Panola County Brides


HALL, Caroline DAVIS, Prince 1875-Dec-29
HALL, Ether MCKENNEY, Marion 1874-May-14
HALL, Laura WATKINS, George 1874-Dec-17
HALLOWORTH, Catherine RANDOLPH, Abraham 1871-May-06
HAMILTON, M E Miss ARNOLD, M E 1896-Dec-15
HAMMER, Harriet NELSON, Augustus 1874-Jun-26
HANKAN, Lucinda MCCLANAHAN, Alex 1875-Dec-30
HANKS, Becky JACKSON, Joe 1873-Jan-09
HANNA, Ida YOUNG, E B 1896-Aug-10
HANNON, Gracie NEWBORN, John 1874-Apr-17
HANSEN, Fannie BAKER, Frank 1896-Feb-19
HARDING, Julia HARRIS, Isaac 1874-Jan-28
HARDIS, Maria SMALL, Robert 1875-Dec-20
HARDWICK, Charlotte DUGGER, Ephriam 1873-Jan-24
HARDWICK, Eliza STEWART, John Wesley 1872-Jan-15
HARDY, Ada ROBSON, J H 1896-May-05
HARDY, Addie HARRIS, Shed 1874-May-07
HARDY, Lizzie PERRY, Louis 1875-Nov-10
HARDY, Sarah CLINKSCOLES, Hamilton 1875-Sep-15
HARMON, Amanda JAMES, Jacob 1871-Dec-10
HARMON, Charlotte JENKINS, James 1875-Jan-06
HARMON, S T Miss TURNAGE, D F 1885-Feb-02
HARMON, Sarah Mrs RUDISILL, A W 1885-Oct-26
HARPER, Anna DAVIS, Pierce 1876-Apr-15
HARRIS, Alena TEASDALE, C H 1887-Dec-23
HARRIS, Amelia HOLLOWAY, Coleman 1874-Jan-14
HARRIS, Annie KEARNEY, Oscar 1871-Dec-23
HARRIS, Eliza HALE, J D 1890-Dec-22
HARRIS, Elizabeth SMITH, Boston 1874-Jan-13
HARRIS, Emily MITCHELL, Joe 1872-Dec-21
HARRIS, Fannie PERRY, Lewis 1873-Jan-22
HARRIS, H H Miss OLDHAM, W V 1892-Mar-12
HARRIS, Hannah OSSIE, William 1876-Feb-16
HARRIS, Harriett HENTZ, Samuel 1871-Nov-11
HARRIS, Hattie May CAMPBELL, D H 1886-Dec-18
HARRIS, Jane BOBO, Henderson 1871-Sep-06
HARRIS, Katie TERRELL, W E 1897-Oct-16
HARRIS, Lena MITCHELL, T D 1887-Aug-15
HARRIS, Lilly JOHNSON, Ben 1871-Dec-23
HARRIS, Louisa ISOM, James 1876-Dec-23
HARRIS, Lucinda WILLIAMS, Gabriel 1875-Jan-07
HARRIS, Lucy SMITH, David 1873-Feb-22
HARRIS, Margret WHARTON, Joseph 1874-Feb-09
HARRIS, Maria MORRIS, Henry 1872-Feb-22
HARRIS, Mary L LANDRUM, Zack P 1888-Oct-11
HARRIS, Roselee CRAWFORD, Isaac 1876-Feb-15
HARRIS, Sarah HARRIS, Albert 1872-Jan-22
HARRISON, Julia DICKENS, F I 1888-Oct-10
HARRISON, Mollie CARROLL, H A 1874-Dec-30
HARVEY, Hennie A GRAHAM, D R 1891-Nov-17
HASKINS, Patsey KAYKENDOLL, Samuel 1875-Jan-06
HATCH, Eliza SARGEANT, Jackson 1872-Aug-28
HATCH, Newton Miss WILSON, Edward 1871-   -
HATCHER, Sinann BRUCE, Jasper 1876-Jan-17
HAUKINS, Ettie AVERY, Taylor 1873-Jan-01
HAWKINS, Esther SMITH, Frank 1898-Sep-26
HAWKINS, F D Miss BROOM, J C 1895-Dec-10
HAYNES, Bulah DARBY, J B 1894-Oct-22
HAYNES, Lizzie MILLS, B M 1893-Jul-10
HAYNES, Lizzie SULLIVAN, C V 1889-Dec-18
HAYS, Anna BACON, E W 1876-Jun-28
HAZEL, Matilda GARRISON, Monroe 1875-Aug-12
HAZLEWOOD, Harriet PRINCE, Willie 1877-Feb-10
HEARINGS, Lena JUDGE, Wesley 1872-Nov-23
HEATH, Jnne DARBY, Mose 1875-Feb-06
HEBLER, Harriet CALDWELL, Julius 1872-Jun-08
HEFLIN, Mary F KYLE, A S 1885-Jan-28
HELMS, Ida JENNINGS, O S 1900-Apr-18
HELMS, M E Miss BELL, W G 1898-Apr-29
HELMS, Stella JONES, D S 1898-Jan-18
HENDERSON, Amanda DYSON, James 1875-Aug-21
HENDERSON, Anna WEBB, Tom 1874-Jan-31
HENDERSON, Eliza SCOTT, Turner 1876-Jan-27
HENDERSON, Fanny ALEXANDER, Frank 1871-Dec-26
HENDERSON, Jennie MILLER, Miles 1873-Jan-18
HENDERSON, Jessie Miss JACKSON, E R 1889-Jan-11
HENDERSON, Nancy ALEXANDER, Frank 1871-Dec-31
HENDRIX, Emma S BREWER, S A 1895-Sep-25
HENRY, Argie WARD, William Lee 1893-May-06
HERRING, Bessie LAMB, L B 1899-Feb-13
HERRING, Fannie L FERRELL, J L 1886-Jan-12
HERRING, Lula LAMB, E B 1900-Nov-10
HERRING, Sindey LOONEY, Frank 1894-Mar-27
HERRON, Ida MARTIN, L F 1891-Nov-14
HERRON, Lula GRISTE, J E Jr 1896-Jan-08
HERTZ, Clara HUBBARD, Henry 1900-Nov-03
HERTZ, M E Miss TIPPET, W J 1898-May-14
HEWLETT, Ann SIMS, Scott 1873-Jan-25
HEWLETT, Nancy PORTER, Daniel 1873-Feb-26
HEWLETT, Sophia SAUCER, Nelson 1871-Aug-28
HEWLITT, Millie CRIDDLE, Alfred 1872-Dec-21
HIBLER, Alice HIBLER, John 1874-Apr-24
HIBLER, Dora Mrs TAYLOR, B F 1875-Dec-10
HIBLER, Julia HIBLER, Jake 1872-Apr-02
HIBLER, Laura SORRELS, Joseph 1873-Mar-15
HIBLER, Lizzie JONES, John 1876-Jun-06
HIBLER, Martha FLOYD, John 1877-Apr-02
HICKS, L D Mrs DRY, D S 1897-Oct-05
HIGHTOWER, Lizzie HIBBS, Edward 1873-Jun-28
HIGHTOWER, Millie Mrs FERGUSON, Robert 1875-Sep-28
HIGHTOWER, Mollie KERR, Reuben 1874-Jan-30
HIGHTOWER, Phiba HUNT, Rivers 1876-Dec-27
HIGHTOWER, Polly CORPPAGE, George 1876-May-27
HIGHTOWER, Tabitha RICE, Sam A 1892-Apr-07
HILL, Alice V FERRELL, J R 1886-Dec-14
HILL, Augusta EDWARDS, B M 1872-Jan-26
HILL, Cora A MCCOLLUM, R G 1890-Jan-08
HILL, Cora Lee LEWIS, A O 1899-Apr-25
HILL, Ida TERRY, W E 1899-Jul-22
HILL, Inez BRIDGER, W H 1887-Nov-30
HILL, Lillie MCCULLOUGH, B F 1898-Jan-17
HILL, Lizzie C MCCOLLUM, D A 1891-Dec-10
HILL, Lola FINNIE, W H 1899-Sep-02
HILL, Midora E HIBLER, Lewis 1874-Nov-30
HILL, Sarah A YOUNG, Thomas 1872-Sep-12
HITCH, Dura RUTLEDGE, Paul C 1893-Dec-23
HOBGOOD, Lizzie DAVIS, Walter S 1887-Oct-31
HOLCOMB, Annie E BRATTON, Jno F 1892-Oct-22
HOLCOMB, Rue H CRAWFORD, J C 1890-Jan-27
HOLCOMB, Susie Mrs FITZGERALD, Richard 1891-Feb-20
HOLCOMBE, Georgia SNELL, L O 1896-Sep-12
HOLCOMBE, Laura HOLCOMBE, George 1876-Mar-10
HOLCOMBE, Susana YOUNG, Tobe 1877-Jan-20
HOLCOMBE, Willie Miss BREWER, S J 1899-Dec-21
HOLDEN, Frances Miss KELLEY, Brady 1897-Jun-18
HOLDEN, Mittie L CATHEY, Thadeus F 1885-Feb-16
HOLLEN, Minnie Mrs WRIGHT, B P 1896-May-11
HOLLINGER, M L Miss MATHES, J T 1894-Dec-25
HOLLIWAY, Martha PORTER, Ned 1877-Mar-15
HOLLOHITE, E H Miss BOLTON, E 1894-Dec-07
HOLLOWAY, Martha TAYLOR, Fletcher 1875-May-29
HOLLOWAY, Priscilla KILLEBREW, John 1874-Jan-10
HOLLOWELL, Amma E WRIGHT, J P 1899-May-27
HOLLOWELL, Ida M TATUM, W S 1897-May-10
HONESTEAD, Blanch IRBY, H W 1887-Oct-21
HOOD, Alice NABORNS, Jno W 1896-Nov-10
HOOKS, Viney DIVERS, Peter 1874-Dec-12
HOOP, Bettie SIMMONS, R P 1896-Feb-25
HOP, Mandy PASS, Harrison 1873-Jan-11
HOPE, Sallie BECKERDITE, J F 1887-Apr-19
HORN, Ida BROWN, Clarence 1897-Sep-19
HORN, Mary Etta MCCREARY, William 1887-Nov-04
HORN, Mattie GOFORTH, G N 1899-Dec-19
HORN, Patsey CALDWELL, Charles 1872-May-21
HORTON, Ann WILSON, Alex 1873-Nov-01
HOSKINS, Fanny JOHNSON, Lee 1872-Jul-06
HOUSTON, Ada WASHINGTON, George 1874-Nov-28
HOUSTON, Caroline CRAWLEY, Albert 1876-Apr-07
HOUSTON, Lilly HOLLOMAN, C H 1899-Jan-21
HOUSTON, Mollie HUDSON, Shephard 1877-Jan-16
HOWARD, Jennie SORRELLS, W G 1889-Feb-02
HOWARD, Maggie KEATING, Peter 1895-Feb-08
HOWARD, Mandy WILBURN, Carter 1872-Sep-13
HOWARD, Mary GREEN, A C 1886-Jan-19
HOWARD, Rosa MORTON, William 1876-Jul-25
HOWE, Angy MATTHEWS, William 1873-Feb-22
HOWELL, Beatrice WRIGHT, T I 1892-Jan-14
HUBBARD, Ellen BOWDEN, Henry L 1894-Nov-28
HUBBARD, Maria COOPER, George 1875-Jan-11
HUBBARD, Nellie PUGH, Scott 1875-Sep-10
HUCKELDY, Lizzie FITTS, George 1895-Oct-24
HUDSON, Emma ADAIN, Isone 1874-Dec-19
HUDSON, Haley STRONG, Claiborne 1871-Dec-09
HUDSON, Mariah ALLEN, A B 1884-Jul-06
HUDSON, Mary MORTON, Morris 1872-Jan-01
HUDSON, Nelia GILL, L P 1900-Aug-04
HUDSON, Sallie MCGEHEE, Henry Clay 1872-May-11
HUDSON, Stella AUSTIN, J B 1896-Mar-30
HUDSON, Susie SANFORD, W N 1885-Dec-14
HUFF, Fannie MCCOY, Ed 1874-Jul-03
HUGGINS, Francis Miss LANE, John 1873-Feb-24
HUGHES, Nancy LEIDBETTER, Jordan 1872-Aug-15
HUGHS, Susan NELSON, Elbert 1876-Dec-01
HUNPHERY, Laura THIMAS, John 1877-Mar-26
HUNT, Abby WARDLAW, James 1873-Sep-10
HUNT, Ada V WEELS, C E 1898-Oct-30
HUNT, Eliza SLEDGE, Albert 1872-Oct-12
HUNT, Jennie HUNT, Peter 1874-Jan-26
HUNT, Jirsil DEULIN, William 1876-Dec-27
HUNT, Lindy ALLEN, Charles 1891-Jan-06
HUNT, Louisa HARRIS, Levi 1872-Dec-24
HUNT, Nancy LEDBETTER, Jordan 1872-Oct-28
HUNT, Nicey BANKS, Gus 1874-Apr-14
HUNT, Parthena NOVINGTON, Alex 1873-Oct-02
HUNT, Sallie ROBINSON, David 1873-Jul-10
HUNT, Susan Mrs MOMAN, Charles 1873-Dec-05
HUNTER, Clara TAYLOR, Abraham 1872-Jan-26
HUNTER, F Jane HARRIS, Josiah 1872-May-17
HUNTER, Iza PORTER, B M 1898-Nov-07
HUNTER, Katie TAYLOR, Thomas H 1885-Apr-08
HUNTER, Lily WILSON, Richard 1890-Nov-27
HUNTER, M D Mrs ECHOLS, J W 1897-Aug-17
HUTCHINS, Fannie MCCLANAHAN, Alexander 1872-Mar-22



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