Oktibbeha County Brides


RAINEY, Allie MAKAMSON, W C 1899-Mar-12
RAINEY, Frances WILLIAMS, A R 1871-Feb-09
RAINEY, Lula DURHAM, W H 1894-Oct-02
RAINEY, M P Miss HUNT, D L 1879-Nov-18
RAINEY, Mary E WALKER, R D 1882-Feb-24
RAINEY, Sallie M MCKOONCE, George 1891-Mar-22
RAINY, Ella RANDLE, Robert 1876-Oct-08
RAMEY, A Madeline CHRISTOPHER, R W 1870-Nov-09
RAMSEY, Alice BYARS, T J 1891-Dec-29
RAMSEY, Amanda BLACKWELL, E H 1869-Dec-30
RAND, Kate Cornelia CHAPMAN, E M 1899-Jun-13
RAND, Mollie LAMPKIN, Robert A 1869-Oct-27
RANDALL, Susan ASKEW, Charles 1?80-Feb-03
RANDALL, Susan ASKINS, Charles 1880-Feb-03
RANDELL, A M Miss DICKERSON, Matt 1874-Nov-21
RANDELL, Susan ASKEW, Charles ??80-Feb-03
RANDLE, Addie HENKEL, J O 1884-Feb-26
RANDLE, Bettie JONES, Jack 1896-Nov-05
RANDLE, Nancy CHILDERS, David 1886-Mar-16
RAWLES, Anna BURTIN, E N 1898-Jun-16
RAY, Dora LONDIN, A R 1877-Jan-23
RAY, Giner MOSS, B A 1898-Nov-09
RAY, Ida KELLUM, J M 1878-Dec-11
RAY, Mollie QUINN, Wm. 1870-Dec-13
RAYMOND, Bessie OWEN, Jesse T 1890-Nov-25
REDUS, Bettie WALKER, W D 1882-Oct-24
REDUS, Martha M MADDOX, George W 1867-Mar-09
REED, Ada JOINER, Spencer 1898-Jan-07
REED, Ann MARTIN, James F 1867-Jul-19
REED, Ann SULLIVAN, Enoch 1891-Apr-21
REED, E F Miss REID, C C 1889-Oct-23
REED, Ida JONES, Lincoln 1897-Apr-04
REED, Katie MCGEE, Willis 1877-Feb-24
REED, M A (Mrs) BRYANT, Harmon 1866-Nov-08
REED, M L Miss MCCLELLAND, J T 1888-Dec-20
REED, M M Miss TUCKETT, A W 1886-Sep-01
REED, Malinda DEWBERRY, William W 1898-Feb-22
REED, Mary A REED, Seaborn 1886-Feb-02
REED, Mollie KIMBELL, W C 1896-Oct-29
REEL, Neety MCCANN, N B 1875-Oct-21
REESE, Alice ABRAM, Charlie 1897-Jan-02
REESE, Celia B EADES, C B 1894-Jan-15
REESE, Leona PRICE, R J 1896-Apr-01
REESE, Mary EADS, William W 1897-Jun-13
REESE, Nancy CULPEPPER, H A 1879-Dec-03
REID, E L Miss FRIDAY, N W 1881-Jun-15
REISE, Annie Mae MARTIN, Henry H 1899-Nov-29
REISE, Ida MIMS, R F 1887-Feb-19
REUKES, Elizabeth MANN, H W 1874-May-10
REVES, Emma DAVIS, S C 1875-Oct-27
REVES, Susanah HOLSEY, C 1875-Nov-18
REVIS, Betsy HOLSEY, Natt 1874-Dec-14
REYNOLDS, MCPHAIL, Thomas 1874-Dec-23
REYNOLDS, Lula INGRAM, T G 1884-Dec-24
REYNOLDS, Mollie NORRIS, Alonzo 1878-Dec-21
RIADS, Louisiana ALSTON, Jordan 1882-Apr-20
RICE, Elizbeth MALONE, Andrew 1878-May-11
RICE, H Miss MONTGOMERY, George 1877-Oct-04
RICE, Harriett COLLINS, Alfred 1879-Apr-06
RICE, Lethania LOVE, William 1878-Sep-02
RICE, Lillie JAMES, Eli 1897-Nov-20
RICE, Mary ROBINSON, Ed 1878-Mar-05
RICHARDS, Mary ISAACS, Thomas 1897-Jun-01
RICHARDSON, Ellen HARRELL, J S 1874-Jan-14
RICHARDSON, Lethea WILLIAMS, G M 1892-Nov-11
RICHARDSON, Lottie JAMES, F L 1891-Jan-26
RICHARDSON, Mackie O BRUCE, Barksdale 1892-Jan-05
RICHARDSON, Susan F OBANNION, James J 1884-Oct-23
RICHARDSON, T A Miss HALL, J R 1875-Nov-07
RICHEY, Iris CARPENTER, J W 1897-Nov-24
RICKET, Sallie LEWIS, J M 1890-Jun-18
RICKETTS, Nancy TINNER, R P 1876-Jan-06
RICKEY, Letha BOYD, D W 1888-Dec-19
RICKS, Nancy HUNT, T S W 1899-Mar-09
RICO, Mary WEAVER, E B 1898-May-13
RIVERS, Kate OUTLAW, D W 1883-Oct-16
RIVERS, Lula WHITFIELD, James N 1884-Sep-11
RIVERS, M K Miss LEDBETTER, B L 1884-Sep-24
RIVERS, Sarah WALKER, G B 1885-Mar-29
RIVES, Alice WAKEFIELD, M F 1869-Mar-20
RIVES, Cordelia ASKEW, Lee 1898-Mar-18
RIVES, D W MOORE, Jordin 1871-May-23
RIVES, Dollie DICKERSON, Louis 1897-Jul-31
RIVES, Emaline MCCRIGHT, Wesley 1896-Oct-22
RIVES, Maggie B JORDAN, E B 1883-May-02
RIVES, Nannie STILES, W C 1883-Oct-16
RIVES, Sallie ADAMS, James 1895-Jan-07
RIVES, Sarah HENDERSON, Evans 1897-Dec-25
ROACH, Anna ROBERTSON, Ed 1889-Apr-06
ROACH, Margaret YORK, J T 1873-Jan-09
ROBERSON, Dilly MCGINNESS, P J 1876-May-07
ROBERTS, Annie CUMMINGS, J M 1882-Feb-23
ROBERTS, Caroline BROOKS, Walter 1897-Dec-03
ROBERTS, Creacy LOVE, William 1896-Dec-17
ROBERTS, Nancy C BEVILL, R E B 1869-Nov-04
ROBERTS, Willie Lou BURKES, George 1897-Apr-05
ROBERTSON, Becky MCCANN, Dock 1890-Dec-03
ROBERTSON, Emma ROBERTSON, Mitchell 1897-Mar-04
ROBERTSON, Lillie STRAUGHTER, Belton 1897-Dec-25
ROBERTSON, Lizzie ROGERS, Dave 1897-Dec-25
ROBERTSON, Martha ASKEW, Robert 1896-Jan-02
ROBERTSON, Martha ASKEW, Robert 1895-Dec-26
ROBERTSON, Mary JACKSON, Miles 1897-Aug-14
ROBERTSON, Mollie PRICE, Mick 1897-Jan-21
ROBINSON, Angeline WILSON, Dave 1879-Feb-03
ROBINSON, Effie DRANE, William E 1898-Nov-30
ROBINSON, Emma SPEARS, Robert 1889-Jan-11
ROBINSON, Francis TURNER, E U 1899-Jul-01
ROBINSON, Harriet BELL, Levim 1876-Mar-09
ROBINSON, Lula JONES, W H 1884-Nov-22
ROBINSON, Mary SIMMS, Moses 1875-Dec-18
ROBINSON, Mary Jane FRIDAY, D F 1883-May-06
ROBINSON, Matilda FRIDAY, William 1878-Feb-03
ROBINSON, Rose CANNON, Aaron 1877-Dec-26
ROBSON, M E Miss DEAVES, J D 1886-Apr-03
ROBUTS, A J Miss MCILLWAIN, J S 1874-Feb-18
RODGERS, Callie HOLLINSHED, Calvin 1880-Jan-25
ROFUS, Caroline BENNETTE, John 1874-Jan-08
ROFUS, Rachael CURRY, Columbus 1874-Jan-03
ROGERS, Annie BARNES, Taylor 1877-Dec-26
ROGERS, Delia MONTGOMERY, Simon 1877-Feb-15
ROGERS, Dolly HUDSON, Aames 1897-Apr-27
ROGERS, Elizabeth TIPTON, S L 1879-Jan-15
ROGERS, Elizabeth C REID, Ernest L 1889-Feb-13
ROGERS, Ella DAVIS, Jacob 1898-Jan-27
ROGERS, Ella SAUNERS, H T 1870-Jul-09
ROGERS, Ellie GILLESPIE, William 1879-Jan-02
ROGERS, Louisa PEEBLES, George 1877-Nov-17
ROGERS, Margaret CLAY, Henry 1877-Oct-30
ROGERS, Margaret FISHER, Ben 1874-Apr-19
ROGERS, Mary HAMILTON, Granville 1897-Apr-25
ROGERS, Mary Ann GLADNEY, J W 1897-Jan-10
ROGERS, Mary F GILLESPIE, Thomas 1869-Sep-06
ROGERS, Mary Lou OWENS, Isaac 1897-Jan-24
ROGERS, Phoebe HICKS, Jim 1880-Jan-24
ROGERS, S A Miss ROBERTS, Hal 1874-Oct-04
ROSBERRY, Jane BELL, George 1876-Feb-29
ROSE, Cattiam EDWARDS, Aanner 1874-Mar-04
ROSE, Emma COVINGTON, Charlie 1895-Dec-18
ROSE, Julia EDWARD, G W 1877-Nov-28
ROSE, Maggie CAIN, William 1895-Dec-24
ROSS, Fannie HARVEY, J R 1893-Apr-29
ROUGHE, L J Miss HARPOLE, A J 1877-Dec-27
ROUSSEAU, A M Miss CHILES, J T Jr 1888-Feb-14
ROUSSEAU, Mary P PORTLOCK, William H 1894-May-09
RUFFIN, Josephine KEMP, P L C 1874-Nov-11
RUFFIN, Lelia HENRY, J J 1889-Jan-22
RUFFIN, S W Miss DAWKINS, J T 1876-Nov-09
RUSH, Hettie GREEN, Ples 1896-Sep-30
RUSH, Julia P FRIERSON, William 1896-Dec-07
RUSH, Lucy MONTGOMERY, Thomas 1897-Feb-17
RUSH, Maggie WALTON, Sylvester 1896-Oct-12
RUSH, Susana BISHOP, Willis 1875-Dec-23
RUSHING, Dovie MCKELL, W B 1867-Nov-09
RUSSEL, Susan HATFIELD, Jackson 1867-Aug-12
RUSSELL, Eula T SUDDUTH, W H 1893-Sep-06



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