Oktibbeha County Brides


TABB, Zura DUPREE, Henry 1897-Dec-27
TAPLEY, Clara Jane REED, S D 1869-Oct-27
TAPLEY, Laura A THOMAS, J O 1866-Nov-19
TATE, Mary Jane WINSTON, Twant 1896-May-02
TAYLOR, Della REED, Henry 1886-Mar-05
TAYLOR, E A Miss MATTHEWS, J C 1883-Dec-20
TAYLOR, Leah BOYD, Peter 1878-Feb-14
TAYLOR, Martha WATT, Charlie 1897-Dec-19
TAYLOR, Penny FLEMING, Lawrence 1879-Jan-18
TEMPLETON, Margaret L FULGHAM, James W 1866-Oct-04
TERRY, Cynthia P QUINN, John (Jr) 1870-Dec-13
TERSON, Frances P Pat FRANKLIN, F M 1870-Mar-15
THAMES, Laura OYSTER, William 1874-Dec-25
THAXTON, Lizzie BUFORD, J W 1894-Jul-04
THAXTON, Lula MOORE, L P 1894-Nov-28
THAXTON, Minnie Lee QUINN, Marion 1900-Feb-11
THAXTON, Nannie GOOD, D C 1894-Jan-29
THAXTON, Willie P WILLIAMS, Andrew J 1890-Jan-25
THOMAS, A E Miss BENNETT, R S 1878-Jan-25
THOMAS, Ada BARNES, Joe 1896-May-23
THOMAS, Amanda THOMAS, Dock 1876-Jan-06
THOMAS, Della HARRIS, James J 1895-Dec-19
THOMAS, Ellen CARPENTER, L 1895-Dec-21
THOMAS, Ida HENRY, B R 1883-Oct-25
THOMAS, Judy JONES, Ben 1878-Dec-22
THOMAS, Lizzie JONES, A C 1868-Sep-17
THOMAS, Lotty BORDWELL, H T 1876-Nov-01
THOMAS, Lula ERWIN, J W 1892-Jan-25
THOMAS, Margaret CHANDLER, James 1896-Dec-15
THOMAS, Mary FORT, Forrest 1896-Dec-12
THOMAS, Mary WHITE, James F 1897-Jan-10
THOMAS, Mollie HARRIS, E B 1887-Feb-09
THOMAS, Mollie J ARNOLD, F N 1866-Sep-20
THOMAS, Molly MITCHELL, Jack 1878-May-21
THOMAS, Sarah E HARTLEY, David 1869-Nov-04
THOMAS A, Miss CHAMBLEE, T Msudduth 1888-Oct-06
THOMPSON, Alice WARD, John 1880-Jan-08
THOMPSON, Alverta BORDWELL, A J 1875-Dec-30
THOMPSON, Amanda HOGAN, Peter 1875-Mar-31
THOMPSON, Annie MCCOLLUM, H C 1899-Oct-13
THOMPSON, Clementin C SEITZ, W J 1867-Dec-17
THOMPSON, Cora LEWIS, E W 1896-Nov-08
THOMPSON, Cora TURNER, Samuel J Tilden 1897-Oct-26
THOMPSON, Ella LEE, J H 1891-Dec-22
THOMPSON, Emily COOPER, John 1878-Feb-22
THOMPSON, Emma HOWARD, J B 1877-Dec-20
THOMPSON, Emma HOWARD, J B 1877-Dec-22
THOMPSON, Ida ADAMS, J W 1891-Dec-13
THOMPSON, Ida ADAMS, J W 1891-Dec-12
THOMPSON, Ida SHAW, R G 1887-Apr-30
THOMPSON, Kitty HIGGINS, Sin 1879-Oct-03
THOMPSON, Lou DAVIS, Jesse 1885-Nov-18
THOMPSON, Lucinda WELLS, Joseph 1897-Dec-24
THOMPSON, M E Miss HODWITT, Charles 1883-Aug-30
THOMPSON, M H Miss HARRELL, James T 1880-Nov-25
THOMPSON, Margie HENRY, John 1897-Mar-17
THOMPSON, Martha HALE, Lige 1896-Mar-20
THOMPSON, Martha SWITZEN, A W 1888-Dec-19
THOMPSON, Mary WOFFORD, Charlie 1879-Jun-13
THOMPSON, Mary Jane ARNOLD, William W 1884-Dec-10
THOMPSON, Nellie FULGHAM, Anthony R 1894-Jan-19
THOMPSON, Nettie CROSBY, W W 1885-Jan-15
THOMPSON, Norma CUNNINGHAM, Horace 1892-Jan-14
THOMPSON, Pattie SHOW, Adolphus 1896-Dec-05
THOMPSON, Riona LOVE, W C 1898-Mar-02
THOMPSON, Rise SHIMM, Johne 1876-Nov-30
THOMPSON, Sallie ABRAM, Harvey 1891-Dec-24
THOMPSON, Sallie IRBY, Walter 1895-Dec-24
THOMPSON, Susan ADEN, Frank 1887-Dec-22
THOMPSON, Susie ROBERTSON, Peter 1891-Nov-17
THOMPSON, Tillie FAIR, J W 1880-Jan-08
THOMPSON, Vallie HARRIS, J C Jr 1892-Nov-17
THORNTON, Rosa DAVIS, Ben 1879-Feb-12
TIGGER, Pollie DUPREE, Jake 1896-Jul-14
TIPTON, Maggie M VALENTINE, John C 1869-Sep-30
TITTLE, Maggie E RAINEY, Samuel M 1888-Feb-13
TOLAND, Elizabeth KIRKSEY, John 1869-Sep-29
TOLSON, Adelle V DAVIS, James 1867-Apr-29
TOLSON, Lillian JACK, John 1890-Jul-19
TOLSON, Mary E SPENCER, D O 1886-Mar-22
TOMLINSON, Ida SELF, C M 1893-Jan-17
TOMLINSON, M C Miss SIKES, J S 1882-Feb-20
TOMLINSON, Mollie BARRAN, J D 1876-Sep-14
TONY, Perlina SPENCER, John 1896-Oct-12
TOWNSEND, Calidonia MAXWELL, Robert 1895-Dec-29
TUCK, Eliza WILLIAMS, Thomas P 1869-Jun-20
TUCK, Eliza (Mrs) DOUGLASS, John 1870-Oct-11
TUCK, Mollie WOOD, James 1869-Jan-12
TUCKER, Alice BROOKS, Richard 1896-Feb-01
TUCKER, Carrie FONDREN, W W 1890-Jul-05
TUCKER, F J Miss MCGILL, A J 1877-Dec-23
TUCKER, Lilie SMITH, Ben 1880-Feb-07
TUCKER, Mary CUMMINGS, T M 1876-Jul-11
TUMLINSON, Cora BENNETT, J W 1900-Nov-16
TUMLINSON, Pellie MORGAN, S P 1900-Sep-05
TURNER, Alice N WEIR, Robert K 1891-Oct-07
TURNER, Annie Lee THOMPSON, J O 1895-Nov-15
TURNER, Bobbie BLANKENSHIP, Louie 1900-Apr-08
TURNER, Julia WHITE, Huey 1878-Oct-23
TURNER, L J T Miss TUMLINSON, P A 1882-Feb-01
TURNER, Lizzie BERRY, John 1897-Jan-20
TURNER, Martha MOODY, R G 1879-Nov-13
TURNER, Mary J FONDREN, Fletcher 1881-Jan-06
TURNER, Mattie PASCHAL, George 1896-Dec-24
TURNER, Susan DAVIS, A 1879-Apr-30
TURNER, Susan THOMAS, William 1896-Dec-26
TURNIPSEED, Lola WILBURN, John B 1894-Jan-17



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