Panola County Brides

F - G

FANCHER, Eula HEARD, S W 1887-Feb-12
FARGUSON, Nora Bell PAGE, D J 1894-Dec-24
FARLEY, Ann WINN, William 1873-Nov-01
FARLEY, Ellen BUTLER, Matt 1874-Dec-30
FARLEY, Mary TRAMMEL, Jordan 1872-Apr-27
FARLEY, Maud FREEMAN, N H 1899-Feb-24
FARLEY, Milly RAINEY, Charles 1872-Dec-26
FARLEY, Rosanna JONES, John 1872-Apr-27
FARMER, Ada OWENS, D H 1889-Jun-07
FARMER, Alice HARVEY, A L 1888-Nov-22
FARMER, Alice RAY, Alex 1889-Nov-18
FARRON, Fannie E ECKLES, A W 1890-Jan-01
FARROW, Elnora TATE, Isarel 1875-Jan-07
FAULKNER, E L Miss SCULLORN, V B 1897-Jan-20
FELKER, F B Miss HAYS, J M 1894-Dec-25
FENSLEY, Rutha STOKES, Pinkney 1877-Feb-13
FERRELL, Ella HILL, F G 1891-May-19
FIGG, Lula BURNETT, S B 1894-May-26
FIGG, Sarah J Mrs FOWLER, John 1873-Feb-24
FILE, Daisy MARTIN, J N 1893-Oct-21
FILE, S E Mrs HUBBARD, R F 1893-Jul-05
FISHER, Julia EVANS, Allen 1876-Oct-11
FISHER, Patsey YOUNG, Phillip 1873-Sep-11
FISHER, Rosetta ZEIGLER, Harry 1897-Apr-07
FITE, Annie L Mrs RILES, M T 1897-Dec-24
FITE, Lizzie SOWELL, J L 1895-Nov-07
FITE, Zana MARTIN, Etson 1894-Dec-27
FITTS, Belle SANFORD, J V 1886-Dec-22
FITTS, Florence G CRAWFORD, F B 1888-May-12
FITTS, Nancy Mrs WRIGHT, Joe 1888-Apr-26
FITTS, Pollie JACO, Wallace 1895-Sep-10
FITZGERALD, Alice MORGAN, J W H 1877-Feb-15
FITZGERALD, Margaret FREEMAN, Thomas F 1871-Apr-10
FLEMING, Dolly EDDINS, Henry 1875-Feb-27
FLETCHER, Addie MCARDLE, Elwood 1888-Dec-17
FLOYD, Eliza NELSON, Allen 1876-Dec-26
FLOYD, Emma BOOTHE, Cyrus 1873-Mar-03
FLOYD, Josephine WHITON, Wallace 1876-Dec-26
FLOYD, Pattie Louise TAYLOR, H D 1897-Nov-10
FONDREN, L F Mrs FAULKNER, A R 1899-Feb-10
FORD, Fannie E SEWELL, E H 1886-Oct-12
FORD, Henrietta Mrs MITCHELL, Horace 1874-May-20
FORD, Katie STRICKER, Jno L 1892-Apr-19
FORRESTER, H L Miss LAND, A T 1899-Nov-01
FOSTER, Ella SIMMONS, Abraham 1876-Jun-07
FOSTER, Francis Miss BEAL, Harrison 1871-Sep-13
FOSTER, L J Miss MATSON, J W 1890-Nov-01
FOSTER, Maria JOHNSON, Henry 1873-Oct-23
FOWLER, Kitty GRAY, Simon 1871-Jun-18
FOX, Emiline DOOLEY, Jim 1873-Mar-11
FOX, Jane ROCKETT, Thomas 1873-Feb-19
FOX, Josana JOINER, Joseph 1877-Jan-13
FOX, Lizzie HUMPHRIES, Lum 1873-Dec-26
FRANKLIN, Callie FARLEY, James 1876-Dec-21
FRANKLIN, Carrie DICKSON, John 1872-Dec-24
FRANKLIN, Dilsey MCFADDEN, Levi 1872-Mar-02
FRANKLIN, Edna YOUNG, Dave 1900-Nov-09
FRANKLIN, Flora HILL, J F 1895-Nov-15
FRANKLIN, Florence OLIVER, Lindsey 1873-Apr-28
FRANKLIN, Mickey Miss HAWKINS, David 1875-Dec-29
FRANKLIN, Mollie BOYD, Anthony 1872-Apr-26
FREDRICK, Jane KIRKWOOD, Cato 1875-Jun-05
FREEMAN, Catherine JONES, Sam 1877-Jan-16
FREEMAN, Emeline BROWN, Henry 1876-Oct-05
FREEMAN, Florence LEGER, Eugene 1886-Dec-27
FRIZZELL, Ida M Mrs COOPER, S D 1893-Jun-11
FULFOOT, Emoline BOWEN, Buck 1876-Dec-08
FURGISON, Charity MCCULLOUGH, Ottaway 1871-Aug-11
FURR, Augusta GARRETT, J O 1888-Dec-10
GAGE, Sophia BRONNER, George 1871-May-19
GALES, Sallie WOODSON, John 1875-Sep-02
GARDNER, Katie Mrs WELLS, W M 1896-Nov-12
GARETT, Sallie JOHNSON, Ben 1871-Jul-18
GARRETT, Della TANLESS, J D 1891-Feb-03
GARRETT, Florence FITZGERALD, A L 1891-Sep-02
GARRETT, Mobley FRANCE, Henry 1886-Jul-26
GATES, Ellen HOLDENFIELD, Henry 1873-Jan-11
GAULT, Mollie GARRISON, James 1898-Dec-19
GAULT, Sarah BELL, Theodore 1871-Dec-13
GEORGE, M L Miss FORRESTER, T P 1898-Sep-19
GIBSON, Louisa BRONSON, Hock 1872-Mar-06
GILLESPIE, Etta WILSON, R S 1893-Dec-23
GIVIN, Margret HIBBLER, G W 1875-Dec-29
GLASER, Evie VANSICKLE, W 1894-Apr-07
GLENN, Delia STEPHENS, H D 1899-Oct-18
GLENN, Mary TAYLOR, Andrew 1877-Feb-21
GOFF, Nellie CRAIG, J J 1898-Nov-22
GOFORTH, Ella HORN, T H 1896-Dec-04
GOFORTH, Lillian L MCEWEN, E H 1900-Nov-23
GOOCH, Eliza VAUGHAN, Manuel 1877-Mar-22
GOODMAN, Mandy HAY, Benjamin 1876-Dec-06
GOODMAN, Mattie TEAGUE, W M 1886-Feb-05
GOODNIGHT, Alice JOINER, Tom 1899-Mar-24
GOODNIGHT, C J Miss SCRUGGS, J W 1896-Jul-08
GOODNIGHT, Eula TYLER, Bates 1898-Nov-11
GOODNIGHT, Lizzie ELMORE, J B 1900-Jan-08
GOODNIGHT, Lula FOSTER, L D 1899-Jan-21
GOODNIGHT, Nina SMITH, D M 1899-Jan-18
GORDON, Jane TIPTON, William 1874-Jan-13
GORDON, Nancy NANCE, Edward 1874-Feb-11
GORDON, Nancy TATE, Dan 1872-Nov-09
GORMAN, Katie COFEN, John 1874-May-02
GRANGER, Emeline BANKS, Silas 1874-Jan-21
GRANT, Malinda OSBORNE, Pitcher 1873-Jan-22
GRAVES, Ann WEBB, Link 1872-Apr-06
GRAVES, Ella HILLHOUSE, S J 1896-Jan-11
GRAVES, Mattie E GILCHRIST, M F 1891-Feb-25
GRAVES, Maud MATHEWS, P R 1894-Jan-19
GRAY, Emma FLOYD, Sam 1873-Mar-20
GRAY, Emma JOYNER, Phillip 1872-Jan-13
GRAY, Lucy BEAL, Henry 1873-Sep-15
GRAY, Ritta JONES, Henry 1872-Feb-13
GREEN, Ann HARRIS, Armstead 1873-Nov-25
GREEN, Ann SLEDGE, Douglass 1872-Jan-11
GREEN, Celia BOBO, Mizy 1873-May-03
GREEN, Connie B ELLIS, A D 1893-Dec-26
GREEN, Emma LOVE, Gus 1874-Feb-06
GREEN, M S Mrs JONES, J R 1895-Dec-02
GREEN, Pheby GORDON, Bill 1876-Apr-05
GREENER, Lucy Irene JOHNSON, A J 1893-Dec-14
GRIFFIN, Della GOLDING, J M 1897-Jan-17
GRIFFIN, Laura LAMBERT, Abram 1875-Mar-29
GRIFFIN, Lenora Robert a     FITZGERALD, B I 1887-Mar-23
GRIFFIN, M L Miss WHITTEN, W M 1897-Jul-29
GRISTE, J M Miss JONES, M E 1895-Nov-25
GRISTE, Sallie BROWN, W E 1888-Dec-25
GROGAN, Dalliah YOUNGBLOOD, J F 1895-Jan-16
GROVE, Maria GEARY, George 1873-Jun-21
GRUMBY, Charlotte SMITH, Claiborne 1871-May-12
GUEST, L F Miss MCCULLAN, H L 1895-Nov-21
GUNTER, Annie Leigh BRITTAIN, J R 1889-Oct-21
GUST, Ella Lou BUSH, William G 1891-Dec-30



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