Oktibbeha County Brides

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UPCHURCH, Lannie WELLS, J Q 1896-Dec-31
UPCHURCH, Minta SANDERS, C R 1898-Dec-18
VALENTINE, Amy MCCALL, Tony 1877-Mar-01
VALENTINE, Binter EDWARDS, Henry 1896-Jan-15
VALENTINE, Leus SHAVO, Oscar 1880-Feb-07
VALENTINE, Lou PERRY, J Billy 1866-Oct-24
VALENTINE, Lucy OUTLAW, Austin 1875-Jan-26
VALENTINE, M B Miss SIKES, H H 1877-Sep-27
VALENTINE, Nannie HARTRESS, George D 1877-Jan-18
VALENTINE, Orrice ADAMS, Collins 1881-Feb-02
VAN BUSKIRK, Lizzie FINKLEA, S F 1886-Jun-28
VANDERFORD, E M Miss VINSON, S C 1876-Apr-30
VAUGHAN, Lida DAVIS, J H 1887-Dec-19
VAUGHE, J E Miss HERSON, W J 1875-Feb-25
VAUGHN, Caroline DAVIS, Jake 1897-Jul-22
VAUGHN, Eliza HARPOLE, W E 1871-Jan-14
VAUGHN, Emma HOLLINSHEAD, Smith 1896-Dec-26
VAUGHN, M E Miss MCMANN, James 1874-Mar-11
VAUGHN, Mary DAVIS, P A 1877-Jan-09
VENNI, Mary LAMPTRY, W 1875-Aug-02
VENSIN, Ella A WINGOR, R J 1888-Dec-13
VINSON, Nancy ARNOLD, G B 1876-Mar-01



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