Panola County Brides


ABBOTT, S E Miss MEACHAM, B S 1895-Feb-06
ADAMS, Fannie CATHY, Alford 1876-Jan-06
ADAMS, Lucy FERGUSON, Charley 1874-Feb-12
AGEE, Kate BRYANT, William 1894-Feb-13
ALDRIDGE, Belle RANDOLPH, George W 1900-May-03
ALDRIDGE, Beulah POLK, Jnos 1894-Sep-26
ALEXANDER, C P Miss FERRELL, A B 1889-Sep-09
ALEXANDER, R Mrs WHITE, J J 1900-Dec-26
ALLEN, Ester MOORE, Marion 1872-Nov-25
ALLEN, Fannie Mrs BALDWIN, William 1899-Jun-30
ALLISON, Hannah MANYFIELD, Levi 1874-Jan-17
ALSTON, Amanda MARTIN, Henry 1876-Feb-02
ALSTON, Annie B BLANN, W S 1893-Dec-06
ALSTON, Emeline RICHARDSON, Clark 1875-Dec-31
ALSTON, F V Miss HARRIS, G L 1895-Nov-27
ALSTON, Lucile HARRIS, W L 1894-Dec-17
ANDERSON, Adaline WILLIAMS, John 1875-Apr-29
ANDERSON, Anna HIGHTOWER, William 1891-Dec-10
ANDERSON, M A Miss BOBO, Robert E Jr 1898-Sep-10
ANDERSON, Mary Boothe IRBY, Armstead 1874-Oct-02
ANDERSON, Sylvia BETHEL, Henry 1876-Jan-25
ANDRES, Kittie L HOLCOMBE, W J 1895-Jan-31
ANDREWS, H I Miss MORRISON, N A 1893-Dec-02
ANDREWS, Julia SPENCER, Langston 1872-Nov-29
APPLETON, Emma STILL, W H 1895-Mar-26
ARCHIBALD, Eliza LAIRD, Henderson 1872-Sep-21
ARCHIBALD, Mary WILEY, William 1875-May-08
ARMSTRONG, Belle SCOBEY, R H 1894-Aug-04
ARMSTRONG, Isy DOW, Lorenzo 1875-Jul-15
ARMSTRONG, Sallie S Mrs HUNT, W E 1888-Jul-10
ARNOLD, Anna SPEER, H J 1894-Dec-24
ARNOLD, B A Mrs GOODNIGHT, T E 1899-Jan-03
ARNOLD, Duffy PALMERTREE, Newt 1896-Nov-05
ARNOLD, Ida Dean SPEER, G M 1891-Mar-09
ARNOLD, Laura MOORE, Albert 1894-Dec-24
ARNOLD, Molly COOLEY, R N 1872-Aug-06
ASHEW, Martha GOLDEN, George 1873-Apr-09
ASHMORE, Ellen Mrs RUTHERFORD, J H 1899-Feb-22
ASKEN, Sarah LEWERS, Sam Fisher 1871-Sep-23
ASKEW, Alice WALLACE, John 1874-Jan-21
ASKEW, Annie STOVALL, P S 1888-Oct-29
ASKEW, Eliza RICHARDSON, Harry 1871-Dec-12
ASKIN, Rosana RUFFIN, Louis 1876-Jan-06
ASKIN, Sarah BOYD, Felix 1875-Nov-10
ATWOODS, Susannah MOTTON, John 1876-Apr-08
AUSTIN, Ara MITCHELL, Dennis 1886-Aug-03
AUSTIN, Louisa MCDANIEL, George 1872-Dec-30
AVANT, Emily CAMPBELL, Albert 1872-Dec-26
AVANT, Harriett JOYNER, William 1872-Aug-31



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