Oktibbeha County Grooms

I - J

IDALL, Henry KING, Amanda 1878-Jan-24
IGV, J T FIFE, R A Miss 1875-Mar-31
INGRAM, Collin JOHNSON, Betty 1878-Dec-13
INGRAM, E H HUNTER, S A 1871-Dec-23
INGRAM, Ritter CARPENTER, Robert 1897-Apr-29
INGRAM, T A WALKER, Mary 1878-Apr-01
INGRAM, T G REYNOLDS, Lula 1884-Dec-24
IRBY, Benjamin MCMANN, Jessie F 1890-Nov-04
IRBY, Walter THOMPSON, Sallie 1895-Dec-24
ISAAC, Ben DAVIS, Eveline 1874-Oct-20
ISAAC, F S WINSTON, Jack 1896-Apr-16
ISAACS, Thomas RICHARDS, Mary 1897-Jun-01
ISAACS, William H HOWARD, Beulah H 1882-Aug-15
IVEY, J T COTTON, E T Miss 1887-Jul-28
IVY, E W WATKINS, Mary E 1866-Nov-07
IVY, William ALLEN, Leona 1894-Nov-13
JACK, John TOLSON, Lillian 1890-Jul-19
JACKSON, Abe HIGGINS, Margaret 1897-Jul-30
JACKSON, Alex BROWN, Sarah 1897-Dec-25
JACKSON, Charlie SHARP, Agnes 1896-Nov-05
JACKSON, Charlie WOODSON, T S A Miss 1885-Feb-11
JACKSON, D B WOODSON, Lucy Cornelius 1892-Feb-04
JACKSON, Don HOLLINSHIRE, P Miss 1874-Sep-21
JACKSON, Henry SULLIVAN, Mary 1889-Oct-16
JACKSON, J D WELLS, Laura 1891-Dec-12
JACKSON, James WILLIAMS, Liza Jane 1897-Dec-22
JACKSON, Johnie SPENCER, Cora 1896-Jan-06
JACKSON, Marcus T WOODSON, Alta 1898-Nov-05
JACKSON, Miles ROBERTSON, Mary 1897-Aug-14
JACKSON, Shep MILLER, Julia 1879-Mar-27
JACKSON, Thomas S WOODSON, L V Miss 1888-Jan-30
JACOBS, Franky SHAFFER, Lafayette 1878-Dec-26
JAMES, Artie WHITE, Ellis 1878-Oct-21
JAMES, Claiborn BILLINGTIN, Wilder 1875-Feb-04
JAMES, Eli RICE, Lillie 1897-Nov-20
JAMES, Ellie WILLIAMS, Josephine 1874-Aug-13
JAMES, F L RICHARDSON, Lottie 1891-Jan-26
JAMES, J W WEST, M J 1867-Aug-27
JAMES, Jesse LONG, Ellie 1879-Jan-16
JAMES, Jobe SWAIN, G A Miss 1875-Oct-03
JAMES, Matthew HOLLINSHIRE, Amanda 1878-Feb-18
JAMES, Reany MONTGOMERY, Allie 1875-Oct-05
JAMES, Richard CUMMINGS, Frances 1879-Apr-19
JAMES, T G BELL, Litha G 1888-Jan-10
JAMES, Taylor GILLISPIE, Cherry 1877-Apr-05
JAMES, Wester JOYNER, W N 1889-Jun-05
JAMISON, E WALSH, Ellie 1881-Jan-20
JAMISON, Jackson CHAMBERS, Mary 1896-Jan-04
JARNIGAN, Rich DAVIS, Celia Ann 1887-Dec-03
JEFFERS, William B EDDINS, Cynthia E 1869-Oct-18
JEFFERSON, Augustus ASKEW, H I 1887-Apr-05
JENKINS, Charlie HUGGINS, Laura 1896-Dec-20
JENKINS, Jack MINOR, Sara 1880-Jan-15
JENKINS, L O LUNCEFORD, Katie 1894-Nov-02
JERRY, Alex GOODMAN, Betsy 1897-Feb-12
JOHNSON, A S CLENDY, E B Miss 1881-Sep-11
JOHNSON, A S HOLLAMAN, Martha 1878-Feb-27
JOHNSON, Alabamma ALLEN, Angie 1880-Feb-01
JOHNSON, Alabamma ALLEN, Anzie ??80-Feb-01
JOHNSON, C W EDWARDS, Anna J A 1899-Aug-23
JOHNSON, Charlie DAVIS, Lizzie 1879-Jun-03
JOHNSON, Dove CARPENTER, Callie 1895-Dec-26
JOHNSON, Ed SHANNON, Mariah 1878-Oct-06
JOHNSON, Elliott FULGHAM, Mary 1886-Dec-17
JOHNSON, Evans GILLESPIE, Joe Everlina 1897-Dec-20
JOHNSON, F M DAVIS, Jane 1900-Mar-18
JOHNSON, Frank HALES, Dona Ann 1880-Feb-12
JOHNSON, George JACKSON, Emma 1877-Mar-24
JOHNSON, H C KEETON, Alice 1896-Jan-30
JOHNSON, H W BROWN, M J 1872-May-20
JOHNSON, Henry AARON, Caroline 1898-Jan-13
JOHNSON, Henry JORDAN, Eliza Jane 1896-Dec-09
JOHNSON, J A LOGAN, A M Miss 1883-Jan-31
JOHNSON, J S ALBRITTON, Roe Dennie 1899-Dec-19
JOHNSON, Jim WILLIAMS, Sophonia 1879-Mar-20
JOHNSON, John DAVIS, Ardilla 1875-Mar-17
JOHNSON, John DOBBINS, Maretta 1876-Nov-31
JOHNSON, John WRIGHT, Martha 1896-Feb-22
JOHNSON, L FULLER, M A 1868-Feb-25
JOHNSON, L S PHILIPS, Mary Pearl 1899-Mar-30
JOHNSON, M CAMERON, Nelson 1897-Sep-16
JOHNSON, M T SIMMONS, N S J Miss 1885-Feb-20
JOHNSON, Nelson CANNON, Lizzie 1879-Jan-06
JOHNSON, Nelson WILLIAMS, Lou 1897-Mar-09
JOHNSON, Samuel MURRAY, Candis 1868-Jan-10
JOHNSON, Truman CHANDLER, Amanda 1878-Feb-25
JOHNSON, Tucker SHIVERS, Jane 1871-Jul-29
JOHNSON, W N SCOTT, Mattie 1889-Oct-19
JOHNSON, Walter GRAVES, Lucy 1878-Mar-05
JOHNSON, Walter WOFFORD, Loria 1896-May-29
JOHNSON, William POWELL, Josephine 1868-Feb-03
JOHNSON, William SCRUGGS, Mary Neal 1891-Jul-30
JOHNSON, Willis NUTZ, Harriet 1875-Feb-09
JOINER, James PETERSON, Martha 1896-Dec-24
JOINER, Spencer REED, Ada 1898-Jan-07
JONES, A C THOMAS, Lizzie 1868-Sep-17
JONES, Aaron MCGEE, Rosie 1896-Dec-26
JONES, Abram SEWELL, Fanny 1874-Dec-17
JONES, Albert WILLIAMS, Theodoria 1876-Oct-28
JONES, Ben THOMAS, Judy 1878-Dec-22
JONES, Charlie WHEATLEY, Tessie 1896-Jan-15
JONES, D J CAROTHERS, J A Miss 1881-Aug-11
JONES, E D WALKER, C D M Miss 1889-Mar-23
JONES, Ganderson HOLSBY, Janette 1880-Jan-14
JONES, J F BINGHAM, Harriett 1879-Jan-16
JONES, Jack RANDLE, Bettie 1896-Nov-05
JONES, Jackson GASTON, Martha 1878-Sep-20
JONES, James HICKMAN, Mandy 1896-Nov-15
JONES, James IVY, Sallie 1897-Aug-02
JONES, John BAKER, Joe 1896-May-07
JONES, Johnson WILLIAMS, Hester 1878-Jan-31
JONES, Lincoln REED, Ida 1897-Apr-04
JONES, Lipman NEWMAN, Rebecca 1899-Feb-22
JONES, M J BUFORD, Elizabeth 1878-Apr-01
JONES, M J CUMMINS, T H 1868-Nov-11
JONES, Marion JAMES, Rissy 1878-Jan-03
JONES, N A MALONE, Joel 1872-Dec-05
JONES, Sandy MCLEAN, Amy 1876-Mar-28
JONES, Thomas ALLEN, Hattie 1898-Jan-05
JONES, W H ROBINSON, Lula 1884-Nov-22
JONES, W H SHURDEN, A A 1871-Jul-14
JONES, Will MCKINLEY, Charlotte 1897-Mar-13
JONES, William FOX, Ella 1876-Sep-21
JONES, William LOVE, Mary 1896-Dec-24
JONES, Z A DAVIS, Martha 1873-Jan-20
JONSON, Charles COOK, Sarah A 1878-Jan-23
JORDAN, Andrew YEARGER, Rachel 1874-Mar-28
JORDAN, E B RIVES, Maggie B 1883-May-02
JORDAN, E V BLAND, Martha A 1887-Aug-03
JORDAN, George KEALE, Mary 1896-Dec-24
JORDAN, Haywood AMOSSON, Nancy 1879-Mar-22
JORDAN, James T CLARDY, Mary V 1890-Jun-23
JORDAN, Peter HARMON, Anna 1877-Dec-21
JORDAN, Shemp DAVIS, Jane 1878-Dec-22
JORDAN, Vally CARADINE, Nancy 1897-Dec-22
JORDAN, W A FOWLER, Missie 1884-Nov-18
JORDAN, W A SAUNDERS, Ola 1891-Feb-06
JORDAN, W J FULGHAM, Nancy E 1883-Jan-10
JORDAN, W M SMITH, Carrie 1885-Oct-10
JORDAN, William BALL, Louisa 1882-Feb-02
JORDEN, Sam STEWART, Polleen 1877-Jun-03
JOSEY, P F WILLIAMS, Bettie 1882-Nov-22
JOSEY, R E FELDER, Clara Josephine 1895-Dec-24
JOSEY, T A CRITY, Laura A 1883-Mar-07
JOY, E H ADAMS, D ??67-Dec-19
JOY, E H ADAMS, D 1867-Dec-16
JOYME, John HIGGINS, Letha 1874-Feb-21
JOYNER, W N JAMES, Wester 1889-Jun-05



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