Oktibbeha County Grooms

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NABORS, Mary ABRAM, Charles 1893-Dec-28
NANCE, Carrie Lee BRYAN, W A 1896-Dec-16
NANCE, Ida HENRY, William Mason 1888-Nov-19
NANCE, Lula F BOYD, W C 1882-Nov-26
NARON, Lizzie ONEIL, J S Dr 1891-Dec-21
NASH, Malinda BISHOP, Frank 1896-Sep-20
NASON, Nancy EDMONDS, Leroy 1867-Aug-31
NEAL, Annie ROBINSON, John 1880-Jan-29
NEAL, Caroline CHARLESTON, Mike 1898-Jan-06
NEAL, Della ROBERTS, Cainion 1897-Dec-21
NEAL, Elizabeth GRIFFIN, Frank 1897-May-08
NEAL, Ella FULCHER, J D 1880-Dec-23
NEAL, Eppie DOTSON, A C 1884-Jan-16
NEAL, Fannie C E HUNT, W Y 1875-Nov-24
NEAL, Ida ABRAM, Richard 1896-Dec-24
NEAL, Laura KINARD, Edmond 1875-Nov-11
NEAL, Luella LUMPKIN, Robert 1896-Dec-07
NEELY, Mary Agnes HUNTER, Philmore 1896-Jan-23
NEELY, Matilda COLLINS, Elbert 1876-Jan-08
NEELY, Murray BROWN, Willie Lee 1896-May-14
NEELY, Nancy TUCKER, Dimpy 1876-Jan-29
NELSON, Aggy BELL, Elbert 1879-Nov-20
NESBITT, Charlotte WATT, Edward 1879-Sep-07
NESTBROOKS, Marinda RAINY, B F 1876-Oct-28
NEWMAN, Esther KOHORN, S 1891-Apr-15
NEWMAN, Rebecca JONES, Lipman 1899-Feb-22
NEWMAN, Rose CREAMER, Harry A 1896-Aug-17
NICHOLAS, Fannie M YOUNG, Peter 1895-Dec-24
NICHOLS, A R Miss HOWARD, M H 1878-Jan-15
NICHOLS, Beulah YEATES, Boone 1897-Sep-14
NICHOLS, Mary BROWN, Lee 1879-Dec-22
NICKELS, Mary Lee STACY, C R 1898-Nov-05
NICKLES, Neppie BAYNHAM, R M 1899-Nov-16
NICKS, Phillis WILLIAMS, Samuel 1895-Dec-24
NIMMS, Vinnie WOODSON, J C 1896-Jan-05
NOBLIN, Frances P KORNEGAY, Issac J 1866-Dec-11
NOMS, A Miss CROW, J S 1874-Oct-13
NORMAN, Francis BELL, Sam 1896-May-06
NORMINT, Rosalie Lillian WEISS, H P 1886-Jun-14
NORMUCH, Eugenia B BONNEY, H H 1890-Sep-23
NORRIS, Anna ALEXANDER, A L 1900-Mar-13
NORRIS, Emma BUTLER, W F 1883-Nov-18
NORRIS, Julia ASKEW, Hardy 1891-Dec-22
NORRIS, Lucinda SHERMAN, J L 1868-Jan-28
NORRIS, Mary CROW, R E 1882-Jan-19
NOWLIN, S E Miss HARPOLE, Martin 1877-Mar-21
NUTZ, Harriet JOHNSON, Willis 1875-Feb-09
OBRIAN, Bessie MASON, George E 1899-Jul-10
OBRIAN, Florra HARRELL, Andrew 1896-Feb-02
OBRIENT, Agnes BROWN, Thomas 1877-Dec-26
OBRIENT, Della BISHOP, J L 1886-Dec-16
ODOM, H V Miss HEFLIN, A D 1887-Aug-02
ODOM, M E Miss BETTS, G W 1884-Sep-28
ODOM, Maggie FILES, R D 1900-Dec-23
ODOM, Minnie ODOM, Thomas 1891-Jul-07
OSBORN, Willa MOORE, Lou Ella 1899-Aug-06
OSWALT, A J Miss CORNELIUS, Z A 1879-Jul-21
OSWALT, Callie OSWALT, John Jr 1894-Nov-23
OSWALT, Elizabeth HALL, J J 1899-Nov-29
OSWALT, Ella SHRYSSHIRE, T E 1875-Dec-05
OSWALT, Ena STROUD, J A 1881-Dec-21
OSWALT, Josephine BETTS, A W 1900-Jan-05
OSWALT, Josephine STACY, J S 1896-Feb-06
OSWALT, Lillie BOSTICK, G W 1898-Apr-27
OSWALT, M L Miss HUTCHINSON, J B 1884-Dec-25
OSWALT, Savannah HARPOLE, M H 1894-Apr-26
OSWALT, T D L Miss MCMINN, W M 1882-Aug-06
OUTLAW, Ella A HARVEYH, W H 1871-Feb-03
OUTLAW, Emma TATE, Elias 1896-Jan-15
OUTLAW, Harriett CONNER, Alfred 1897-Nov-18
OUTLAW, Hattie CURRY, Robert P 1892-Sep-13
OUTLAW, Laura GILLESPIE, James 1897-Feb-21
OUTLAW, Mary BELL, Robert 1896-Dec-22
OUTLAW, Mary M WIGGS, James A 1884-Apr-11
OWENS, Agnes NELSON, Joseph 1877-Oct-31
OWENS, Becca STALLINGS, Isaac 1876-May-14
OWENS, Delsy PETERSON, Sam 1876-Mar-01
OWENS, Frances HINES, Harry 1878-Dec-04
OWENS, Martha ROBINSON, Harry 1875-Dec-23
OWENS, Mary Ann DAVIS, Abram 1897-Dec-25
OWENS, Rebecca HARRIS, Cornelius 1878-Feb-19
OWENS, Rosebud BELL, George W 1897-Dec-20
OWENS, Susan PETERSON, Livi 1874-Nov-07



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