Mandy FITZGERALD, Zing 1873-Jan-10
JONES, Margret EDWARDS, Daniel 1873-Aug-26
JONES, Margret HICKINBOTTOM, Thomas 1872-Jan-13
JONES, Margret POPE, Wylie 1872-Mar-27
JONES, Maria DARLING, Wm 1871-Nov-18
JONES, Maria JENNINGS, Crockett 1871-Dec-26
JONES, Maria NUNALLY, Thomas 1875-Apr-22
JONES, Maria POGUE, Louis 1871-May-27
JONES, Mary MADDOX, Arthur 1873-Mar-12
JONES, Mary OLIPHANT, G L 1894-Sep-11
JONES, Mary ROBINSON, Levi 1873-May-22
JONES, Mattie ALLEN, Charley 1900-Mar-10
JONES, Mittie CATHEY, Alexander 1886-Oct-04
JONES, Nancy BROOKS, Jeff 1873-May-18
JONES, Naomie HAYNES, J M 1898-Nov-03
JONES, Parilie LAIRD, Jeff 1876-Jun-16
JONES, Patsey Mrs SPAN, Joseph 1875-Jan-05
JONES, R A Miss JACKSON, R F 1897-Nov-16
JONES, Sarah WEBSTER, Perry 1871-Dec-27
JONES, Stevia FLANTT, W J 1886-Nov-10
JONES, Susan FULTZ, Ben 1873-Jan-16
JONES, Susan JOHNSON, Levi 1873-Mar-15
JONES, Texana RAMSAY, Noah 1874-Jul-30
JONES, Viney SHEGOG, Ennis 1872-Jan-19
JONES, Viola ANDERSON, Thomas 1875-May-04
JORDAN, Minnie B MCKEE, T L 1898-Jun-04
JORDAN, S H Miss KEETON, H S 1895-Mar-29
JORDON, Francis Miss DAUGHERTY, M 1893-Dec-20
JORDON, Harriet CARGILL, Henry 1873-Oct-20
JOURDON, Mollie JONES, Eli 1871-Dec-25
JOY, Varley HOUSTON, Miles 1874-Feb-14
JOYNER, Martha BRAZIEL, Sterling 1873-Jul-30



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