Panola County Brides


CALDWELL, Addie B EVERSFIELD, Harry 1894-Mar-07
CALDWELL, Dora SLEDGE, Smith 1876-Mar-14
CALDWELL, Emma BROWN, Homer 1876-Feb-19
CALDWELL, H B Miss DOOLEY, F M 1894-Feb-28
CALDWELL, Lucille T ELLIOTT, H R 1900-Dec-04
CALDWELL, Nancy WOODWARD, Aaron 1874-Dec-21
CALHOUN, Willie Miss THOMPSON, J W 1895-Aug-20
CALLAS, Lou JONES, Sebo 1872-Dec-13
CALLAWAY, Sue BISHOP, Amos 1871-Aug-05
CAMERON, Mattie JONES, J W 1885-Jan-22
CAMP, Savanah DAY, James 1874-Jan-08
CAMPBELL, C A Miss WRAY, W D 1887-Nov-23
CAMPBELL, M J Miss SMITH, J H 1894-Dec-05
CAMPBELL, M W Mrs REYNOLDS, Nathan 1897-Oct-06
CAMPBELL, Maggie CAMPBELL, Robert B 1889-Feb-20
CAMPBELL, Mary EDWARDS, Eli 1873-Dec-16
CAMPBELL, Oney TIDWELL, J R 1898-Feb-07
CAMPBELL, S J Mrs FORD, J C 1888-Aug-01
CANNON, Sarah Pearl FLOYD, B F 1899-May-27
CARDWELL, Jessie Miss MCCULLOUGH, G A 1894-Dec-22
CARDWELL, W C Miss MAGEE, M L 1900-Jul-06
CARLOCK, Mirandy BEALS, Harrison 1873-Aug-25
CARLTON, Fronia NELSON, Moses 1874-Dec-28
CARLTON, Ora H KIBLER, J H 1893-Oct-18
CAROVER, Jennie WILLIAMSON, Seward 1873-Jul-03
CARPENTER, Lillian M GREER, Oma Conger 1895-Dec-26
CARR, Annie FOWLER, D H 1898-Dec-14
CARR, Phillis BOST, Edward 1874-Dec-22
CARTER, Alice PARNELL, E H 1899-Apr-04
CARTER, Alice M MATTHEWS, D T J 1873-Mar-06
CARTER, Annie SMITH, E G 1895-Dec-11
CARTER, Celia ROBERTSON, Albert 1876-Aug-19
CARTER, Julia A NEEL, Handy 1875-Jul-22
CARTER, Mary W SWOOPE, W C 1886-Dec-06
CARTER, Matt Miss JONES, Myers 1875-Mar-17
CARTER, Nancy ARMSTEAD, Foster 1876-May-17
CARTER, Nannie KING, Charles E 1891-Oct-30
CARUTHERS, F L Miss LEGER, J C 1892-Sep-27
CARUTHERS, Lyde COLEMAN, E P 1886-Sep-10
CARUTHERS, Nola B HUDSON, John S 1899-Dec-16
CARUTHERS, Pattie SULLIVAN, J M 1894-Dec-17
CARUTHUR, Jessie M Miss GILL, John W 1898-Dec-23
CARVAN, F M Miss ALLEN, J H 1893-Apr-19
CARVEL, Emolin MIDDLETON, Trip 1877-Mar-12
CARVER, Sarah TRAYWICK, Washi 1875-Jan-04
CATHEY, Lenora WEBBER, E P 1896-Oct-19
CATHRINE, Katie MITCHELL, William 1875-Jul-23
CATO, Alma BARHAM, L L 1896-Sep-01
CAUSLER, Sicily FOWLER, Jerry 1873-Feb-22
CHALMERS, Roxey GOLDEN, Henderson 1871-Dec-27
CHAMBLIN, Annie LAMB, S R 1897-Oct-28
CHAMBLIN, D Esca MILLS, C Waide 1900-Apr-15
CHAMBLIN, Pearl WOOTEN, R G 1894-Dec-22
CHAPMAN, Anna MOORE, Henry 1873-Sep-19
CHAPMAN, E L Miss BROWN, J A 1896-May-29
CHAPMAN, Lucinda SMALL, Jacob 1874-Sep-11
CHAPMAN, Mary E HOUSTON, Morris 1872-Jan-19
CHAPMAN, Melissa CHAMBERLAIN, Steve 1871-Oct-07
CHAPMAN, Sarah BYARS, James 1875-Mar-17
CHEEKS, Mattie TURNER, Robert 1892-Feb-16
CHILDRESS, T J Miss BOLTON, Josie 1894-Jan-23
CHILDS, Annie BARTLE, W J 1896-Feb-07
CHILDS, Lucy YOUNG, J E 1897-Dec-23
CHILDS, Rena Mrs WHITFIELD, Richard 1874-Apr-04
CHILDS, Sallie MERCER, James 1874-Jan-24
CLANAHAN, Margret YOUNG, Oscar 1873-Apr-26
CLANTON, Betsey GIOVINGO, Wood 1872-Dec-28
CLANTON, Lee HIBBLER, Harrison 1872-Oct-05
CLANTON, Lee Miss WHITMINE, Benjamin 1875-Sep-11
CLARK, Francis Miss MCGEHEE, Davy 1873-Feb-20
CLARKE, C Miss BROADENAXE, Robert 1873-Jan-22
CLARKE, Elizabeth TURBEVILLE, B P 1891-Jan-29
CLAY, Nancy FORD, George 1876-Feb-05
CLINE, Emma SLAUGHTER, Thomas 1898-Oct-31
CLINE, Flora HOLCOMB, R N 1890-May-10
CLINES, Laura APPLETON, W F 1894-Jan-10
CLINKSCALES, Ann SNELLING, Gormon 1873-Dec-24
CLOGSTON, Fannie PORTER, J J 1889-Mar-20
CLOUD, Alice FARROW, P B 1888-Jan-24
CLUCKSCALES, Fannie ROSE, W H 1895-Oct-03
COBB, Minnie CAMERON, Robert E 1889-Jan-08
COLE, Narcissa Mrs BOWEN, Samuel 1872-Jan-08
COLEMAN, Abby JOHNSON, William 1871-Dec-25
COLEMAN, Alice M DARR, E E 1887-Dec-31
COLEMAN, Emma BELL, Marion 1872-Oct-18
COLEMAN, Evaline GASKINS, Fulford 1871-Dec-04
COLEMAN, Julia BROWN, Felix 1871-Dec-22
COLEMAN, Martha LIGHT, J A 1888-Feb-23
COLEMAN, Mary SCOTT, William 1873-Sep-19
COLEMAN, Nellie MCVEY, M C 1893-Mar-01
COLEMAN, Parthenia FENTON, Henry 1874-Feb-03
COLLIER, Agnes FAGGERT, W G 1893-Dec-24
COLLIER, Eulah JOHNSON, Matt 1889-Dec-10
COLLIER, Nettie DUNLAP, W H 1873-Feb-18
COLLINS, Hariet OSBORN, Jack 1877-Mar-29
COLLINS, Jessie J Miss MCCASLIN, W B 1898-Oct-17
COLWELL, Jennie BUTLER, John 1871-Dec-26
COMPTON, Martha Ann WILSON, Richard 1871-Dec-29
CONNER, Mertie MCCURDY, Lynn 1898-Feb-04
CONNER, Mollie AUSTIN, Adam 1874-Dec-09
COOPER, Francis Miss HUGHES, Sandy 1875-Mar-27
COOPER, Peggy Ann MULLEN, William 1874-Nov-20
COPER, Lou BROWN, Arthur 1873-Mar-13
COTTON, Ann EARTHMAN, Richard 1874-Aug-11
CRAWFORD, Ida FREEMAN, Major 1874-May-09
CRAWFORD, Maggie BENGE, W T 1888-Sep-11
CRAWFORD, Margret KUYKENDALL, Lewis 1872-Mar-30
CRAWFORD, Mattie SAUNDERS, W M 1886-Sep-13
CRAWFORD, Rosa B PHILLIPS, L J 1894-Jan-30
CRAWFORD, Sue V HALCOMB, J B 1886-Oct-29
CRAWLEY, Lucinda HARRIS, Moses 1876-Dec-26
CRAWLEY, Susie HOLLIDAY, Jack 1877-May-04
CRIPLEY, Viney IRBY, Robert 1875-Nov-15
CROFFORD, Anna LILLY, Joe 1873-Jul-12
CROSS, Margret TYLER, Albert 1874-Feb-12
CROSSTHWAITE, Alliee LUCEY, A N 1898-Sep-07
CROWLEY, Sallie STARKS, James 1873-Jun-28
CRUMP, Annie ALEXANDER, Ike 1891-Mar-15
CRUMP, Mariah NORWOOD, Dennis 1871-Nov-17
CRUMP, Vina MOARNING, James 1877-Feb-08
CURRY, Mary HARDIN, David 1874-Dec-23
CYRUS, Martha HARTZ, Martin 1872-Dec-17



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