Oktibbhea County Grooms


AARON, Thomas WHITE, Betsie 1898-Jan-01
ABBOTT, R J SMITH, J W 1893-Aug-26
ABNER, John BOYD, Lucy 1886-Nov-21
ABRAM, Charles NABORS, Mary 1893-Dec-28
ABRAM, Charlie REESE, Alice 1897-Jan-02
ABRAM, H B WILLIAMS, Alice 1886-Dec-25
ABRAM, Harvey THOMPSON, Sallie 1891-Dec-24
ABRAM, Richard NEAL, Ida 1896-Dec-24
ABRAM, Sammel MORGAN, Lottie 1888-Apr-25
ADAM, George WESTBROOK, Ella 1894-Dec-22
ADAMS, Charlie ALLEN, Sue 1890-Feb-23
ADAMS, Charlie ALLEN, Susie 1890-Dec-22
ADAMS, Collins MCALLISTER, Nancy Jane 1886-Jan-28
ADAMS, Collins VALENTINE, Orrice 1881-Feb-02
ADAMS, D JOY, E H 1867-Dec-19
ADAMS, D JOY, E H 1867-Dec-16
ADAMS, Drew HASTON, Catherine 1883-Dec-14
ADAMS, G P WELLS, S J ??69-Apr-21
ADAMS, G P WELLS, S J 1869-Mar-20
ADAMS, George CHAUDTER, Maggie 1894-Mar-08
ADAMS, George LAURRY, Josephine 1889-Dec-22
ADAMS, Hardee KEMP, Mary 1897-Oct-02
ADAMS, Hardie KEMP, Mary 1897-Oct-02
ADAMS, J O PAYNE, Mary G 1869-Dec-09
ADAMS, J Q PAYEN, Mary G 1868-Dec-09
ADAMS, J W THOMPSON, Ida 1891-Dec-13
ADAMS, J W THOMPSON, Ida 1891-Dec-12
ADAMS, James CHANDLER, Maggie 1894-Apr-06
ADAMS, James ELLIS, Louisa 1887-Sep-11
ADAMS, James RIVES, Sallie 1895-Jan-07
ADAMS, M F WADDLE, Martha 1872-Jul-18
ADAMS, M L BUTLER, G T 1895-Dec-02
ADAMS, Morris WILSON, Eddie 1889-Apr-18
ADAMS, Murry KEMPT, Mary 1887-Jan-27
ADAMS, N Q HANNAH, Evaline 1870-Nov-11
ADAMS, R CARRELL, George Ann 1869-Oct-09
ADAMS, S B CARROLL, M A 1900-Jan-15
ADAMS, Thomas A MOLLIER, Junir 1887-Dec-22
ADAMS, Winston CRAWCHARD, Maggie 1897-Oct-05
ADAMS, Winston CRENSHAW, Maggie 1897-Nov-19
ADAMS, Winston CRENSHAW, Maggie 1897-Oct-05
ADAMS, Winston CRENSHAW, Maggie 1897-Nov-19
ADDERSON, Jim KILLES, Cornelius 1876-Jan-04
ADDISON, Jim KELLES, Cornelivous 1875-Jan-04
ADEN, Frank THOMPSON, Susan 1887-Dec-22
ADERSON, Bill PAGE, Lula 1886-Sep-01
ADERSON, John FOSTER, Easter 1884-Dec-25
AGNEW, Howard MCKELL, Lizzie 1890-May-28
AGNEW, Howard MCKELL, Lizzie 1890-May-27
AGNEW, Samuel A MCKELL, Nanie E 1864-Apr-21
AID, C E YEATES, Annie Short 1899-Nov-30
AIKEN, A M MOORE, Carrie 1882-Oct-22
AIKEN, Albert JACKSON, Pearl 1897-Jan-23
AIKEN, James MALONE, Jimmie 1891-Dec-31
AIKEN, John Millan KILBORN, Mary 1889-Jan-05
AIKEN, Willie B Jr CATHRUN, Mary Stewart 1898-Dec-14
AIKEN, Willie B Jr COTHRAN, Mary Stewart 1898-Dec-14
AIKEN, Willie B Jr STEWART, Cathrum Mary 1898-Dec-14
AIKENS, K D FOX, Sarah 1889-Feb-18
AIKIN, A M MOORE, Carrie 1882-Oct-22
ALBRITTON, A G EDMONDS, Georgeanna 1872-Jan-23
ALEXANDER, A L NORRIS, Anna 1900-Mar-13
ALEXANDER, Abraham DAVIS, Ruthia Jane 1896-Mar-15
ALEXANDER, Abraham DAVIS, Ruthia Jane 1896-Feb-28
ALEXANDER, Alex GLENN, Elvy 1892-Apr-12
ALEXANDER, Ben BROADWAY, Parole 1879-Mar-12
ALEXANDER, Ben BRODNOX, Posy 1879-Mar-12
ALEXANDER, C P HOSTON, Irena 1896-Jul-12
ALEXANDER, Carter METTS, Anna 1890-Mar-22
ALEXANDER, Divis DAWKIAS, Pearl 1900-Dec-13
ALEXANDER, E P HUSTON, Irena 1896-Jul-12
ALEXANDER, Fletcher HEMPHILL, Florence 1894-Jan-30
ALEXANDER, Harup MCCLAY, Ella 1897-Jan-10
ALEXANDER, John Andy MONTGOMERY, Ella 1897-Jan-05
ALEXANDER, Perry COLEMAN, Josephine 1886-Jul-10
ALEXANDER, W GREEN, Martha 1899-Dec-23
ALEXANDER, Wesley BELL, Rachel 1898-Dec-08
ALFORD, C KELLY, S E 1868-Jun-26
ALFORD, John BISHOP, Martha 1869-Jul-23
ALFORD, Thomas PALMER, Mary V ??67-Aug-06
ALFORD, Thomas PALMER, Mary V 1867-Aug-05
ALFRED, John BISHOP, Martha ??69-Jul-23
ALFRED, M J OBRIANT, Colonel 1873-Feb-24
ALLEN, Austin FINLEY, Jennie 1888-Nov-19
ALLEN, C L MILLER, M L Miss 1887-Sep-01
ALLEN, Ishmael HARRIS, George Anna 1899-Mar-18
ALLEN, Ishmael HENDERSON, Eliza 1896-Dec-22
ALLEN, Joe JORDIN, Hannah 1877-Jul-13
ALLEN, L D HAWKINS, W F 1889-Dec-19
ALLEN, N M HOLLIS, A D 1894-Nov-13
ALSTIN, Joel MCCAGHT, E Miss 1875-Dec-24
ALSTON, Davis DICKINSON, Sarah Ann 1898-Nov-05
ALSTON, Elbert BEATTIE, Nanie 1880-Dec-23
ALSTON, G S MOSS, L B Miss 1871-Nov-29
ALSTON, G S MUSE, L B 1871-Nov-23
ALSTON, Joe WILLIAMS, Suckey XX79-Dec-06
ALSTON, Joe WILLIAMS, Sucky 1879-Dec-06
ALSTON, Joel BARDWELL, Joeanna 1886-May-15
ALSTON, Joel JOHNSON, Mary 1879-Jan-16
ALSTON, Joel JOHNSON, Mary 1879-Jan-15
ALSTON, Joel MCCREIGHT, Ellen 1875-Dec-24
ALSTON, John MEESE, Mollie H 1881-Feb-23
ALSTON, John MUSE, Mollie XX81-Feb-23
ALSTON, Jordan RIADS, Louisiana 1882-Apr-20
ALSTON, Jordan WARREN, Amma 1900-Jan-03
ALSTON, Peter WILLIAMS, Robertta 1897-Dec-26
ALSTON, Spencer BOOZE, Lillie 1899-May-29
ALSTON, Spencer HIVES, Annie 1886-Sep-02
AMES, William A WARREN, Florence 1897-Oct-04
ANDERSON, John EDWARDS, Ellen 1889-Jun-14
ANDREWS, Jack H CASPER, Racheal 1899-Dec-03
ANGLIN, J L MORRIS, W C 1870-Jan-10
ANTHONY, Allen BELL, Jane 1878-Jan-26
ANTHONY, J B STEWART, Mary I 1898-Apr-27
ANTHONY, John HASKINS, Phoebe 1878-May-17
ANTHONY, Marion DAVIS, Henrietta 1878-Dec-24
ANTHONY, R F BOYD, Lilia 1888-Dec-01
ARKENS, K D FOX, Sarah 1889-Feb-18
ARNOLD, F N THOMAS, Mollie J 1866-Sep-20
ARNOLD, F R KIMBALL, Dora 1890-Dec-06
ARNOLD, G B VINSON, Nancy 1876-Mar-01
ARNOLD, J M HIGH, Mary A 1894-Jul-17
ARNOLD, John MCREYNOLDS, M E Miss 1887-Oct-29
ARNOLD, T V BISHOP, J W 1895-Nov-18
ARNOLD, William JONES, Jane 1883-Aug-05
ARNOLD, William W THOMPSON, Mary Jane 1884-Dec-10
ASHFORD, Giles JOHNSON, Lillie Dora 1894-Jan-30
ASHFORD, Green MCGEE, Chainey Ann 1894-Oct-17
ASHFORD, Grien MCGEE, Chainey Ann 1894-Oct-17
ASHFORD, Jesse WALKER, George Ann 1889-Feb-05
ASHMAN, Turner ANTHONY, Jane 1885-Nov-21
ASKEW, Charles RANDALL, Susan 1?80-Feb-03
ASKEW, Charles RANDELL, Susan ??80-Feb-03
ASKEW, H I JEFFERSON, Augustus 1887-Apr-05
ASKEW, Hardy HARRIS, Rena 1896-Oct-01
ASKEW, Hardy NORRIS, Julia 1891-Dec-22
ASKEW, Henry JUBITEN, Mary 1887-Jan-29
ASKEW, Jesse DOSS, Amanda 1879-May-05
ASKEW, John GLENN, Margaret 1873-Jul-19
ASKEW, John B FOSTER, Isabela 1882-May-08
ASKEW, Johnson WILLIAMS, Mary 1889-Mar-03
ASKEW, Johnson WILLIAMS, Mary 1889-Jun-03
ASKEW, Lee RIVES, Cordelia 1898-Mar-18
ASKEW, Lewis ASKEW, Francis 1885-Aug-25
ASKEW, Luvis ASKEW, Francis 1885-Aug-25
ASKEW, Nelson SESSUMMS, Lier 1896-Dec-23
ASKEW, Nelson SESSUMS, Lier 1896-Dec-23
ASKEW, Nelson SESSUMS, Lin 1896-Dec-23
ASKEW, Robert ROBERTSON, Martha 1896-Jan-02
ASKEW, Robert ROBERTSON, Martha 1895-Dec-26
ASKEW, Tracy LEE, Lucius 1879-Apr-23
ASKEW, William D HENRY, Eleanor D 1891-Dec-16
ASKINS, Charles RANDALL, Susan 1880-Feb-03
ASWELL, B F HANELL, M J 1875-Aug-18
ASWELL, B F HANELL, M J Miss 1875-Aug-18
ASWELL, J GIZZLE, Betty 1879-Feb-05
ASWELL, J B GIZZLE, Betty 1879-Feb-05
ASWELL, John B BUZZLE, Betty 1879-Feb-05
ASWELL, S G PREDMAR, Amanda 1872-Dec-16
ASWELL, S G PRIDMAR, Amanda 1872-Dec-16
ASWELL, Sam G PRIDMORE, Amanda 1872-Dec-16
ATSTON, Edward BELL, Margaret 1888-Oct-25
AULT, A CRENSHAW, Freeman 1868-Jun-10
AUSTIN, Alex GREEN, Catherine 1886-Nov-04
AUSTIN, Arthur KEMP, Rosa 1884-Jan-11
AUSTIN, Charlie EMERSON, Emma 1891-Jan-18
AUSTIN, Daniel MOORE, Maggy 1900-Aug-26
AUSTIN, Daniel MOORE, Mugay 1900-Aug-26
AUSTIN, Ed AIKEN, Ann 1896-Jun-05
AUSTIN, Elbert EMMERSON, Lucy 1888-Dec-23
AUSTIN, J H HENRY, Lucy 1894-Jan-27
AUSTIN, James GREEN, Minnie 1896-Jan-04
AUSTIN, Jonas DAVIS, Alice 1882-Jan-08
AUSTIN, Jonas DAVIS, Alice 1885-Jan-08
AUSTIN, Nathan DONALDSON, Jane 1879-Dec-25
AUSTIN, Nathan DONALSON, J ??79-Dec-25
AUSTIN, Will DRAKE, Gertude 1899-Dec-06
AUSTIN, Willie DRAKE, Gerrude 1899-Dec-06
AVANT, Johnie MCKAY, Senie 1898-Nov-26
AWLRTY, Joseph AYRES, Catherine ??66-Sep-02
AYCOCK, J N MATHEWS, Lydia J 1865-Oct-02
AYCOCK, T M HAGUE, Ella 1891-Jan-21
AZWELL, S G HARRELL, M E 1895-Jan-31
AZWELL, S G HARRELL, M E 1895-Jan-30



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